Rope Lighting Ideas: Find More Outdoors Rope Light Inspiration!

Outdoor rope lighting can create a beautiful moment in your garden, generating a welcoming environment for guests to know where the party is. Ideas for outdoor rope lighting might help inspire you to upgrade your backyard party.

What Is Rope Lighting?

what is rope lighting

“Rope lighting” is a string of lights that are encased inside a plastic tube. The term rope light can also refer to mesh ropes that come with the same general function: illuminate an area.

They might look best wrapped around pillars or objects and provide a soft, twinkling light perfect for festive occasions. Though the lights are dim, it’s best not to rely on them as the primary lighting source.

Zip ties, staples, and hooks hold the rope light securely in position during outdoor parties.

Outdoor rope lighting can create a beautiful feel to your garden and without breaking the bank.

Benefits Of Outdoor Rope Lighting

More Energy-efficient

Rope lighting in the LED form helps you save energy. The new rope lights can last up to 100,000 hours and only require a fraction of the wattage consumed by regular rope light bulbs (about 1/5th).


Another advantage of installing rope lighting outdoors is its durability. Unlike traditional outdoor lights, LED models can last for years and will remain lit through weather changes. In addition to being functional, designer LED rope lights to come in a variety of colors that you can use to personalize your space.

How To Choose Outdoor Rope Lighting

how to choose outdoor rope lighting

Before purchasing rope lighting, take time to carefully consider how you will use it and what your installation process will be. Your choice in outdoor rope lighting should be partially about the ease of installation.

Types Of Rope Lights

Many people realize the benefits of rope lighting, but to properly install it, you need to decide on your power supply. You can go with battery-powered, solar-powered, or traditional electrical lights.

You can also choose between regular incandescent light bulbs and LED types for your rope lights.

Battery Powered Rope Lights

If you are doing a DIY project, and don’t have access to the power an outlet can offer, then a battery-powered or 12V rope light may work well. These types of lights will illuminate your area similarly as if it was plugged into power. If the casing is waterproof, you’ll have to make sure that they stay on. You’ll need to change the batteries every once in a while.

Battery-powered rope lights, many of which are LED, can be used to light a variety of outdoor spaces like decks and gardens. Many LED rope lights offer a softer glow than the incandescent variety.

Solar Powered Rope Lights

Installing the solar-powered lights enhances the landscaping, and also you can use this lighting regardless of whether or not you have an outlet nearby.

Length Or Rope Lighting

When installing outdoor rope lighting, make sure that you purchase enough of the rope. To avoid an annoying situation and wasting a lot of the light string, carefully plan out where it is to be positioned before making a purchase.

Outdoor Rope Lighting Accessories

outdoor rope lighting accessories

You may choose to use stakes to hold your rope light in place. Alternatively, you can cut clips, which are long metal brackets with a clip that attaches tightly to the metal top rail of a deck or house, for example.

When planning your outdoor rope lighting installation, don’t forget to buy zip ties. They come in many sizes and colors and effectively attach rope lights to tree branches or patio umbrellas.

Many folks will need to connect rope lights with an extension cord. It is best to purchase waterproof for outdoor weather and unnoticeable if you want to avoid tripping on it.

You can buy long lengths of rope lighting in the large rolls and then cut them to the length required for your job. You will need power connectors and end caps as well. These provide a cost-effective solution for people with a lot to do outdoors.

Ability To Cut And Splice

Before purchasing your rope lighting, please take into consideration the ability to connect it or cut it. This will permit you to customize and perfect your space as needed. If you’re interested in buying outdoor rope lighting with the ability to be connected to another set or cut, it’s important to know which type of rope lights are available.

Rope Lighting Diameter

Outdoor rope lighting commonly comes in two sizes, 1/2 inch and 3/8 inch (diameter). If you would like to light the base of a rock wall with few turns or a walkway, then 1/2″ may work best for you.

Smaller 3/8” diameter rope lights are ideal for applications requiring tight turns and a less conspicuous look than the 1/2 inch variety. The 3/8 rope light is lighter and easier to install, which will make this the go-to for most outdoor applications.

Rope Light Bulb Direction Or Orientation

The orientation of a rope light can be directional (light pointing outside the tube) or Omni-directional (directed to the next LED). The directional emits more outward light. It is important to understand the difference in rope light bulb orientation and decide which one you want.

Led Rope Lights Vs. Led Strip Lights

These terms are often used as synonyms, but LED rope lights and LED string lights in outdoor settings to refer to different lighting types.

A type of outdoor lighting, an LED rope light has a string of LEDs inside and functions as a linear strip light but is cylindrical in shape.

There are two types of LED lights, which both have their own variety. Take a look at the different outdoor rope lighting options available and decide which might work best for your home decoration project.

