Choosing The Perfect Picket Fence Ideas For Your Home

The picket fence is symbolic of a perfect suburban home. How could it not be? There’s just something about the familiar fence that welcomes you and feels like home.

A fence provides a distinct boundary between your house and outside space, so it can help you with privacy while also boosting the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Many people hire professionals to set up the fence, but some find it easy to do it themselves.

The clean, minimalist look of a picket fence provides an open canvas for customization. We will help you get started with some stunning white picket fence ideas.

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List Of Picket Fence Ideas

White Picket Fence Near An Old Lighthouse

white picket fence near an old lighthouse on yard with blue sky

The concept of white picket fences is combined with a large yard and several iconic buildings in the same color. This is a residential style near the beach with an old lighthouse, and it creates a serene atmosphere. You can imagine that atmosphere here.

Simple Beach Style With Picket Fence

simple beach style with picket fence in curved garden shape

The contrast between the white picket fence and the greenhouse is pleasing to the eye, giving this home a beachy essence.

Low White Picket Fence Ideas

low white picket fence ideas on house with red color of door in fall seasons

This charming, small house in London, Canada, is surrounded by a low picket fence made from alternating heights. These pickets are in minimalist style with invisible posts and do not distract from the natural charm. The gateless entryway leads to the short walkway up to the red front door.

Perfect Picket Fence Design Match

perfect picket fence design match with white color of house

This white picket fence blends well with the design around this home. The slats are of varying sizes, which makes them perfect in this suburban area.

Picket Fence Made For The Landscape

picket fence made for the landscape on grey house

This type of picket fence naturally blends into the surrounding landscape. We love how plant life is allowed to creep and overtake the great entrance area.

Step Down Privacy With Picket Fence

step down privacy with picket fence in white color ideas

This PVC fence leads down to a taller picket-style fence that will give this yard a full, robust look. You will have privacy on the sides and be able to see out in front freely.

Charming Simplicity Design With Picket Fencing

charming simplicity design with picket fencing surround the front yard of the house in a minimalist style

This wooden white picket fence is a true, old-fashioned style. We love it around this charming house because of its classic appearance and how nicely it frames the yard.

Speared Picket Fence Ideas

speared picket fence ideas on a weathered wooden house and a green bicycle with a flower basket

Just imagine the joy of spending a sunny day at the beach followed by relaxing on the porch of this water-side cottage.

White Picket Patio Enclosure

white picket patio enclosure on a beachfront house with adirondack yellow chairs

You don’t even need a green thumb to enjoy the perks of a white picket fence. You can also use it as the border for your patio, which will give you a country-style atmosphere with an upscale red rope when guests arrive for cocktails.

White Picket Fence Rose Garden

white picket fence rose garden in red and pink color

Look, you don’t have to know how to grow roses if you do the white picket fence route. But it would be better if you did.

Newel Post Cap White Picket Fence

newel post cap white picket fence on sloping garden

A newel post cap can add a bold architectural detail to your white picket fence.

Pet-Friendly White Picket Fence

pet-friendly white picket fence in fornt of yellow house with dog

Create a space for Fido to roam and leash-free with this appropriately designed wood picket fence.

White Picket Fence Garden Ideas

white picket fence garden gate ideas with arbor

As the plant-filled perimeter of this idyllic environment is framed by a perfect, charming white picket fence.

Curved Upper Edges Of White Picket Fence Gate

curved upper edges of white picket fence gate on the garden

If you’re searching for a white picket gate design, we have what might be your newest contender. This gate features a curved top edge completed by the arched arm, giving it an elegant appearance.

Bordered Picket Fence In White

bordered picket fence in white in front of a bowl-shaped water fountain

Say you find someone special and settle down with them. You agree on almost everything but he like iron, and you like white pickets. Just make it work, guys.

White Picket Fence Ideas With Gate

white picket fence ideas with gate in front yard of house

The house is a striking blend of architectural details, bold numbering, and a welcoming front door that introduces being happy. A white picket fence accentuates this idea and makes it an ideal place to live.

White Picket Fence Farmhouse

white picket fence farmhouse with rusty corrugated metal roof

A charming refurbished cottage boosts its charm with a white picket fence that borders the side yard.

