Landscape Borders Ideas: Choose The Perfect Border For Your Backyard

Landscape borders or edgings are an important part of a landscape. The border differentiates between the backyard looking messy and professionally groomed. In this article, we’ll look at some of the best options for a garden’s landscape borders.

Choosing a landscape border for your outdoor space is an important task. Selecting one that matches what you are framing and raising your outdoor space’s overall appearance is key to this process. In this article, we’ll cover many varied landscape border choices to help you decide on the one that creates the perfect space for you.

Amazing Landscape Border Ideas

Garden Landscape Border Ideas With White Rocks

garden landscape border ideas with white rocks and straight wooden wall pallets

Mixing and matching natural materials is a great way to give your garden that personal touch. Collect smooth-white rocks from the river bed for an attractive landscape border, or use beach stones as stepping stones across different sections of your yard.

Create some unique borders like jagged edges with pebbles; this will create contrast in textures and provide extra stability where you need it most. Drawing attention away from distractions by placing mulch around plants is another good idea when decorating outside spaces!

Bushes And Flowers With Natural Rock Borders

bushes and flowers with natural rock borders front of brick exposed wall

It is always a joy to have something that looks great in your home. With the addition of rock gardens, you can make sure it has an amazing look and feel!

I recommend lining off your garden’s landscape with rocks, so they are perfect for larger flowers or bushes. Rocks also help outshine other parks’ smaller peaks since their size makes them stand out more than most things would without them around.

Flower Bed Edging Ideas

flower bed edging ideas on side of pavers pathway

One simple way to border your yard is with a flowerbed, which best complements what it frames and draws attention to the area. Planting flowers in different colors and styles along the edge of a yard not only makes it beautiful but also helps you express yourself creatively. Flower beds are an advantage because they allow any person’s imagination to run wild – no matter what shape or color, there will be something for everyone!

Hedge Border Landscaping Ideas

hedge border landscaping ideas with beautiful blooms garden flower

Regular trimming of a well-kept hedge along the border of your garden appeals to serious gardeners. It portrays an exclusive and fancy look, which is often admired.

If you’re not the green thumb type, hiring a landscaper can keep your yard looking splendid. However, this is an ongoing commitment that requires constant tending.

Garden Landscaping With Concrete Borders And Curbing

garden landscaping with concrete borders and curbing in side of porch

Broken concrete is a wonderful idea for any landscape border. This design technique draws attention to the greenery and also offers up plenty of opportunities when it comes time to arrange your landscaping.

Landscape Border With Vertical Railway Sleeperslandscape border with vertical railway sleepers and the big stone ball in the garden

Railway ties can be cut at any length and are a perfect way to make your landscape border unique. They add an informal feel with their rustic appearance, proving that those resources lying around don’t need to lie unused.

Vertical railway borders look like miniature fences or barriers, allowing you the opportunity for creativity in where you use them: along with timbers or as part of something larger! Use these ties when landscaping so that it has natural beauty without being too sterile-looking – they’re great for adding personality and style!

Colorful Flowers Border Landscaping

colorful flowers border landscaping surround home with variety of flowers

Mixing a border of colorful flowers with your garden is an easy way to add personality and flair. They look simple, but passersby will surely notice this flowery edging!

You can customize the landscape edge however you want when using plants, so feel free to get creative and go wild on color schemes or combinations like purple coneflowers mixed in with pink peonies for some big pops of petal power.

Landscape Border Ideas With Stepping Stones

landscape border ideas with stepping stones on backyard

The fact that you can quickly get creative with your own stepping stones is the perfect way to keep people from trampling on your garden. A great idea for this would be using some tree stumps, traditional slabs, and anything else durable enough to withstand outdoor conditions as a partition to divide up different sections of lawn or garden space.

Landscape Borders With Plastic Edging

landscape borders with plastic edging and colorful blooms

Another simple, back-to-basics edging is plastic. It’s a good way to frame your garden and mark out borders without much work or thoughtfulness.

Landscape edging is a must-have in any yard. Plastic edging is an easy, inexpensive purchase and installation. Typically available in lengths of 25 or 60 feet with anchors for weed control, it’s flexible and stays securely planted.

You simply dig a trench, place the anchor in the ground with stakes digging into it. This type of edging is easy to install around your garden and won’t detract from it if you want it to be the focal point.

Gabion Wall Used As Landscape Edge Ideas

gabion wall used as landscape edge ideas in curved shape

Gabions offer tons of possibilities, which make them perfect for both natural and constructed environments. These boundaries are sturdy and often blend well with the environment they’re located in.

Gabion borders also act as great retaining walls, holding your greenery and soil while serving as a focal point in the lawn.

Smooth Wooden Garden Bench Border Ideas

smooth wooden garden bench border ideas in big blocks

Combining a bench with greenery is an excellent landscaping idea for any modern backyard. Use some old wood planks or some weathered wood and create a bench along the border of your backyard slab.

