Tire Planter Ideas To Give Aesthetic Appeal

As the seasons change, we often try to liven up our houses with small decorations. For large spaces, such as gardens in your back yard or a corner of your bedroom, it can be great to add little touches here and there to give it a different yet aesthetical feel. One way you can do that is by adding tire planters. You do not need to buy new tires for this use when you had the last time to replace your tire with a newer one.

Tire planters, also known as rubber tree planters, are used to grow plants inside recycled tires. Rubber trees can be deep enough for roots to penetrate, and every tire is sturdy enough to hold a plant. Old tires make for great planters because they are durable and won’t decompose naturally. If you consider the environment, this is a great way to be less wasteful and save money.

Here we are providing The best ideas for tire planters that you can use to decorate.

List Of Tire Planter Ideas

Colorful Pyramid Tire Planter Garden Ideas

colorful pyramid tire planter garden ideas

This pyramid tire planter garden has four tires: pink, orange, green, and light blue. The flowers match the color scheme as well!

Pyramid Tire Planters

pyramid tire planters ideas

I remember when I first saw a tire garden. It was such an interesting idea that my mouth dropped open in awe and amazement. A perfect example of the utility of tires as it showcases how they can be put to good use while adding whimsical flair with its pyramid design is this beautiful, well-coordinated stack made up of 6 tires stacked together like puzzle pieces.

Painted White Tire Planter Ideas

painted white tire planter ideas

This tire planter painted white is striking against the wall with a large bunch of flowers. Guests will enjoy this unique wreath decoration in your front yard or on your porch!

Tire Planters Resembling The Frogs

tire planters resembling the frogs shape ideas

These tire planters are so much more than just a frog on the lawn. Vegetables and flowers can be planted in the tires for a garden that will feel good with or without visitors.

Red And Yellow Painted Tires Lined Up

red and yellow painted tires lined up as a planters

Old tires arrayed against a retaining wall serve as functional planters.

Large Bouquet Of Yellow Daffodils On Tire

large bouquet of yellow daffodils on tire ideas

The tire planter is bursting with a bouquet of yellow daffodils, and they looked very natural. I love this look and think it would work in a field with tall grasses.

Petunias In A Pastel Colored Tire Planter

petunias in a pastel colored tire planter ideas

Pastel-colored petunias have a pleasing appearance. Place those pastels in a lovely tire planter for a focal point or interesting centerpiece.

Tire Planter With Shiny Candy Color

tire planter ideas with shiny candy color

Add some shiny paint to your tire planters to create a visual display. You will be able to see the patterns of the tires more clearly and make for a nice textured look.

Wall Planters Ideas From Tire

wall planters ideas from tire

These colorful wall planters provide a nice display for your walls. You can paint old tires in different bright colors, and once dry, hang them on the wall in an arrangement you enjoy.

Flower Teacups With Tire Planters

flower teacups with tire planters

The idea of turning old tires into teacup planters is super fun, and we will have neighbors dropping by to see how you did it. With a little paint, imagination, and creativity, the rubber can be transformed from an eyesore in your yard into delightful petite cups that look like they’re getting ready for a whimsical tea party! The kids will love this project too because it’s so easy to do:

Teacup Shape Tire Planter

teacup shape tire planter ideas

If you’re a teacup lover, then this is the project for you. You will need two different sized tires (it’s hard to know what size as long as it’s not too big) and can be creative with what pattern they show. One popular one is white polka dots on a red background.

Tire Planter Ideas In Wavy Design

tire planter ideas in wavy design

To make this nice design, first, you draw a pattern on the tire. Then take drill and drill hole at one point. It would help if you now used your saw to cut out a pattern. Once the pattern is cut, turn the tire inside out. Now you’re ready to paint the tires. After this step, you should paint your flower design on it with a golden yellow color.

You can do this from your leftover piece and then attach it to the bottom of the bucket to form a base. Use a pizza pan to screw inside and add screws so your planter can be moved around, then fill with soil and your chosen plants.

Tire Planter Swing With Chain

tire planter swing ideas with chain

One interesting way to hang your Tire Planter is with a chain and suspend it from a tree to make it look like a Swing.

Vegetable Patch With Tire Ideas

vegetable patch with tire ideas

If you are going to grow vegetables in your tire planters, try to keep them in a shaded area. Burning tires releases chemicals, so you don’t want the sun shining too hard on them and potentially releasing nasty chemicals into your soil.

Tire Planters On Raised Garden

tire planters ideas on raised garden

Make a raised garden out of old tires and decorations on the fence from each sidewall. Raised beds are great for concentrating on smaller areas to have an ideal soil environment conducive to growing vegetables.

