Unusual Garden Ornaments: To Add A Distinct Character To Your Home’s Landscape

When decorating your home garden, you might want to stand out by making the landscape rather unusual and unique. Although some garden ornaments maybe a little more unusual than others, they add a sense of uniqueness that changes the look of your garden.

When you look at these garden ornaments, they are sure to put a smile on your face with the strange attention to detail. A creative garden ornament can give your garden a touch of artsy nature.

If you are looking for garden ornaments that will fit your quirky style, don’t fret.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of some unusual garden ornaments to add a one-of-a-kind character to your garden.

List Of Unusual Garden Ornaments

Digging Dog Garden Ornament

unusual garden ornaments on digging dog statue

This is one unusual and hilarious piece of garden decoration that’s great for dog lovers. You don’t have to worry about this pup digging up your lawn, though! Great for a home backyard, this ornament has its head stuck solidly in the ground, which gives the impression it’s an actual-life doggy just sitting there waiting by their master’s side. This quirky detail will fool quite a few visitors on your property–that is, until they get closer.

Lying Down Stone Frog

lying down stone frog as unusual garden ornaments

This funny garden ornament is perfect for any garden, whether you’re looking to add a peaceful vibe or some laughter. This little chap can either be placed on a garden wall or pool edge. Your visitors will appreciate the sleepy presence of this little friend when they notice it.

A Sofa Or Armchair With Grass

a sofa or armchair with grass as unusual garden ornaments

Build beautiful sculptures in clay, brick, concrete, or metal and enjoy them outside. A sofa will be great at looking great in your garden. A place you choose is outside – it should be a cozy spot with guests that are inviting.

Construct a stable framework into the desired shape of bricks/concrete pieces/metal parts and cover it generously with fresh grass all over until there are no gaps between any part of the furniture’s frame (including underneath). Make sure that it has enough water during its first weeks to not dry out before having established roots; regularly cut afterward, too!

Beautiful Garden Sculpture In Giant Rhubarb Leaf Shape

beautiful garden sculpture in giant rhubarb leaf shape as unusual garden ornaments

These leaves are quick and easy to make, and they create an appealing garden sculpture. The giant elephant ear or the rhubarb leaf is an excellent choice for this project, and both make a beautiful ornament in the yard. When selecting the perfect garden ornament, first research how to make concrete molds familiar with the process.

Press a leaf into the sand and then cover it with plastic. Replace the leaf onto the impression and pour concrete carefully on top. Cover again with plastic and then wait for a minimum of one day to set, preferably two. If you want a decorative bowl shape, leave the stem on. Arrange paint or varnish around the leaf

Tree-hugging Cow

tree-hugging cow as unusual garden ornaments

Cows are wonderful animals that love giving kisses, getting pets, and lounging around, just like giant dogs. Their calm, docile nature makes them great at babysitting!

A cow statue in your outdoor decor adds a playful and friendly vibe, for sure. Though you might think giving a cow sculpture a tree hug is cute, it looks totally – though we’re tempted to say “udderly” – bizarre.

Prune Shrubs Into The Shape Of Animals

prune shrubs into the shape of animals as unusual garden ornaments

It is often possible to shape shrubs into animals, creatures, or other odd forms with a little pruning. These topiaries can be designed in simple but more complicated designs such as animal shapes that will always impress visitors. Add pearls, wire, and wood to your garden for structure and decor.

The Brick In Shape Of Book

the brick in shape of book as unusual garden ornaments

When you’re a book fanatic, and your obsession is out of control, the Brick Painted Books DIY will give you an outdoor library atmosphere.

Garden Rock Caterpillar

garden rock caterpillar as unusual garden ornaments

How about planting this cute garden rock caterpillar in your backyard? It would make a great addition to any home decor or even as the perfect gift for anyone with green thumbs.

Golf Lady Birds

golf lady birds as unusual garden ornaments

You can make your garden a lot more cheerful by transforming some golf balls into these cute little ladybirds.