This will add to your seating area and act as a good border around the outside. Be sure to treat and sand down the wood, so it doesn’t rot over time.

Black Brick Landscape Border Ideas

black brick landscape border ideas on backyard

A border made out of black landscaping brick helps make your landscape classical. We like how the low-profile surface of the bricks focuses people’s attention on beautiful lawns and flowering plants.

Brick borders are both beautiful and a little complex. It takes a fair amount of masonry skills to make curves, which can be difficult for some people.

While you may need to hire a professional, this option might be worthwhile because of its long-term durability.

Turned Brick Edge Border

turned brick edge border for garden bed

It is always a good idea to give your garden an attractive border. One of the best ways to do this is by using bricks to create a jagged and unique wall around it. This will definitely draw more attention than just having flowers planted on their own if that’s what you’re going for!

Rough Stone Tetris-style Garden Wall Ideas

rough stone tetris-style garden wall ideas on mulch lawn

Bring the beauty of modern and rustic landscape borders to your backyard with these Tetris-style stone walls. Our rough stones are a great option for creating an original look, but you can also use them in different ways or choose from various colors to create something uniquely yours!

Brick Landscape Border Ideas

brick landscape border ideas on graden with light

This is one of the many examples of brick being used to create a border. Brick borders are optimal for keeping lawn edges intact while providing a crisp and professional finish.

If you want to install a brick border, it would be best to keep in mind that they will gradually become weathered over time. This is something you should expect as the general look of your backyard depends on how well your lawn is maintained.

If you want the focus on your garden, bricks are a good option as a low-key landscape border.

Steel Edging For Landscape Borders

steel edging for landscape borders on hillside garden

Steel edging is a durable and visually pleasing way to create borders for your garden. Steel edges come in strips, are installed similarly to plastic edging but not as flexible or affordable. A major selling point of steel over plastic is the look – people who prefer it tend to like how sharp it looks more than that shiny-smooth finish we associate with plastics these days.

Green Hedge Border Landscaping

green hedge border landscaping with red brick pavers on pathways

One of the best ways to put a border around your landscape is by planting a hedge. A hedge offers privacy as one of its benefits, but it also creates interest.

Further, hedges serve as a windbreak, thus protecting your plants, and depending on the plants used for the hedge, you might be able to keep pests and intruders out.

A hedgerow is a low-maintenance border that brings out the natural feel of your garden.

Natural Logs Edging Around Raised Flower Bed

natural logs edging around raised flower bed in circular shape

If you’re looking for a way to add height and character to your garden beds, consider using logs as part of the border. The above example is a beautiful idea that would surely speak to many people.

If you have some old logs lying around, lay them in your desired design. Infill with garden soil and plant whichever flowers you want! Their rustic look will look great in any house.

Concrete Landscape Border Ideas

concrete landscape border ideas with pebbles and warm lights

This garden is surrounded by concrete-made edging. The use of concrete is sometimes attractive because it can be morphed into any shape desired. The height of a concrete border could depend on your choice to add structure.

Stacked Flat Stone Landscape Border Ideas

stacked flat stone landscape border ideas on yard

Landscape borders can instantly make your backyard look better. Use this idea for a border – place short, flat rocks on top of each other to achieve the desired effect.

Using stones to create a border is an inexpensive landscaping option that may require labor. The result, however, is impressive.

Natural Stone Retaining Wall Landscaping Border

natural stone retaining wall landscaping border on garden with colorful blooms

Natural stone also makes a beautiful border option. It also complements any flagstone wall you may want to add to your yard and can be placed as high or low as desired.

Landscaping Ideas With Ornamental Grass Border

landscaping ideas with ornamental tall grass border

Having tall, green grass as a border creates a lovely landscape and adds to its appeal.

Ornamental grasses are important to a landscape border because they blend other plants in your yard together into one cohesive family of plants instead of separate individuals.

When you need an easy-to-maintain but aesthetically appealing edging, ornamental grass is your best bet.

Wooden Planks Border Landscaping Ideas

wooden planks border landscaping ideas and charming blue flower

These inexpensive wooden blocks make a beautiful border for any landscape. You can add some color to the planks in different ways to create a stunning border or give it a contemporary touch.

This kind of border is easy to install and makes for a quick solution instead of having a long-lasting fence.

Timber Landscape Border On Backyard

timber landscape border ideas on backyard with patio and umbrella

Timber fences create a natural exterior border around lawns and gardens. Pressure treatment is an important measure to prevent rotting if you choose this type of fence for your yard.

The timber border is quite rustic and pleasant on the eyes, but it’s one of the most expensive options available, especially if you need to hire a skilled carpenter for this style.

