Creative Indoor Watergarden That You Can Have In Your House

One of the popular reasons people enjoy indoor watergardens is that many plants can grow easily in water. This kind of urban gardening brings a whole new sense to home decorating.

The water garden we’re discussing is collecting individual plants clippings contained in bottles or other vases. This type has many plant varieties and can be modified at any time as you see fit, which will make it very flexible for your needs.

Comparing the indoor planting methods to soil-based planting will make the plant grow slower but stay lush longer.

Water Garden Using Laboratory Bottles

water garden using laboratory bottles

This is a unique choice of container for an indoor watergarden.

To create this effect, place several laboratory-style bottles on the windowsill. This will achieve an outstanding scene for that area and provide great decor during the winter months.

Paperwhites are a good type of flower to use when gardening indoors. Find some at your local florists.

Consider symmetry as you plant them in the water. Roots must touch water for it to survive.

On the flip side, never submerge the bulb into water. Please keep it on top of the reservoir. Watch in awe as your paperwhites bloom when they sit at the base of a container with just enough water to cover them.

Sword Plant in a Jar

sword plant in a jar

It doesn’t take long to make an indoor water garden, as long as you already have jars available. Once the jar is filled with stones, it has a rustic appearance while still providing natural beauty.

However, most aquatic plants are expensive and range from $3- $10.

To build an indoor water garden, make sure you have all the materials on hand. The sword plant is the only thing that will really cost you. Please make sure you clean and sterilize your jar and stones before planting them.

If you’re finished planting it, cover the water with a lid to keep it from evaporating. You have an indoor watergarden inside your home!

Water Garden in a Cup

water garden in a cup

These unique indoor water gardens will give an elegant touch to the table centerpiece. Their interesting design and soothing atmosphere are great for your leisure time with friends or family.

Bring this water garden inside by filling up a glass container with rocks and potting soil. Place an air plant on top, then pile on more dirt to create depth.

The centerpiece of the indoor garden can be decorated in various ways, depending on your personal preference. Plants such as tare, duckweed, water lettuce, fairy moss, and water hyacinth are available to use.

Indoor Water Garden with Fish

indoor water garden with fish

This clear glass jar aquarium looks simple at first glance, but once you see how it wraps around a fake plant, you will know that there is more to this indoor watergarden.

Make sure to buy some well-designed jars at your local stores. There are a few materials that you need in making this jar garden.

You’ll need small aquarium stones, freshwater plants, fish, freshwater conditioners, clander (optional), a net, and accessories to maintain the tank.

There are 2 key components to assembling an indoor water garden; the gravel base and the jar. Start by filling a solid-bottom, round container with gravel. It would be best if you had about 1/2-inch of gravel inside for it to work properly. Pour this into your jar now. Follow up by selecting plants and accessories you want in your space before you plant them – do not forget that they come alive at varying heights!

Add water, the conditioner, and then let it sit for a little bit. You should see it get cloudy inside of the jar; this is normal. Let it settle before you place to fish in the water.

Hydroponic Gardening Style

hydroponic gardening style

One idea of indoor watergarden is using hydroponic gardening. This creative technique can be a great pot for decorative plants inside your home.

One of the most practical aspects of this indoor option is that you’ll never need to water the soil again. The self-watering container is made from recycled materials, which are easy to find. You don’t have to worry about fixing a leaky pipe or wet floors anymore!

Clean White Indoor Watergarden

clean white indoor watergarden

This sleek jar is great decor for the interior. It has an eye-catching look and unique colors.

The bright room complements the glass container. As you can see, it has white clean gravels.

Furthermore, the natural color of aquatic plants is important in this indoor water garden. The designer wants to give people a view of nature from inside a glass jar.

Charming Centerpiece with Floating Plants

charming centerpiece with floating plants

Instead of having some submerged plants, look to incorporate smaller floating plants.

There are several different types of indoor water gardens to choose from. Frogbit is one type with elegant roots while water lettuce and hyacinth others. When deciding which one is best for your home, make sure you like the look of their roots since they will be on display inside the water.

As you can see, this garden has large roots that come through layers of various floating plants above it. They fill up a lot of space in this area!

To make their watergardens more interesting, many include colored pieces of aquarium rock and ceramic fish.

Watergarden with Sand

watergarden with sand

Removing gravel from the miniature water garden in a jar offers alternatives such as sand.

In this orientation, the soil makes up part of your potting mix. It would be best if you did not fertilize with synthetic fertilizers when you use the kind that includes soil.

Use regular potting or garden soil. You can purchase this at most stores or gardening centers near your local area.

What about the plants? We use this plant, Ranunculus inundatus, because it grows leggy and coarse inside the water.

Anthurium Flowers in Water

anthurium flowers in water

This decorative plant would make a fantastic part of your indoor watergarden. It would surely make for an amazing scene inside the room.

Growing anthurium in the water might be difficult. Choose the bare-rooted variety which suits your gardening technique.

Making an indoor water garden that features anthurium is a neat idea. The plants will look beautiful and can grow in a glass vase. Putting the plant close to a window will provide enough light for them to thrive.