Three-piece Dragons Statue

three-piece dragons statue on unusual garden ornaments

Guests will never forget the dragon that greets them as they enter your home. You can bask in his glory and enjoy his furry, friendly visage for years to come with this three-piece statue!

The Gargoyle Thinker Garden Ornament

unusual garden ornaments with the gargoyle thinker garden ornament

Socrates, the Gargoyle thinker. I love his design! He’s amazing and so big – he could protect anyone from anything with those claws of his. Design Toscano is also a pretty cool place to buy any unusual garden statues you might be looking for too!

This Creepy Peeping Neighbor

this creepy peeping neighbor as unusual garden ornaments

Putting up an ugly man with binoculars in your backyard might make the neighbors think you’re stalking them, so we suggest not doing that.

Lying Fairy Garden Statue

lying fairy garden statue as unusual garden ornaments

There is a pretty little fairy statue that would be the perfect size for any sized garden. Its bronze finish gives it an elegant look, and its small stature makes it easy to place in even smaller spaces, like your own backyard or porch.

Zombies Coming Out Of Garden Ground

unusual ornaments with zombies coming out of garden ground

As far as garden statues go, this one is the most unique. The Zombie of Montclaire might not be a gargoyle after all, but he certainly looks like it!

This Statue Of Bigfoot Carrying Gnomes

this statue of bigfoot carrying gnomes for unusual garden ornaments

This Bigfoot-and-friends garden statue is a sight for sore eyes! This fancy decoration signifies conversation starters to your guests and neighbors alike.

Colorful Mosaic Lizard Statue

colorful mosaic lizard statue as unusual garden ornaments

This mosaic lizard has some gorgeous colors in all of nature, making it a very creative and original garden decor piece.

Unusual Lemur Topiary Statues Garden Botanical Art Ornaments

unusual lemur topiary statues garden botanical art ornaments

The same should be done in your garden, pruning plants into a lined lemur shape like here. It’s not uncommon to prune any plant this way, but it can make space feel more charming and interesting!

Jumping Horse Sculpted Topiary Ideas

jumping horse sculpted topiary ideas as unusual garden ornaments

I come across fascinating sculptures of animals in the form of topiaries. The horse jumping is one of my favorites because it does not have a typically stationary stance but looks as if it could really be running or galloping at any moment!

Rock Statue With A Very Sad Facial Expression

rock statue with a very sad facial expression as unusual garden ornaments

This blue rock statue seems to be in a state of eternal sadness. From his bloodshot eyes, drooping smile, and deadpan expression, he is the perfect addition to your cemetery garden.

This Pot With Half A Face

this pot with half a face as unusual garden ornaments

This planter design looked promising at first glance, but whoever made it thought they could get away with adding just the tip of its nose.

Succulents In Creative Garden Ornament

succulents in creative garden ornament

The Hens and Chicks in this mannequin are some of the most whimsical we’ve seen.

Add A Garden Wall Sculpture To Enhance Walls

add a garden wall sculpture to enhance walls

To avoid a walled garden’s monotony, add objects: from stone ornaments to masks. Walls are the perfect location for personalizing your outdoor space in the same way you would an indoor room. Animal-themed decorations will work well on walls, so experiment!

Solar Lighthouse With Rotating Light

solar lighthouse with rotating light on garden

This is an unusual piece of the garden ornament with a function. The lighthouse-like structure also emits light and has s solar-powered base, which illuminates the edges at night.

Cheeky Dragon

cheeky dragon as unusual garden ornaments

Fun dragon garden ornaments will give your backyard something special. These quirky dragons can’t wait to be put up in the space of your garden, and they’ll love the company of other quirky friends.

Statue Of A Merboy Riding A Fish

unusual garden ornament with statue of a merboy riding a fish

Even the animals in your pond will break into a fit of laughter should you choose to adorn the water’s edge with this mermaid statue. The merman is not anatomically correct, but it will certainly make for an apt addition to your backyard oasis.