French Gothic-style White Picket Fence

french gothic-style white picket fence on white house with blue stripe accents

What more could you want from this quaint cottage? Pretty blue trim, lush greenery, and willow trees – perfect for a relaxing morning. A cool cruiser in the backyard is ready to take you on trips to the farmer’s market or neighboring beach. And last but not least, a wide-open gate just waiting to welcome your friends and family members onto your property!

Elegant White Picket With Arbor Entrance

elegant white picket with arbor entrance ideas in front yard

This white picket fence decorated with hanging flowers and plants makes a stylish entryway, perfect for people who want a more elaborate design for their garden or yard.

Curved Styled White Picket With An Archway Arbor

curved styled white picket with an archway arbor in front of house with yellow door

One of the most effective white picket fences is this rounded option with a matching arch. The effect creates a stunning visual that makes this house remarkable in any area.

Alice in Wonderland Picket Fence

alice in wonderland picket fence with red rose vines

Here is one more white picket fence with an arbor you’ll never forget. The climbing red rose bushes set the scene for your “Alice in Wonderland” experience, as well as a snow-filled backyard party during the winter months.

White Picket Gate With Rose A Carvings

white picket gate with rose a carvings and red brick path ideas

This white fence with a rose carving on the gate has an unmistakably romantic feel. The simple combination of purple flowers and plain wood evokes memories of childhood homes. All that’s missing is a background full of kids playing!

Bungalow House With White Picket Fence

bungalow house in white color and blue door with white picket fence ideas

​White picket fences are a staple of the stereotypical home in which children dream. Here you have a bungalow resembling vacation-style living with a white picket fence and gate perfect for creating that welcoming ambiance.

Asymmetric White Picket Fence

asymmetric white picket fence with thin rows of fences in the front yard

This asymmetric white picket fence is perfect for bold homeowners that want their yards to look different than the mainstream.

Pointed Wavy Style Picket Fence

pointed wavy style picket fence in fornt yard of house with red door

The wave-style appearance of this picket fence option is a little different from the traditional options, but it’s something we will see more often in the future.

Pathway Perfection And White Picket Fence

red brick on step path perfection and white picket fence ideas

Almost every detail in this picture is flawless. The red brick pathway that winds over the white picket fence’s open gate leads to a beautiful classic house overshadowed by trees – everything is captivating.

Black And White Chronicles With Picket Fence

black and white chronicles with picket fence in a two-story house

​This home’s white picket fence contrasts beautifully with the black panels of wood. The homeowner has elevated it from the ground to make it functional and design something both bold and eye-catching.

Cottage With A Thin Picket Fence

cottage with a thin picket fence with greenery garden

This picket fence is just one example of how to match a house with the type of yard. This white fence contrasts well with the landscaping and looks great on a cottage like this one, especially contrasted against other colors in this picture.

White Picket Fence For A Grey House

white picket fence for a grey house design ideas

When you strip away the colors of an outer frame to give everything a nice white picket fence is, what you have is a home with traditional vibes. The contrast between the small, trimmed, and kept-to-itself near the fence and the towering house behind it creates diverse visual elements that depict just how imposing your wooden house really is!

Novel-worthy Landscaping With White Picket Fence

novel-worthy landscaping ideas with white picket fence

The giant stones that cover the outer walls of this house are more than just practical. They’re a landscaping statement. It’s incredible how much this place reminds you of something out of an Agatha Christie novel.

A Low Picket Fence Ideas

a low picket fence ideas on the front yard of the house in the form of a cube

The home is a light blue with a picket fence enclosing the yard. A small gate on one side of the property leads to an enclosed walkway to the front door.

Zig Zag Picket Fence Ideas

zig zag picket fence ideas on the front yard of the house at dusk with the light shining through the window

Unique designs are always interesting. This zig-zag picket fence is a perfect example of this. It adds plenty of architectural interest to your otherwise ordinary landscape.

Springfield Style Picket Fence

springfield style picket fence on the green grass in front of the white house

If you don’t like a picket fence that converges on the property, maybe this alternate design will satisfy your preferences. Arrange your pickets in decreasing lengths to create this diverging fence.