How To Installing Rope Light Outdoors

how to installing rope light outdoors

if you want to learn how to install outdoor rope lighting for a decorative but weatherproof project, here is a detailed guide from start to finish with helpful tips and tricks to help you get the best results.

Identify Where You Want Rope Lighting

These can be:

  • Along paving stones
  • Trees or other landscape features
  • Lighting the underside of canopies, umbrellas, overhangs, or gazebos
  • The edges of fences

Around banisters and railingsMeasure The Distance

To determine a proper length for your rope lighting, measure the full distance of what you want to illuminate. Consider the distance from your lighting to the nearest power source and how long you’ll need a tail ( power chord). Does your power adapter need to be remotely mounted, or is the first string of lights immediately next to an outlet?

Cut the rope lights to the desired length. Most of your segments will be shorter than a spool’s length when it comes to corners or sharp turns you might want to cut and use a corner- or T-connector.

Splice And Seal Connections

When joining two-segment or cutting segments, make sure the connection is sealed. After the rope lighting is joined, seal the ends off with a heat shrink tube to avoid moisture and water. Once the sealant has dried on the tube, be sure to check that there are no air bubbles and that it has totally shrunk. You may need to use silicon glue to keep the shrink-tubing from moving.

Seal Both Ends With Silicon Glue

Place a plastic end cap at the end of any rope light run. Apply silicone to weatherproof your rope lights to seal them in place and keep out water and dirt. As an ideal precaution, you should seal the connection point, where your run of rope light joins to the power source, with glue for that same reason. Test your lighting before you seal it to make sure the run is smooth.

Always Ensure Safety

Position any weather-sensitive items behind a protective barrier. Weather can make these items more susceptible to sun and rain, so it’s best to provide them with the protection they need without direct exposure. One way to protect your outdoor rope lights from water damage is by placing them under an awning or off the floor. Controllers, dimmers, and power supplies should be placed out of the way from water sources to avoid damage.

List Of Outdoor Rope Light Ideas

Colorful Swimming Pool Rope Light

colorful swimming pool rope light

You can transform an old-school swimming pool into a modern and attractive one. Place more than on rope light color around the pool, or go all out with multiple colors for added ambiance. And don’t forget to take advantage of their ability to create colorful outdoor lighting by placing them across your water features!

The decoration meets the demand for an outdoor party near the swimming pool and your night water activities every day. The rope lights can be added to your project while it is under construction or afterward. The rope lights were used to offer better lighting coverage than the spotlight in the pool.

Highlight Outdoor Steps

highlight outdoor steps

Walkway lighting is close relative to the traditional rope light. This can help illuminate your steps for safety and provide more guide lights to show people where they’re supposed to go.

Deck Railings Underneath Rope Lights

deck railings underneath rope lights

Using rope lights around the deck railing will give a variety of ambiance in your outdoor space. Try running them from underneath or using different colors to create variety on your patio.

Select a bright yellow light to illuminate your deck. Underneath the handrail, white rope lights adorn the surface for and especially unique effect! Cover all of your space with enough rope lights so you can place them along the railing.

Star Shaped Rope Light

star shaped rope light

You can create beautiful designs out of rope lights by wrapping them around a pre-existing object to be revealed as the party guest arrives. Rope lights are available in many shapes and sizes, so you are bound to find just the right fit for your home or outdoor space.

The method is easy and can work for any shape that you want. Consider hanging some star-shaped rope lights to line a tree across the path, or use them in your backyard as decorations at parties.

Rope Light Around Palm Tree

rope light around palm tree

If you’re looking for an easy way to improve the look of your outdoor event, wrapping a rope light around a tree is one idea. LEDs use little power, so you can leave them plugged in all the time. When you’re decorating outdoors, make sure that the outdoor lighting is LED and that any wiring has a waterproof covering.

Run A Rope Light

run a rope lights

When you spend hours over the summer weeding your flowerbeds and borders, it’s hard not to be proud of them. Why not give them a second chance to shine by running rope light along their edge? This will help define the shape while picking out favorite plants with spotlights for an even more effective look that works great on curved edges!

Rope Lights To Highlight Walkway

rope lights to highlight walkway

Use outdoor lights to highlight important yard elements such as walkways and the sides of pavements. This will guide guests to the event and help them see where they are going. Creating lighting that is appropriate helps make your space more welcoming.

One way to set up your rope light is around the walkway. This helps people find their path and right way to enter your backyard when they come in from outside.

Pathway Lighting Ideas With Rope Lights

pathway lighting ideas with rope lights

It’s hard to see paths in the dark, so try livening up your yard with a set of rope lights. Placing these around the pathways will make your yard more beautiful and safer.

