Inspiring Ideas For The Perfect Seating Around Fire Pit

A fire pit can make for a spectacular centerpiece at any outdoor gathering, but the right seating is just as important! We’ve got some great ideas and guidance here to help you bring out the best in your seating around a fire pit.

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List Of Seating Around Fire Pit Ideas

Outdoor Fireplace With Built-in Seating

outdoor fireplace with built-in seating ideas

A mix of built-in furniture and contemporary outdoor chairs creates a beautiful, comfortable space around this brick and concrete fire pit.

Reclaimed Wood Cubes Firepit Seating

reclaimed wood cubes ideas for firepit seating with gravel as a pedestal on a fireplace

A modern fire pit can be the focal point of any gathering. Reclaimed wood cubes are perfect for enjoying a chilly evening by a warm, crackling fire on even more chilly evenings, while wrought iron stools would also work well in these settings.

Round Bowl Fire Pit With Curved Benches

round bowl fire pit with curved wicker benches in shady tree

Curved benches follow the circular shape of a round fire pit and make for cozy seating.

Tabletop Fire Pit With Outdoor Sofa

tabletop fire pit with outdoor sofa and curved shape built in benches

This outdoor living room seems to be a perfect spot for a tabletop fire pit with padded seating.

Fire Pit Swings Seating Options

fire pit swings seating options hang on wooden pergola

Pair your fire pit with a swinging chair. Hanging swings from outdoor gazebos or pergolas can add drama to an evening around the fire, and free-standing chairs are handy for cozy conversational groups which gather around.

Houston Covered Patio Feature With Cozy Seating Around Fire Pit

cozy seating around fire pit in houston covered patio with brick garden fence

A gabled roof extension provides shade for an outdoor entertainment space in Houston. This outdoor design is rustic and comfortable with the earthy tones of wood and tile. Mission-style lighting adds to the Spanish flavor.

Integrated Circular Fire Pit Seating

integrated circular fire pit seating ideas for outdoor patio

One way to create a comfortable and sociable atmosphere is with permanent seating.

If you choose to build your seating area around your fire pit, it is important to accessorize the space. Use contrasting or complementary fabrics and throws so that regardless of how permanent the seating is, it still gives a sense of style and individuality.

Creating a large seating area with your fire pit as the focal point can create a suitable space for many people or just yourself. An open center creates a feeling of space and freedom.

Sectional Sofas As An Ideal Choice For Firepit Seating

sectional sofas as an ideal choice for firepit seating in red couch color

Outdoor sofas are pure joy, especially when a fire table complements them.

Outdoor sectional sofas are supremely comfortable, and they have several other advantages. The sofa’s fabric can add color to your outdoor seating area, and you don’t have to use extra cushions if you want an eye-catching look. Seating with a square firepit works well because it allows us to enjoy all of the benefits without feeling too trapped or enclosed.

Whether you want to see your guests as they come in or privately sit with your book and glass of wine, an ‘L’ shaped sofa is a perfect choice.

Fire Pit Design Idea With Adirondack Chairs

fire pit design idea with adirondack chairs and natural stone seating ideas

In arranging for seating around your fire pit, portability and dynamic options are an absolute must.

Adirondack chairs are a fantastic way to create an informal and relaxed space. They encourage guests to recline in comfort, perfect for sitting by the fire.

You can arrange the chairs so that there are always seats available, regardless of the number of guests. Adjacent to the fire pit, they preferably form something of a semicircle, but they can also be arranged on opposite sides to highlight unique land features and views beyond the flames.

Hanging Egg Chairs As Fireside Seating

hanging egg chairs as fireside seating in white color

If you’re looking for a funky and comfy way to sit around the fire pit, hang an egg chair from the ceiling. A hanging patio chair is perfect by itself, and if you add a fire pit, there’s no better spot for some relaxation.

Square Fire Pit Tables As Conversation Sets

square fire pit tables as conversation sets on patio seating

When sitting around a fire pit, it’s important to be social. Conversation sets create the perfect atmosphere for playing cards, having campfires, or simply catching up with loved ones.

It is important to provide a variety of seating when showing off fire pit ideas. A comfortable couch will allow for lounging, which individuals may enjoy if they are weary from discussing potentially controversial topics.

A comfortable couch can be the perfect seating for your fire pit. They can configure in various positions to fit your fire pit, and they are also flexible when it comes to setup. The symmetry actually comes from the square fire pit itself, which leaves you free to personalize your framing material.

Fire Pit Seating Idea With Circled Benches

fire pit seating idea with circled benches made from wood

Open seating around a fire pit encourages openness and warmth.