Bright Red Color Tire Planter Ideas

bright red color tire plnter ideas

A bright red tire planter is the center of attention with its single potted rose. Growing creeping jenny plants around the edge adds drama and contrast to a centerpiece everyone will notice, making it perfect for an outdoor setting.

Hanging Old Tire Planter Ideas

hanging old tire planter ideas

This hanging planter made from tires is surprisingly easy and effective. To recreate this aesthetic, paint an old tire in a color that matches your home decor. Then tie the correct rope securely to the old tire and hang it outside.

The creator of the tire planter has used fake flowers to fill the tire in this example. To grow real plants, fix a back wall so that soil doesn’t spill out. You could use a piece of plywood cut into an arc to attach to the bottom and back of your tire, or even another piece of plastic with edges glued together.

The bottom half of the tire should be filled with soil to plant a popular trailing plant, such as fuschias or ivy.

Alternatively, a tire could be used to create an evergreen wreath. Cut branches and stems of holly or other evergreens, and wrap them around the tire before hanging it up over the holiday season.

Mosaic Tire Wall Planters

mosaic tire wall planters ideas

You could spruce up an old wall or one side of a garage with old tires. Just be sure to use its sturdy design and depth to your advantage so you can successfully grow plants.

Tires fixed on the side of a wall are practical and can also hide sins and make space seem more appealing. They can be painted like in this image to fit any pattern you fancy.

This tire wall has opted for a rainbow pattern, but you can create your own variation that suits your tastes. You could paint all of the tires an orange-gold color and arrange them to look like a giant honeycomb.

Once fixed to a wall, the tires can be left as-is for easy decorative purposes or double them up as planters for plants that thrive in shallow soils and have limited root space, such as annual flowers.

Tire Wall Ideas

tire wall planter ideas

To get the best view out of your new planter, you should consider layering them up on one side. Place all of your plants in front of or next to one another for an even feeling. For example, some of the tires may have half-planted plants, so they are peeking out from the top, while others with more fill plants should cover more surface area.

Bejeweled Tire Planter Sparks

bejeweled tire planter ideas with sparks

Display your plant with a bejeweled tire planter. These would make great Christmas gifts or beautify a garden. Watch as the jewels catch and reflect light to create more sparkle in all their glory.

Black Tire Stack As A Planters

black tire stack as a planters ideas

This large stack of old tires has many benefits. They’re a great way to use up an assortment of old tires that would otherwise have no use, and they create a feature in our garden that can be filled with plants.

With their many individual planters, tires can house many different types of plants in one arrangement. You could stack them like a short and shallow wall or as high as you’d like, so long as they are sturdy and able to withstand the weight.

You can use a row of tires to create privacy or section off different areas in your garden with a tire wall. To add a cheerful decorative element to this design, you could paint the tires or fill them with flowering plants. It also might be a good idea to hang trailing plants in the higher tiers, with flower petals or foliage cascading down in front of it.

Flower Power Tire Planter Ideas

flower power tire planter ideas

The floral planter design in this image has been constructed using old tires that have been cut down into halves and painted a variety of bright colors. By arranging them in a circular shape, you can create a raised round flower bed that’s usually not achievable using individual tires.

A tire planter is a unique way to unite the industrial and natural worlds of your surroundings. Fill this flower bed with annual blooms or flowering perennials to match its floral design.

One Eye Planter Made Of Tire

one eye planter ideas made of tire

Some days we want to change the mood of our house, and sometimes one small thing can do it. For example, a planter with green grass-like this Minion in the garden makes it more friendly.

In Contrasting Brick Pattern Planter

in contrasting brick pattern planter ideas

The three tires are stacked on top of each other, and the flowering shrub is planted in between them. The tire planter has been positioned in the center of a flower bed and surrounded by surrounding plants growing in the ground. To make the planter visually stand out, decorate it with paint or patterns.

This brick pattern planter is made from tires and has a simple yet very eye-catching design. The dark red bricks are contrasted by the white space between them, which makes the mosaic work stand out.

Brighten And Colorful Hanging Planters

brighten and colorful hanging planters ideas

The use of old tires in homes has become increasingly popular over the past few years as they are sturdy and deep enough to allow plants to root. To brighten up an otherwise dull wall, string up a few tires with vibrant colors.

The plants that can grow in hanging baskets can also be grown using tire planters. These include colorful annuals which hang from the front of the tires and extend down. Hanging tire planters like this can be used to hide an unsightly wall or cover up damage, such as with graying or crumbling bricks.

Low Tire Wall Planter Ideas

low tire wall planter ideas

The tires have been assembled to make a low wall, with two layers that stack vertically. The bright colors contrast against the green of the plants they contain, making the foliage stand out.

Painting a series of tires in various shades of the same color creates a unified theme and hides a potential assortment. These tire planters, which have been filled with ornamental grasses that grow tall and provide privacy for the property.

