Getting Started With Window Gardens: Plant And Design Ideas

Window gardens are a great way for homeowners with limited outdoor space to make the most of their indoor area. Don’t leave empty spaces anywhere in your home, and show them off by maximizing every inch.

Though there are many window garden ideas available, this post will serve the reader with information about the beginning steps for a window garden. This is to help inform readers what kind of plant they want and how they’d like it placed.

What Plants to Grow

window garden ideas combined with plant pot

What plants do you want to grow in your window garden? There are many types of plants that can be grown there. It also depends on the purpose of having a window garden at that spot.

Some people may want to own a home garden as an alternative way to make the room more colorful and cheery.

Many homeowners whose living space has limited outdoor space have found success in a window garden. Using every bit of the home means no empty spaces—get creative! Here are some ideas for plants you may choose as well as some basic steps to get started.

Flowers: lavender, salvia, petunias, geraniums, cacti, Fuchsias, zinnias, daisies, nasturtiums, impatiens, begonias

Vegetables: Tomatoes, bush and pole beans, lettuce, garlic, onions, carrots, cabbage, scallions, peppers, kale, peas

Herbs: jasmine, rosemary, parsley, thyme, lemon balm, sorrel, bay, thyme, sage, lavender, basils, marjoram, hops, dill, sweet basil, spearmint, lemon verbena, peppermint

Vines: myrtle, creeping Jenny, vinca, ivy, sweet potato vine

So, you can decide what plants to grow according to the purpose. Decorative plants are a good choice for people who want an attractive addition to their indoor space. Herbs and vegetables make cooking more fun.

Choosing the Containers 

beautiful plant container for window garden

It is possible to purchase containers for this style of gardening at garden centers. These items are called window boxes, and they have been specifically designed with space in mind. The long and narrow design makes them perfect for those hard-to-reach spaces.

That does not mean you cannot use anything other than those planters. You can use just about any type of container, including clay or ceramic pots, hanging baskets, and other sorts.

All according to the desired design and style for your window garden.

You can place the pots on your windowsill or a nearby table. It’s up to you how big they are since there is no limit to this option.

It would be best if you gave the container’s drainage so that excess water can be drained away.

It is crucial to have quality soil that will easily drain excess water, and planting this on the gravel below your container.

Container size is also something to pay attention to. Make sure it matches the width of the window, at least.

One of the first things that homeowners need to consider is what type of plants they would like and where they will grow best. An example being that only vegetables can be grown in a deep pot, whilst flowers and herbs require much less depth.

Taking Care of Window Garden

taking care of window garden

After purchasing containers, potting mix, and plants, the next step is to maintain them. Water them daily during hot weather and double that in extreme heat.

A person should know the needs of the plant, such as sticking fingers into the soil one inch deep. If it’s waterlogged, don’t leave it that way, don’t add more liquid. But when it feels dry, water and moisten it.

For watering plants containers, tepid water should be used and aimed at the base of the plants to avoid potential harm. Dirt cultivation is recommended as one option for high-quality soil that will support roots well.

Another thing to consider is fertilization. Add compost about once a month by either using the liquid fertilizer or fine compost. Next, remove dead plants and dried flowers for growth. Avoid fertilizing with chemical-based products that may harm plant life in your window garden.

Window Garden Ideas

Garden on Kitchen Countertop

garden on kitchen countertop

This herbs garden is an ideal countertop centerpiece for your kitchen area near the window. If there’s a space on the counter next to natural sunlight, consider having this item.

Herbs garden is made using old food cans and a clay tray as the base. As you know, an herb garden on hand would be beneficial to add fresh ingredients to your cooking. Having them right next to the window would give them the sun it needs.

As seen in the pictures, you could use a small can as your gardening container. You don’t need a window sill or table to grow plants on a countertop.

Indoor Window-Sill Garden in Cans

indoor window sill garden in cans

Creating your own indoor DIY window garden is easy on the budget. You only need old tin cans, which can be found just about anywhere.

This garden is located on a windowsill and receives natural lighting. The plants will grow better and stay healthier because they are exposed to natural sunlight.

One way to make your window garden more beautiful is by washing old tin cans and painting them clean. Give each can use a label so that it’s easy to tell which plants you should transplant into it.

Window Garden with Steel Frame and Hooks

window garden with steel frame and hooks

This vertical garden, made of steel and hooks, has a great view in front of the window. You can store many hanging plants on it, filled with wonderful herbs.

As you can see, the uniqueness of this indoor window garden idea will change the standard style of window gardening.

It is not a DIY project. You can buy it from the garden centers or other stores. Those plastic glass containers work well for this idea because they absorb light into the soil.

Randomly Hanging Pots

garden widow ideas with hanging pots

Check out these unique visions of gardens. The placement design is quite random on this one, but the whole vista you see makes it stunning from a certain angle.