Benches are great seating around a fire pit. They can be easily accessorized with cushions or matching benches and paint color to draw attention to the focal point.

The absence of chair arms makes for a perfect way to allow guests to sit and stay warm on colder evenings.

Circular Stone Fire Pit With Bench

circular stone fire pit with bench made from stone pavers

A circular stone fire pit with an accompanying curved stone bench is perfect for a large patio or open landscape spaces. With a variety of stone options, this lavish built-in fire pit creates effortless style and luxury.

The open concept fills the house with plenty of space to move about, but it also provides an intimate space to cuddle up and enjoy the sunset. With seating for a large group, it’s perfect for entertaining guests.

Circular Bench Around Firepit For Comfortable Seating

circular bench around firepit for comfortable seating made of wood with different heights

This round bench by @instyle_gardens coordinates perfectly with the nearby fire pit for comfortable seating and intimate conversations.

Consider recycling materials for your own fire pit benches or chairs. This bench was made from recycled railway ties and composite decking, adding beauty and the ruggedness of the natural design.

Square Fire Pit Tables With Sling Chairs

square fire pit tables with sling chairs on garden with stone fences

Sling chairs work seamlessly with fire tables. One advantage is that you can arrange the chairs however you want, and then change them if necessary.

Sling chairs make for a comfortable experience without the setup feeling like you and your guests are seated on camping chairs. Guests can maneuver in their seating to customize how they sit according to how warm or cold they feel.

When choosing a fire pit seating set, select colors that complement your fire’s color, copper tones matching with oranges work well with both copper and stainless steel flames.

Outdoor Sectional Sofas For Firepit Seating

outdoor sectional sofas for firepit seating in grey and orange color of throw pillow

Make the most of your fireside gatherings by pairing a seated area with your fire pit. A fire patio sectional is the perfect seating solution for cozy evenings under the stars, and it can tie in your outdoor design elements.

Rustic Style With A Large Rock Fire Pit

rustic style with a large rock fire pit for mountain vibes

For the perfect mountain atmosphere, try constructing a large rock fire pit in your backyard. The open design is especially complementary to flat top boulders, which can serve as seating or tables.

Additionally, this type of layout is inviting to last-minute gatherings with friends and neighbors. Reinforce the idea that guests can grab a drink and set out some foldable lawn chairs for additional easy seating options.

Inviting Gathering Spot With Simple Wood Furniture

inviting gathering spot with simple wood furniture ideas

Sometimes it is the simplest solution that will give you the best results. A simple set of wood furniture can make your fire pit area an inviting gathering spot.

This fresh look from @the_pettyproject that includes a love seat and two chairs is perfect for an outdoor fire pit. Try this affordable set if you want to replicate the same style, or add some soft throw pillows to make sure you stay warm on cooler evenings.

Tree Stump Firepit Seating Ideas

tree stump firepit seating ideas and made from an old fuel tank firepit

This dreamy fire pit area was made from trees in their yard. They added a fire pit made from old fuel tanks, and the whole thing came together around some seating they created with wood scraps.

Making stump stools from fallen trees is a great way to repurpose and create durable seats. You can also buy real or faux (and even outdoor) stumps for your seating around the fire pit.

Swivel Chairs Next To A Fire Pit

swivel chairs next to a fire pit in teal color near the pool

Put in a few swivel chairs around your fire pit to be able to talk to different people. The example here uses a mix of garden stools and swivel chairs, which provides visual interest and sitting versatility. Low garden stools give you a place to sit when you aren’t swimming and don’t block the view of your pool when not in use.

Teak Lounge Chair Ideas For Firepit

teak lounge chair ideas for firepit with a beach view

This modern lounge chair is designed to be closer to the ground; you will fully enjoy the warmth from the fire pit. The reclining angle and thick cushions beg for you to sit down. Plus, it’s built to last. These chairs are durable teak wood and weather-resistant fabric to provide comfort outdoors for those long days.

A Single Long Sofa For Rectangular Fire Pit

a single long sofa for rectangular fire pit ideas

Sometimes a single sofa will do the trick. It’s affordable and fits easily in most spaces.

A long sofa might be perfect for sitting around a rectangular fire pit. That way, you and your guests can face the main attraction: a cozy fire burning in the center of the area.

This setup is best if you have a view to behold over the fire pit or if you want to showcase other great features, such as a beautiful garden or water feature.

Dual Couches For Fire Pit Design Idea

dual couches for fire pit design idea with a beautiful sunset

To avoid creating an overwhelming amount of visual clutter, use straight lines in your furniture placement.