How To Make DIY Hanging Tire Planter

diy tire planter ideas with yellow color hang on tree

If you want to beautify your house, follow this simple and easy guide on making a DIY tire planter.

Find The Right Tire

The first step for a garden made of tires is searching for good ones. Tires should not be too old, in good condition, and not cracked. The tire must be big enough to hold soil and the plant.

If you choose a much larger tire, it will become heavy and difficult to hang. It would be better to use an old car tire.

Wash And Clean The Tire

The old tire will be filthy with dust and mud. Cleaning it before installing should involve washing the tire off, scrubbing any dirt from its surface, and then allowing it to dry.

DIY Tire Planter Painting

diy tire planter painting in blue and white

To paint a tire, carefully remove the dirt from its surface with warm water and soap, then use a primer to seal it before using spray paint to finish. Choose bright and cool colors instead of dark ones. Avoid black for the best results. Using outdoor paint that is non-toxic and durable will produce better outcomes.

Make Holes for Drainage

Drill holes on the bottom of your painted tire to allow for drainage, just like you did with the tree stump planter. Cover these holes with a cloth or other suitable material to contain soil and prevent spills.

Add Soil and Fertilizer

It is important to use a high-quality potting mix and also some slow-release fertilizer if possible. Try adding water-retaining granules so you can reduce how often you have to water the plants.

Time To Planting

time to planting on tire planter

Now choose a plant from this DIY tire planter. You can pick any plant you like best. Take the plant out of its pot and place it into your tire planter. Cover the soil on top of the roots with more soil, so it stays in place.

Fill the tire planters with water carefully so that the soil doesn’t get spilled.

Hang The Diy Tire Planter

Now you must find a space in your garden to hang your DIY tire planter. If you have trees in your garden, that would be the best place to hang a tire planter.

Benefits Of Tire Gardening

benefits of tire gardening with lush vegetables

Tire planters offer several benefits, depending on who you ask. These include:

Easy To Do

Unlike another container-growing vegetable garden that has to be built from the wood of stone, constructing a vegetable garden in a tire is painless. Attach the tire in your yard or backyard and fill it with soil, then you can plant it with vegetables.

Less Maintenance

You may have less weeding to do than before in your tire garden, but your watering and fertilizing needs will be about the same. The garden is elevated, which means that weed seeds won’t get into the garden. Tire gardens are great in smaller spaces, such as an urban garden.

Recycles Old Materials

Nearly 300 million tires are discarded in the United States every year, and disposal can be costly. The costs are higher for disposing of oversized tires like those from tractors and skidders.

In many cases, it’s impossible to throw them away at all, and they end up sitting around, taking up space.

The most popular solution to using tires as a planter is to burn them, but this practice releases dangerous chemicals that are human carcinogens.

There are a variety of ways to reuse old tires. One way is by recycling the rubber for play equipment or playgrounds, and another such option is using them as planters for vegetables.

There are conflicting arguments around using tires as planters- some saying it is safe and others claiming that they are not. However, other studies have suggested that toxic materials are only released when tires are burned and that leaching is minimal if existent at all.

Allows For Early Planting

allows for early planting tire planter ideas on vegetables garden

You can save time by planting your tire garden earlier than you would other crops. Not only will your tire garden stay nicely situated and unfazed in hard rain, but it ensures that soil stays cold-free, too. You may be able to plant your garden up to several weeks earlier – or more.

A piece of advice, though – if you are planting cold-hardy crops or plants that you hope will grow all summer long in the tire garden, even if they’re planted early in the season: I wouldn’t recommend it. An example of an annual plant is broccoli that you grow from spring until late autumn.

While broccoli may fare well during early spring and late fall, it will likely get too warm during a hot summer day in a tire planter.

Warms And Dries Soil Quickly

If you are unfortunate enough to have clay, soil as I do – a tire garden is a perfect solution. Tires not only help warm up the soil, providing the perfect environment for plants like sweet potatoes and tomatoes, but they also stay drier. The water drains more quickly and efficiently from the tire than it does from poor-quality soil.

The roots of many plants – like carrots and potatoes – can be difficult to penetrate clay soil, but a tire garden is an excellent solution. You need to fill it with loose, airy soil that goes at least three feet deep while watering the plants twice as often.

In Conclusion

This list features just a few tire planter ideas to inspire you to complete your own project! You can use these as inspiration for creating different concepts.

You’re doing a double whammy by creating art and recycling old tires that would have ended up in the landfill. Use old tires as planters, and the kids can help make them! These tire planters last a long time, plus they’re great for family outings.

Old tires are a great resource to turn into planters. Pets can’t dig these up, and they may last longer since the rubber is more durable than fabric or clay pots—comment below with any questions for us.

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