Outside rope lighting is a wonderful way to illuminate your pathway, poolside and create ambiance. However, you must invest in quality outdoor lighting; the waterproof variety is perfect for this use.

Rope Lighting For Stairs

rope lighting for stairs

Stairs are a subtle element in outdoor decoration. They can make your space safer and perhaps more beautiful with string lights as well. Sometimes the light from a lamp is not enough to show the line separating steps, for this it can make people step off and fall.

A straight rope light running from the top to bottom of stairs will illuminate your entire stairway with holiday cheer. Make sure you securely fasten it and check periodically so that guests don’t trip over anything.

Ambient Lighting Around Outdoor Kitchen Area

ambient lighting around outdoor kitchen area

I love ambient lighting because it’s mild and not distracting, but it creates a soft glow that facilitates visibility.

One great place to use rope lighting is around your backyard kitchen. Put it under the counter where people can sit and enjoy themselves while enjoying the ambiance.

Have Spotlights In The Pool Use Pool Rope Lighting

have spotlights in the pool use pool rope lighting

Spotlights are usually installed in outdoor pools, but some pool owners prefer to use rope lighting instead. The other issue with installing spotlights is they can only be mounted at the time of installation to light up one area of the pool more than another.

This is where rope lighting comes in handy. You can add it at any time during the construction process, and it offers better coverage than spotlight lights around your pool.

Roof Accent Rope Lights

roof accent rope lights

Blue rope lights create a cooler look on the roof. Lamps are perfect for a rest, or after-party has ended at night with the dark sky overhead.

The blue lights also provide a magical ambiance, especially in the evening. You can choose remote-controlled or automatic timer rope lighting to get an interesting view.

Rope Lights In The Umbrella

rope lights in the umbrella

Rope lights installation can be an alternative for dinner or outdoor party lighting. The illumination from the light gives a real romantic feeling and makes the surroundings look charming.

Outdoor rope lighting can spruce up your outdoor spaces like your cafe, the area next to the swimming pool, or that meeting having a gathering in the garden.

Wrapping Branches And Trunks With Rope Lights

wrapping branches and trunks with rope lights

With two different-colored rope lights wrapped around the trunk, these trees are bathed in an unreal nighttime glow.

Even when leaves may be gone for the winter, trees definitely shine with lights adorn the branches.

Tree Rope Lighting Ideas

tree rope lighting ideas

When you have a beautiful tree in your backyard, there is nothing better than showcasing it at night. That’s why adding rope lighting can be great for illuminating the beauty of those tall trees and other foliage, which are not usually visible during daylight hours.

When it comes to choosing a tree for rope lighting, palm trees work well or any trellis that is taller with thick branches.

Install The Lighting Along Your Walkway

install the lighting along your walkway

Outdoor lighting in a backyard is important, especially if you have an outdoor party planned. Putting up rope lights around the walkway will help people find their way into your backyard for the get-together and make things easier on them.

Walkways can be lit just by installing the lights along the edges. However, landscaping stakes will help to keep them in place.

Staking them down will keep the rope lighting in place to prevent people from walking on them and for you to not accidentally hit them while mowing.

Oak Leaf Outdoor Solar String Lights

oak leaf outdoor solar string lights

This rope light is solar-powered and waterproof so that it can be used outdoors. The lights come with a motion sensor and battery, meaning they can turn on by themselves at night without any input from you.

It measures 41 feet – enough for you to decorate the best large areas, such as swimming pools and walkways. With 100 LED lights, this outdoor rope lighting is sure to brighten up space.

Lastly, this solar rope light is made with flexible PVC tubing for you to shape as you desire. The rope lighting is both water-resistant and weather-resistant, in addition to having two different light modes.

Pressing a button, you can easily change the light to either flashing or steady-on. In addition to being sturdy, rope lights are pretty too. Our customers noted that these lights look beautiful in the light and even through rains storms.

Solar Rope Lights Outdoor String Lights

solar rope lights outdoor string lights

It comes with up to eight color modes that you can switch to match your needs and desired atmosphere. They’re also made with a more durable, high-density solar panel for the ability to charge in cloudy weather.

It has a detachable solar panel that you can place outside to charge, and with its rope, it’s easy to take the light inside or outside. The outdoor rope lights are also constructed of materials that make them waterproof.

These lights can be used for more than 10 hours with a battery life described as excellent and bright enough to provide accent lighting along walkways, patios, or rooflines.

The Bottom Line

There are many options for lights like these, whether you want to use them outdoors or indoors. You’ll be sure to find some that suit your needs, whether you want them for an event outside or inside the home.

The decoration options listed above come with different styles and features suited to what you need for your home. Did the list of outdoor rope lighting ideas help you find something that suits your needs at home?

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