Place couches parallel to the fire pit table. If you have a lot of room, point the long edges of the firepit table toward the center and arrange couches on either side. Firepit tables and couches are a great way to direct the eye towards your fire feature.

This seating arrangement is best for larger groups of people, and if you are alone, you can spread out a bit.

Mixed Fire Pit Seating

mixed fire pit seating on garden with string lights

You can design your space as you see fit.

Choosing two different types of seating for your fire pit will give you the best options. Circular gas fire pits have many possibilities, and they’re portable so that you can put them on any available garden furniture.

Mixing benches and chairs can help make your outdoor gathering more fluid, depending on how many guests you have. Alternatively, there are plenty of ways to emphasize the firepit.

Enclosed Square Fire Pit Seating Idea

enclosed square fire pit seating ideas with snowy mountain view

Open fires can have a distinct open feel. If you prefer a cozy, intimate feel, circular fire pits can often provide this warmth and comfort.

With a square integrated seating system, it is easiest for everyone to sit opposite or next to each other.

The square design of fire pit seating provides a sense of togetherness. The corners are perfect for couples that want to be close but feel like they have privacy.

Square configuration fire pit seating is really versatile as it can encompass either a circular or square fire pit and still brings a strong feeling of balance.

Outdoor Daybeds As Patio Firepit Seating

outdoor daybeds as patio firepit seating for the ultimate fireside lounging experience

For the most comfortable and private experience, be sure to include an outdoor daybed with your fire pit. It also doubles as a great way to focus on sitting around the firepit while still enjoying some natural shade.

Fire Pit Bench Style Seating

fire pit bench style seating in the great outdoors

Bench-style seating has become popular for not only indoor gatherings but outdoor events as well. Outdoor benches provide great opportunities to bundle up and stay warm when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

For seating at a circular fire pit, choose one of the curved bench seats. For linear rectangular or square shapes, straight benches offer symmetry and balance.

Built-in Seating Options To Increase The Traffic Around Your Fire Pit

round shape built-in firepit seating in the middle of pool

You love to enjoy the outdoors around your fire pit in your backyard, but do your guests enjoy it, too? If you want to take your fire pit from good to great, fill it with comfortable and stylish seating for friends and family.

If you want to increase traffic around your fire pit and offer comfortable seating, built-in seats are a good bet. We’ve collected some advice on using your seating around a fire pit, bringing style and smiles to the fireside.

Low Bench

A bench is a subtle way to add seats around your fireplace. This type with a high back and low-profile seat will keep everyone’s feet warm, whether sitting on it or walking over. This gives your other guests access to seating without having to get up or push past each other. If you want to have an inviting place to rest by your fire pit that is not bulky or folding, consider using a low bench made of matching masonry.

Semi-circular Benches

Create a pleasing geometric configuration around your fire pit with two semi-circular masonry benches. Providing separate seating opposite the fire pit will create a safe walkway for guests to gather around your fireplace.

The fire pit seating has two points of access, so no one will feel trapped if they want to get up and engage in another activity. The semi-circular shape of this seating allows guests to sit at the perfect distance from the fire, closer for safety and farther away for comfort.

Retaining Wall Bench

A retaining wall can provide a practical and unexpected place to add outdoor seating. When paired with a fire pit, retaining wall benches make an attractive and easy-to-access space for you and your guests to relax.

If you’re considering a retaining wall bench, then ask your landscaper about how decorative masonry can be used to help draw the eye and make your outdoor fire pit more inviting. To inject some excitement into your fire pit, giving guests a place to sit is an absolute must!

Whether you choose a low-profile bench, two semi-circular benches, or upgrade your retaining wall into a bench, your landscaper can help find the perfect seating for your backyard fire pit. You can really make your fire pit a contender by choosing the right seats and making sure you maintain it properly.

Are Built-In Benches Around Fire Pit Good Idea?

built in benches ideas for fire pits on hillside

Taking the bench route and sculpting benches into your fire pit design is an excellent idea. They expand seating opportunities exponentially and add to the aesthetics of your outdoor living space by creating a uniform look.

Add some depth to your pit by adding a bench that provides an eye-level design element. For a minimalist, use one material for the fire pit and bench (like cement). If a rustic design, consider mixing stone and wood.

For a classic look, consider benches made out of molded aluminum. Cozy up the bench with pillows and flowers.

The placement of benches in proximity to a fire pit can be tricky. Too close, and you’ll be too hot and far away from the fire and there will be no point. The rule of thumb is that they should not be closer than three feet or farther than four feet from the edge of the fire pit.