Black Color Picket Fence Ideas

black color picket fence ideas which is placed in colorful flower pots on each posh

By changing the color of your fence from white to black, you create a WOW effect. This is because colors have an enormous influence on our perception: when we see something painted in a bright color instead of its regular one, it automatically grabs our attention.

Good Old Fashioned Picket Fences Design

good old fashioned picket fences design and the look of rusty nails away from home

Traditionally, white picket fences have been a part of American culture since colonial times. Why not stick with tradition? Keep your yard simple with a whitewashed picket fence for a modern minimalistic style.

Wave Picket Fence In White

wave picket fence in white surround the garden with colorful blooming flowers

The white picket fence is a simple but well-designed solution for this garden. It blends in with the landscape and doesn’t take away anything from the garden itself.

Even White Picket Fence Ideas

even white picket fence ideas for a large lawn as a place to train dogs

Ranches are known for the style of their picket fences. These simple fences are built to keep animals in and out, keeping your property safe from damage. They can also match the low profile that most homes have.

Osborne White Picket Fence

osborne white picket fence installed in a multi-storey house with green walls

This sun-filled, two-story house boasts a white picket fence that’s accented with rounded posts and double swing gates. The fences open to the drive that leads up to the front door.

Torrens White Picket Fence Ideas

torrens white picket fence ideas combined in a house with a rocky wall

A white picket fence with Torrens-style pickets surrounds the cozy cottage. The paint on the house and windows is all white, complementing the color of the house. There’s a small swing gate in the middle, which opens up to a pathway that leads to both the front yard and porch.

Delight Picket Fence In Front Yard

delight picket fence in front yard combined with the yellow house

While we often think of pickets fences as white, this one has a rich, warm appearance. We would like to thank our friend, Amy, for sharing her photo with us.

Arched Gateway White Picket Fence Ideas

arched gateway white picket fence ideas combined with a teal house and wooden stairs on the front porch

This Victorian property’s front entrance features two vertical supports and a segmented top with an arched entryway in place of a typical gate.

A Little Space Between Picket Fence

a little space between picket fence on the cream-colored house and the green lawn

This traditional style features a wider grid of space between the slats that create a more old-fashioned look. We like how it gives this home more depth.

Classic Picket Fence Style With Garden

classic picket fence style with garden ideas

This white fence surrounds the front perimeter of this home and provides easy access to maintain landscaping on either side. We love how it blends well with the attention to design in the garden space.

Picket Fence And Stone Style

picket fence and stone style come with a short fence in the sloping yard

This picket fence and stone wall blend wonderfully with this yard’s natural stones and beautiful plants. This is a perfect space for people wanting to enjoy both the beauty of nature and their own outdoor sanctum.

Charming And Welcoming Picket Fence

charming and welcoming picket fence on bloomy white garden

This white picket fence swings open to let you pass through the flower-lined path and into this gorgeous yard. The fence is meant to blend into the rest of the landscape, enhancing its beauty with its clean, simple lines.

Picket Fence Blends With The Landscape

picket fence blends with the landscape ideas

This beautiful property has one of the most classic features imaginable: a white picket fence. Adorned with flowers, this charming space is truly a sight to see.

Picket Fence On Southern Home Match

picket fence on southern home match ideas with a green bicycle by the roadside

This grand, Southern-style home with a white picket fence surrounding it clearly marks the property line while blending in seamlessly to its surroundings.

More Picket Fence Ideas You Can Try To Implement

house on stilts in white color with wooden picket fence lacquered natural red color

This article is about designing and installing a picket fence, which can provide decorative and functional solutions in your outdoor surroundings.

A picket fence is a common image when discussing fences. It can be found in classic literature as an enduring image, it’s often used in country-inspired landscapes, and this type of fence pops up on the popular novel “Tom Sawyer.”

Although typically used in rural settings, picket fences can be functional and beautiful in many types of gardens. Let’s explore some creative uses for fences.

Place Picket Fence Further Inside Property Path

Many picket fences are located at the edge of a yard, between the sidewalk and property line. One way to mitigate this boundary is by pulling the fence back by just a foot or two.

An additional space makes it possible to add a small hedge or flower bed, which will accent the yard and fence.