Creepy Little Girl

creepy little girl as unusual garden ornaments

If you buy this creepy child statue for your backyard, it’s best to put it in a location where people who pass by can’t see it. Otherwise, you might get at least one call every day from concerned neighbors, and the police may even come.

A Giant And Wierd Koi Fish Statue

unusual garden ornament with a giant and wierd koi fish statue

While decorating your lawn, going for the most realistic representation of a fish might not be the best idea. A koi porpoise out living in its natural habitat near shore? Nice try, but that thing will never last long enough to become as cute and cuddly as it is at first sight.

Desperate Gargoyle As A Planter

unusual shape of garden ornament with desperate gargoyle as a planter

The gargoyle planter looks as though he’s seen some things in his day, and you’ve been there too.

Fairy Door

fairy door as unusual garden ornaments

Who doesn’t love to make their place feel like a fairy wonderland? Place these enchanting Fairy Doors in the bottom of trees, against walls or fences, and you’ll be sure to catch some visitors off-guard. A touch of magic is always appreciated!

Meerkat With Binoculars

meerkat with binoculars as unusual garden ornaments

Meerkats are a popular animal nowadays with everyone. Equip your garden with one, and you will have something interesting to look at.

This meerkat wearing a pair of binoculars will be on the lookout in your lawn or garden. You can place it n the corner of your garden or on top a wall to add some charming charm to its décor. With this in mind, these binoculars are solar-powered and will light up at night, adding a glow to your outdoor space.

Garden Peeker Elf Tree Hugger

garden peeker elf tree hugger as unusual garden ornaments

This cheeky little elf can be perched around a tree. Loop his arms and head around it to impress him, hiding behind the tree and taking a peek at all the people who pass by.

Garden Decoration With Statues And Figures

garden decoration with statues and figures

It is uncommon to have a garden ornament that is a cleverly crafted statue of the planet Venus, wearing nothing but her signature seashells. Fortunately, there are now many alternatives to this classical style of garden arts.

Garden centers usually offer a varied selection of statues and figurines in various sizes and materials. Some depict small animals, such as hedgehogs or cats, while others are miniatures depicting human or animal figures.

Unusual garden ornaments can be humorous. A mole’s head could briefly appear to poke out of the ground, while the rear end of a small dog might disappear into an apparent burrow.

A garden ornament can be very effective, no matter where it is placed. However, you might find that the ornament will have a greater impact when positioned in an appropriate context, such as behind a tree or hidden in a corner, so that it catches your eye by surprise.

When you’re deciding on which to decorate your home garden, creativity is the limit. Numerous vases, plant pots, and statues add new dimensions to relatively straightforward yard space.

Things To Consider Before Buying Unusual Garden Ornaments

three monkey statues lined up near the pond on things to consider before buying unusual garden ornaments

Even if you’re hunting for creative garden ornaments, there are still some things to consider:


The best garden ornaments on the market are weather-resistant, so they can stay outside in all weather conditions and UV-resistant to prevent any colors from fading. They’re also designed to survive heavy winds and rain showers with minimal damage.


Materials indicate durability. Stone or metal has a low vulnerability, whereas resin-based and board decorations are less sturdy. Make sure coatings are non-toxic.


Your budget is another factor to consider when shopping for garden ornaments. There are plenty of cheap garden ornaments that look great, but they might not last as long. If you want a statement piece that endures harsh weather for years to come, you might want to invest a bit more.

Size and Weight

size and weight of statue with black panther on garden for ornament

A heavier, larger garden ornament can be planted in one spot and remain stable. Bigger ornaments add a lot of character to your garden and are more difficult to be overshadowed by other smaller ornaments. On the contrary, smaller ornaments are great if you want to change the look of your garden often.

Colour And Craftsmanship

Certain choices made to make your garden ornament stand out are important. Vivid colors and intricate design work help it stand out, while handmade details make its detail more realistic.