A sunken fire pit is trendy and practical, as well. The walls surrounding the fire are high enough to keep warmth in a chilly environment or shield from the wind when it’s warmer outside.

The Need For A Comfortable Fireplace Chair Around Fire Pit

comfortable fireplace chair around fire pit near the luxury home pool

One thing that people don’t realize is how much time they spend sitting around a fire. From roasting marshmallows to drinking beer, you can sit by the fire so long until we run out of wood.

If you are planning a gathering with friends and family outdoors, having comfortable chairs around the fire pit can make all of the difference in how enjoyable both you and your guests will be!

Sitting at a desk for hours can take its toll on the body. I want to be comfortable when I relax in my backyard by the fire, and that’s why I have an outdoor chair next to our fire pit.

As a result, there are family members that come over to sit around the fire and chat. Some family members have back issues and other challenges, so I want to find their chairs comfortable for hours without being disturbed.

Type Of Chairs That Good Around A Fire Pit

patio garden with firepit seating ideas

It doesn’t matter what chairs you have in and around your fire pit. Luscious lounging with the people you love is what a fire pit is all about, so make sure that your chairs are as comfortable as possible!

You can choose your favorite – Adirondack chairs, deep seating, outdoor sofas, outdoor daybeds, sectionals, rocking chairs, or gliders. If you like rustic, pull up some tree stumps.

No matter what kind of seating you prefer, make them comfortable. Keep fire safety in mind as well.

When laying out seating around a fire pit, safety should always be your number one priority. Steel and aluminum chairs without cushions offer the most protection from flames. But some people will prefer softer furnishings–such as those made of wood or upholstered furniture–around their fires.

Comfortable chairs may not be able to withstand a fire. Sunbrella fabrics are flame-resistant, but if the material of your chair is more sensitive, you’ll want to treat it with a fire retardant.

The fire-retardant fabrics must withstand high temperatures. Fire-retardant fabric is difficult to catch aflame, but when it does, the flame will go out.

Fire-retardant fabrics are chemically treated with chemicals to make it less likely that they will catch on fire.

The overall picture suggests that we should be vigilant about the embers from a wood-burning fire unless you prefer metal fire pit chairs. We must never leave the fire pit unattended.

To keep your fire pits safe, always have a bucket of sand, water, and spray bottle handy. If any embers land on cushioned furniture, be prepared to douse them with the correct tools (e.g., a bucket of water or a small spray bottle). Teach your children to stop, drop and roll when they are on fire.

Space Requirements For A Fire Pit And Seating Area

space requirements for a round fire pit and seating area with stone floors

For a wood-burning fire pit, provide at least 14 to 18 feet of clearance from the fire pit center to the edge of your patio. Gas fire pits require 7 feet of clearance.

For a wood-burning fire pit, you need enough room for seats and people to avoid walking too close to the fire. The patio expert in our office recommends a 14-18 feet of radius around the center of the fire pit or circle. Remember that it’s better to have too much space than not enough.

Most deep-seating chairs are 36 inches in depth. Provide 2 feet of space for walking around your chair. If you put your feet on the edge of the fire pit, that distance should be around 30 inches. If you allow a 2-foot wide pathway in between the fire pit and the edge of your patio, as well as about 7 feet of space directly behind your seats, then there is plenty of room for one person to walk around.

Fire pits can be powered by gas burning, but you should avoid sitting closer than 2 feet away from them. Most deep-seating type chairs measure 36in deep. Then, add 2ft behind the chair for a safe walking space. The total space is 7 feet wide in total and will likely fit on a smaller patio.

Seating Around Fire Pit FAQs

How Many Chairs Can You Fit Around A Fire Pit?

For a wood-burning fire pit, you will need between two and 6 large chairs. For a gas fire pit, 2 to 4 is perfect.

How Far Should Chairs Be From Fire Pit?

Curiously, some people prefer to place chairs four feet away from the fire pit, allowing room for movement. Others like to be a little closer and choose a three-foot distance so they can put their feet on the ledge of the pit.

The distance between chairs and a fire pit should depend on your available space. If you have enough room, the distance can be larger. But if you don’t have much space, the seats should not be too close to the fiery pits.

In Conclusion

The right seating is vital for any fire pit. It would be best if you had comfortable and functional seats, which will be largely dependent on the shape of your firepit and what your intentions for it are. If you are looking for a new firepit and have already got garden furniture, look at our ideas on how this can complement your outdoor space!

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