Garden Border Ideas With Decorative Plants

garden border ideas with decorative plants and brick exposed wall fence

Landscape borders create focal points in your space and are an easy way to edge the yard. Decorative plants can fill up a large area, making it unnecessary to have or plant many types of plants to make a statement.

We recommend that you use evergreen plants, so the garden looks vibrant and healthy throughout the year.

Types Of Landscape Borders

wooden landscape border on the garden with patio seating sets

Landscape borders offer a distinctive border between the lawn and others, as well as boosting the presentation of your entire lawn.

When installing your garden edging, you have a variety of choices. The material you pick is mainly based on your style and needs. Different materials will create different effects, with some looking natural while others look simulated.

To help decide on the perfect type of border, first determine your preferred style and material. After narrowing down your choices to a manageable number based on these initial preferences, you will be able to more easily find something that suits both your personal taste and vision for your outdoor space.

One factor to consider before selecting a landscape border style is the style of your home. The border should complement your home and the surrounding landscape. There are two main kinds of borders:

Simulated Landscape Border Ideas

simulated landscape border ideas on front yard with warm color

Landscaping borders are differentiated from natural ones in that they consist of preformed materials. The most popular materials for a landscaping border include metal, landscaping bricks, and plastic found at a local hardware store or purchased online if unavailable.


Brick landscape borders, like plastic ones, do, provide formality. Sizes and styles–ranging from horizontal to figural–allow for more design flexibility than most other alternatives.

Another advantage to using brick or concrete is that these materials are durable and can be used in different settings. Brick is easy to find, comes in many styles, and is relatively simple to install.


If you want to use a metal border, aluminum or steel are preferable because they aren’t as rigid and can easily be shaped. Although the border won’t have a natural look, it will last for several years.


A popular material for landscape borders is vinyl, particularly when applied as plastic. The benefit of installing plastic edging is that it has a formal appearance and a clean-cut look. It’s also effortless to install on your own. To learn how you can install plastic edging, read this article. A downside of plastic is that it’s susceptible to cracking, which means it’s not the most durable.

Natural Landscape Border Ideas

natural landscape border ideas with stone and iron fencing

If you want your landscape’s natural look to be achieved, a certain set of materials should be used. These include elements like plants, rocks, wood, or mulch. Edging materials such as these are informal-looking and seamlessly blend in with the existing landscape.

One great thing about natural landscape borders is that they allow for creative freedom. You can use whatever materials you happen to find and decide how elaborate or basic your border will be.


Wooden borders come in many variants. Depending on the wood, your edging might be natural or artificial. Your choices are plenty with wooden borders, which gives you plenty of creativity to play with.

When it comes to wood, you can choose between treated or untreated. Each has its own pros and cons. As an example, treated wood is not good for plants or any beneficial insects.

On the other side, untreated wood will deteriorate much faster than treated type and requires frequent replacement. However, untreated wood is not harmful to the environment, and it enriches the soil.


rocks and stone for mossy garden edging ideas

Rocks also make an excellent choice for a border. This is because their tight range of styles helps give the garden a well-maintained look as they can be used to create walls, ponds, and many other small structures in the terrain.

Rock borders or edgings are easy to put in place and will generally match the tone of your garden. Take a look at some of the different options for using rocks as pond edging.


One type of landscaping border made from plants is widely used, such as ground covers, flowers, small shrubs, or ornamental grasses. They’re great for keeping your outdoor space natural and can be read about here.


If you want to achieve a more natural look for your landscape border, you should consider using mulch. Mulch is available and relatively affordable; it’s also easy to install in your flower beds or pathways. Clear any weeds from the flower beds and spread mulch over them instead.

Choosing The Best Landscape Border For You

stone garden edging design ideas for amazing garden landscape

Landscape borders are one of the easiest ways to add personality to your garden. With so many options, it is hard to know which border will work best for you. Here’s everything you need to consider before choosing your landscape border.

Your Personality

A garden’s landscape border reflects one’s personality and taste which you have full control over. Choose landscaping border designs that match your preferences the most to really create the perfect space.

Your Budget

Nearly as important as a landscape border is how much you spend for one. You may not be able to afford an expensive border upfront, and that’s okay. A simple solution is to purchase inexpensive materials in the meantime while working on it with some patience.

Available Space

This is a crucial factor when it comes to keeping your garden aesthetically pleasing. For instance, if you have a small garden, don’t use large boulders. Placing plastic or brick edgings in the area instead is more appropriate and vice versa.

Seek Inspiration

There are many landscape border possibilities, and it’s important to pick one that suits your needs. We hope our ideas hereunder will help you decide on the best landscape boundary for you.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these landscape border ideas help you make a decision. They’re each consistently tempting and guarantee the best outdoors.

We hope you will enjoy your next landscape border project. Feel free to share any advice or tips in our discussion box below.

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