Stunning Green Plants with Roots

stunning green plants with roots

The rooted aquatic plants are commonly used in an indoor watergarden. If you want to bring natural beauty to your home, this is a great choice.

Hydroponics gives plants a lot of wonderful benefits. They are well-watered without having to be watered too often. However, they should still be watered at least once during the day!

Round Glass Vase for Watergarden

round glass vase for watergarden

The clear glass container makes it a great piece of decor for any room. The larger size will reveal the beauty of plants that would otherwise be hidden and take attention away from smaller, finer details.

This indoor watergarden can be paired with a plant that can grow taller. The lush effects would make the space more lively.

The water garden doesn’t need any soil, sand, or gravel. The roots of the plants will keep them steady and have enough water to grow.

Herbs in a Water Vase

herbs in a water vase

An indoor watergarden is not always just decorative plants. Certain herbs can handle living in the water, too, so don’t use chlorinated water!

You can use tap water or rainwater. Tap water should be left to air overnight before using it for your indoor water garden. As herbs, you also need patience, as herbs usually don’t grow as fast in the water garden as they do in a soil-based one!

In a water garden, you can grow herbs, including spearmint, peppermint, basil, oregano, lemon balm, sage, thyme, and tarragon.

Light Bulb Garden on the Wall

light bulb garden on the wall

This is such a unique idea for indoor planters. It comes with some light bulbs that have been recycled into small gardens that hang on the wall!

On a blank wall in any room of the house, this indoor water garden will be sure to elevate the beauty and value of a cohesive interior design.

Use various sizes and shapes of light bulbs to make the scene more decorative. Different types of plants can also be used to create a contrasting color scheme that complements the concept.

Clay Pots Water Garden

clay pots water garden

This awesome DIY indoor watergarden has all the tools you need to make it happen. With terra cotta and pots that can hold water, rocks for decorations, and plants to cover up the mess, you can create a realistic-looking garden inside your home.

Building a garden fountain is not difficult. Gather all the necessary materials and use tutorials to guide you. To make the water stream, you will need some machines, which are available online.

This is a perfect place to rock the water sound and bask in its light. It also can make a great centerpiece on your table.

Spider Plants for Water Garden

spider plants for water garden

The spider plants are in the phase of propagation. They would be great for adding to your indoor water garden. Include these among other elements and display them prominently on their own.

Floating on the water in a garden builds it into an ornamental addition.

Moreover, a mature version of the plant can be just as attractive as other house plants. Just be patient with it and wait until it is ready to make its debut!

Lushy Green in Large Glass Jar

lushy green in large glass jar

One way to create an indoor water garden within your home is in a classic glass jar. This design provides the perfect backdrop for these astonishing plants and will bring coolness inside any room with its modern look.

Your water garden might seem like the Land of the Wild Things, but there’s still some work to be done. A layer of soil and water plants may not look like a lot, but you have to do some upkeep on your aquatic flora. Water will only stay clean if it is replaced regularly and cleaned out regularly, so things don’t get too gross down below.

Cute Round Water Garden

cute round water garden

One example of a water garden design is this one. There are some minimal elements in this indoor water garden container.

Watergardens is a great way to bring natural beauty inside without much work. Some water gardens come with cute little additions, like this cat!.

The cat stands beside the moss ball, where all of this indoor water garden’s plants are. The bowl is empty but for one plant, so adding a few more fish would make it feel more alive and natural.

Water Lily with Pink Flower

water lily with pink flower

In this jar, you can see there are three elements: water, succulents, and rocks. However, the only thing that catches every attention is the pink flowers right in the center. There’s no doubt that these indoor water garden plants look pretty and interesting.

This glass of this flower in the container doesn’t need anything to make it perfect. Sure, the gravel on the bottom might be questionable at first glance, but when you take one look at that beautiful water lily blooming right there, you can’t help but love it all-the flaws and everything else.

Wall Mounted Glass Vase Planter

wall mounted glass vase planter for inddor watergarden

Here, the white wall is decorated with open vases to house plants. Flowers are often chosen for these displays because they are both aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain.

Made of high boron silicon glass, the eye-catching diamond shape and design add to the charm.

Fill all the containers with small plants of your choice. With hooks inside the package, you will be able to hang them from a wall easily.

An Indoor Watergarden with Terrarium Inside

an indoor watergarden with terrarium inside

It’s a double whammy. Artist Alberto J. Almarza created this masterpiece, and what makes it special are the other elements that he incorporated into this water garden.

What if this indoor watergarden also served as an inspiration to you? This artwork is called “Island Vessel Vivarium,” and its name has made it famous in the art world.

Wabi-Kusa Water Garden

wabi-kusa water garden

In Japan, water gardens are called Wabi-Kusa. Wabi refers to a type of aesthetic beauty, and the word Kusa stands for plants or grass.

It’s a nice addition to your indoor water garden design. You should go with Wabi-Kusa, which is also one of the versions that include water in it!


Once you have explored these ideas, it is time to incorporate an indoor watergarden into your home. The main consideration is choosing the right concept because these are the ones that will integrate seamlessly with your interior design.


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