Use A Picket Fence On The Interior Of The Yard

Picket fences are used to delineate a property line, but they can also be utilized as decorative ornaments inside the yard. For example, a picket fence can separate an area of pebbly ground with flowers from vineyards and vegetable gardens.

It might designate a kid-friendly spot near a playhouse or a work-friendly spot near a garden shed.

Elevate The Picket Fence With A Base

elevate the picket fence with a stone base in the front yard of the house with white wooden boards as walls

Many people place picket fences in the ground, which looks best on cottage- or country-style properties. More traditional or formal yards can benefit from a picket fence and another design tool:

To elevate the appearance of a picket fence, add a base. This can help to prevent what would otherwise look like a more casual-looking fence from overwhelming the first floor level with height or width.

Repeat Color Or Decorative Motif From Your Home’s Exterior

Finials, caps, curves, and carved bases are all common decorative elements that can be used to give your picket fence a little more character. Cut a curve into the gate of your fence to repeat that same aesthetic element on the roofline, or use a trim piece on one of the corner columns for added detail.

Include Additional Hardscaping Elements

Arbors, gates, or pergolas can be incorporated into fences, particularly if the structures travel around the edges of your yard. You can use larger elements to mark a transition from your front yard to side yards or designate a different use for another part of your landscape.

Choose An Unusual Color

One common color choice for picket fences is white, but there are plenty of colors to choose from. Pick up a color from your exteriors, such as brick or gray trim; then use the same shade on all of (or at least part of) the fence.

Soften the Look of Picket Fences With Landscaping

Many people often opt for a landscape upgrade by planting flowers, plants, and shrubs on the side of picket fences that face the street. However, it’s also important to have the side of the fence facing back into your house look nice as well.

Plant a bed on both sides of the fence to have an attractive view regardless of where you are in your yard.

Types Of Wood For A Picket Fence

picket cedar picket fence in combination with red brick and stones in the front yard

Picket fences are a series of upright boards, often consisting of 2-by-4s, that fastens to the top or bottom horizontal board. Posts spaced at intervals then buried at least two feet into the ground form a sturdy base for the horizontal 2-by-4s. Different lumber will have different durability, appearance, and finish options, so it’s important to decide what’s best for you before ordering board lengths.

Cedar Wood

Cedar pickets are typically not painted or stained; but instead, they are sealed with a water sealer. The oils in the wood make them durable and resistant to rot and insects. As long as they’re maintained properly, these pickets will last many years without decay.

Cedar, while popular for picket fences, is a poor choice for fence posts. Cedar will rot in the ground after only a few years, even if it was sealed at the time of installation due to direct exposure to water and soil.

Redwood For Fence

Redwood resembles cedar but is darker in color and with more stains and sealers. Redwoods have oils similar to those found in cedar that acts as a natural preservative against insects and decay.

This wood is excellent for use as a picket or cross member, but it’s not suitable for embedding in the ground. A good quality sealer will keep the wood usable for up to a year, but you’ll need to refresh the sealant yearly.

Softwood SPF

SPF lumber is a construction-grade product that’s available in spruce, pine, and fir. The wood doesn’t fare well sticking out of the ground and will rot within a few years; therefore, it isn’t suitable for fence posts.

SPF lasts as long as a panel or cross member if it is treated with exterior-grade paints and primers before installation, even on wood that has been primed. Holes should be filled with non-water-based caulk designed to resist water infiltration.

Pressure-Treated Wood

Lumber suppliers offer lifetime guarantees against rot and insect damage on pressure-treated wood. Old formulas for pressure-treated woods used dangerous toxins that were eventually outlawed for sale except for builders and contractors.

New formulas and fertilizers are less toxic for use by homeowners and handypersons. As a fence material, pressure-treated lumber lasts many years without rotting if it’s dry after three to six months. Posts rated with direct ground contact will not rot in the ground once they’ve dried out.

How To Extend The Life Of A Wooden Fence

picket fence style with polished natural wood color in front of a magnificent house and shady garden

Wood fences are aesthetically pleasing and add an air of security to your property. They usually last around 15 years, but you can make them last 20 years or longer with proper care or upkeep.