Purpose And Placing

Choose decorative garden ornaments that will fit in your garden and can meet the needs of your personality. If you are buying it as a gift, research what their garden consists of to be happy with the purchase.

It would help if you planned the positioning of your ornaments before you start to decorate. Check if the designer includes any extras for hanging or for placing in the dirt.

Reasons to Include Art in Your Garden

natural stone statue as the mouth of the cave for reasons why every garden should have some art

The backyard was the place where you played football or cricket when you were a kid,. As an adult, you have to make your garden inviting and beautiful.

Working in the garden has many benefits, including stress relief, immune support, and physical activity. It can also beautify your home!

In your garden, flowers and plants create different types of beauty. Art decorates that with many artwork styles, from adding more colors to creating a certain mood.

Garden ornaments come in many shapes and sizes. You might choose a simple wooden barrel or an elaborate statue to add decoration to your garden.

Want to make your garden a little more artsy and nicer-looking? Here are five benefits of adding artwork to landscaped areas.

Show Your Personality

An addition to your garden should reflect your personality, but sometimes it feels like all gardens look the same.

The best way to show your personality in a garden is with art. Whether you prefer modern, quirky, rustic, flashy, or refined artwork – it’s great for showing who you are and what mood you want people to feel when they visit.

Fill Empty Spots

cute snail figurines to fill empty spaces in the garden

A piece of art is a filler that can be used in empty spots in your garden.

You might have a section of your landscape that is shaded and doesn’t get much sun. There are also areas with soil that aren’t good for growing certain plants. You can use artwork as a way to dress up these bare patches.

You can fill in an empty spot in your landscaping with the artwork. It can fill in space between two bushes at the back of an area you’ve already worked on.

Create A Themed Garden

A quick way to spruce up your garden or landscape is by using outdoor artwork. You can even create a theme if you want.

You might want to create a garden theme to represent Australian wildlife or butterflies. One way is with metal koala sculptures for an Australian theme and butterfly decorations for a butterfly garden. Perhaps you want to pay tribute to your dearly departed favorite breed with a fitting sculpture.

Some plants and flowers often cannot carry the theme you desire, but this artwork does.

Accentuate Your Plants And Structures

accentuate your plants and structures with a byson-shaped garden ornament using pruned plants

You can use artwork to grab the eye of passers-by and give prominence to any plants you’re proud of. To add a creative and quirky aspect to your garden, you may use an old barrel, bathtub, or other items as containers for your plants. A tacky garden ornament next to a favorite plant will make it more noticeable.

One of the easiest ways to decorate your home garden is by attaching a piece of art to the trunk or branches of one or more large trees, turning it into an intrinsic part of the outdoor landscape. If you don’t have any large trees, consider installing items such as pergolas posts and fence posts around your garden to create shadows between them.

When choosing garden ornaments, consider size and placement to accentuate your plants best. Many gardeners make one mistake to put just too much heavy decor on the yard that it can overshadow or mask your plants.

Add Texture, Colour, Movement, And Height

Artwork can provide a change of scenery in your garden more than the living plants can. Whether you choose metal, glass, or plastic artwork for your garden, it creates texture and visual appeal with its contrast to the live plants.

Garden artwork offers colors that plants can’t. Consider brightly-colored pieces or neutral colors made from copper and other metal.

Add movement to your landscaped areas by installing a spinner made of metal or accented in vibrant glass pieces. The decor creates an engrossing look, drawing people’s attention to the garden from different perspectives.

Vary the height of your garden with a taller piece that stands around 2 feet high. This balances out your area and can align other decorations at different heights or create an interesting arrangement.

Wrapping Up

With a creative garden design, you are sure to impress your visitors. Unique ornaments really bring out the artsy qualities in your garden. This article briefly explores some unusual decorations, which we believe are all the help you need to bring out the quirkiest of feelings and provide an artsy look to your garden.

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