The style of gardening is essentially following the appearance of your house. The pure white background behind all the plants conveys a feeling that each plant has in spades.

Planting the right types of plants is important when designing a window garden.

Besides some hanging pots, the windowsill is full of containers with plants. They are excellent ideas for window garden decorating.

Hanging Window Garden with a Shelf Holder

hanging window garden with a shelf holder

If you have a cooking space, consider adding a window garden. This will improve the whole interior of your kitchen.

As you can see, this home can grow fresh basil and other herbs in a windowsill garden. This idea’s focus on urban gardening continues to evolve.

The hanging structure is a wooden board with holes, a rope, and some aluminum pots.

With this framework, you can set the garden high and low with that ropes. When you think the plants need more sunlight, just set them all low.

Windom Pane Garden Ideas

windom pane garden ideas

This can be a great idea for homeowners who have limited outdoor space. They may not necessarily have access to any outside landscaping, but employing this design in an indoor window garden can soften the blow and provide ample opportunities for additional amenities.

Many urban gardeners have begun to use this concept, called Volet Vegetal. It is available at some gardening centers.

However, you can even make one of your own. The best way would be to use a wooden frame, and it should fit the window.

Having this type of mechanism is beneficial because it can keep the plants both vertical and horizontal.

Indoor Garden Ideas with Glass Shelf

indoor garden ideas with glass shelf

This idea for a window garden will not only bring light into your home, but it will also please the eye. The clean and natural look of this garden is perfect.

The glass shelf lends strong minimalism to the scene. It also underlines how it is maximizing space and providing an impactful look on the overall appearance.

Besides the decorative plants, the container garden also has a couple of antique items to make it more special. The cooper water can is such an excellent addition in between the pots. One other thing that brings attention to it is the Buddha’s head.

Window Herb Garden with Colorful Containers

window herb garden with colorful containers

Those with a larger amount of space on a windowsill should fill up this area to plant more herbs. Any container is suitable for planting a window garden.

You can choose between ceramic, aluminum, plastic, clay, or even copper pots to plant your window garden.

As it appears, this idea has several containers with different materials, colors, and sizes. Placing them all together in one spot makes for an interesting and exciting look at the space.

Hanging Terrarium Sets for Window Garden Ideas

hanging terrarium sets for window garden ideas

These hanging terrariums make a great addition to your window garden.

The decorative glass ornament surely improves the scene. There are many mini air containers made of a durable, quality glass material.

You can also try creating a terrarium in the place of your patio, balcony, doorway, or hallway.

This addition will make your living room, office, bedroom, and other areas more decorative. Your friends and family will appreciate these glass ornaments for a lovely gift.

Simple Black Pots Garden

simple window garden with black pots

Here is a simple plan for making your own window garden. It does not take much time to complete.

To have a window garden, all you need is a space in the home with windowsills. Place pots on them, fill them with soil to start planting plants.

Choose taller plants so you can enjoy a lush touch in front of your windows. With these natural effects, the atmosphere will be very relaxing.

Tropical Plants by the Kitchen

window garden with tropical plants in kitchen

It seems nearly impossible to turn your kitchen counter into a tropical retreat. But you can achieve this in no time with one simple gardening technique. Having a window garden will transform your cooking space.

The key to keeping your tropical plants healthy in a small space is to give them plenty of direct, natural sunlight. To make this easier, try opening the windows more often.

Snake Plants Garden

window garden ideas with snake plants

One of the most popular houseplants is snake plants. They typically feature stiff leaves with a yellow border. This can be used in spaces near windows inside your home, among other ideas.

This might be a great concept for your window garden because there are many advantages to using snake plants. One way you can use them is by buying a potted product and placing them where you want.

Peace Lily in a Rope Pot

peace lily in a rope pot for window garden

It is recommended to grow a plant near the kitchen. Growing a peace lily on a windowsill nearby the kitchen is recommended.

Lilies offer green leaves and white flowers in the shape of a spoon. The lily can handle low light, but it needs bright light to bloom.

A peace lily is perfect for an indoor plant, as it cannot easily die so long as you keep the soil moist.

The farmhouse style fits well with the wooden elements of the kitchen and provides a rustic, natural feeling.

Window Garden Ideas in Mason Jars

window garden ideas in mason jars

Jars are a DIY-friendly material that makes for a perfect container for your window garden ideas.

Please take all the old jars in the kitchen and fill them with soil, placing them on your windowsill.

You can grow some fresh herbs in the jars on your window sill or near a sunny window. Remember to put water-tolerant plants in containers with drainage holes like terracotta pots.


To create one of those window garden ideas, you need to consider the size and location of your space, how it will be used, and what type of plants are desired. Once you’ve decided on these factors, find an idea from above that incorporates your choice.

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