New Fence Considerations

One consideration is the type of wood used to build or repair a fence. Western red cedar and redwood are typically used for this purpose because they resist decay, but there are other types of wood available, too.

Cedar is most often selected in Kansas, where extreme weather conditions make it necessary.

Next, you should always pressure-treat your posts to protect them from moisture and insects. Without the treatment, the wood will rot more quickly.

The vertical boards or pickets of the fence are above the ground and don’t need pressure-treated wood because they can withstand natural elements. However, it is safest to use pressure-treated lumber if installed in a wet environment.

Lastly, it’s important to wait about a year before staining and painting your new wood fence. This allows time for the chemicals used in the pressure-treating the wood and drying out. If you don’t allow this time, the sealant will only trap moisture, leading to rot and decay.

Wood treated to resist rot and insects is still subject to shrinking, cracking, warping, and swelling. Basic maintenance such as sanding or repainting every two or three years will help protect your fence from those effects.

Inspect And Repair Yearly

At every opportunity, take a walk around your yard to check for signs of damage from the weather or any other factor that might deteriorate it. This surveillance should extend to the fences as well and when you identify an area in need of change, make adjustments quickly rather than waiting until there is a problem.

The fence is a clear boundary between your house and the outside world. Tighten any screws that protrude, tap posts to ensure they’re seated, replace if in poor condition. Check hinges and locks on gates to make sure secure and lined up properly. Lubricate with auto grease as needed.

If you notice any cracks, splits, or chips in the wood, use a waterproof sealant to plug up and prevent future damage.

Pressure-treated lumber is not fully resistant to water intrusion, so anything you can do to minimize its exposure to moisture will prolong the life of the wood.

Always adjust sprinklers, so they don’t get the fence wet and affect the wood. Trim back bushes or vines hanging on the fence to add weight or hold moisture.

Make sure the soil around the fence is well-drained, so water doesn’t pool near your posts. The posts should be solidly pegged and lean away from the fence.

Clean Every 3 – 5 Years

Every two to three years, remove dirt from the wood, removing any moss and mildew that could accumulate. Then apply a water-repellent coating. If you need to make repairs, scrape off loose paint or moss until you reach new wood and clean with a pressure washer.

Fences are practical yet nice for a suburban property, and you can increase their lifespan by cleaning them regularly. If the fence has mold on it, mix 20% bleach with 80% mild detergent 1 hour before washing it to help kill any mold spores.

Reseal Or Paint After Cleaning

The fence should be refinished every 3-5 years. Use exterior paint or oil-based stain, which will seal out water, prevent wood rot, extend the fence’s life, and limit weathering.

To keep your wood looking the way it should, choose a stain or sealant which defends against UV rays. Let the wood dry for at least one week before applying a new layer. Once dry, use either a brush or sprayer with specialty tips to apply the stain–just be sure to read instructions and take precautionary measures as not all stains are alike!

Picket Fence Ideas FAQs

old weathered wood by the pond and bushes

What Does Picket Fence Cost?

Depending on style and species, the cost of our picket fences can range from $3.40 to $50 per linear foot. Vinyl or aluminum variants are priced at about $5-$12.60 for 5 ft (1.52 m) high panels, not including installation.

Our Picket Fence Diy-friendly?

If you have a flat lawn for your fence, consider doing it yourself.

If you have sloped turf around your property, hire a pro to install the fence.

How Much To Maintenance Picket Fence?

A solid-color stain typically lasts 5 to 10 years. Gates should be checked annually to ensure proper alignment with the opening in the fence.

How Tall Should Picket Fence Be?

A fence 3 to 4 feet tall can create a nice barrier from the street. When fencing in a pool, be sure to have a fence at least 4 feet tall.

The Bottom Line

Surrounding your home with a white picket fence is practical, visually appealing, durable in the long term, and inexpensive; painting or repairing any damage to your fence over time is a small investment given how idyllic it can make your house look.

When I asked for a favorite, it was hard to choose from all the great choices. Of those mentioned, though, I liked picket fences best with curved top edges the most.

If you have a moment, please let us know if you enjoyed this article! Tell us your favorite piece of advice we gave to share with your friends.

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