The Best Ways To Keep The Ducks Out Of Your Pool

Knowing how to deter ducks from the swimming pool can save you a lot of headaches. When you find yourself faced with a pool full of ducks, many problems need to be addressed.

Ducks are majestic to watch, but they can become a nuisance in your pool. The more of these wildlife dwellers you have, the more time it will take for you to sanitize and vacuum. It is best to remove them from the area before an infestation takes place. Allow yourself some time in advance and say “No” when other ducks come close!

This is one of the dangers of having animals in your pool, but it is worst with wild ones because bacteria will form. These are dangerous for humans and can lead to disease.

To prevent bacteria growth, you need to have a good level of chlorine in your pool. Beyond just having enough chlorine, this is best done by preventing any ducks from coming into your pool area.

Today we will provide some tips to prevent ducks from visiting your pool.

Reasons Why Ducks Like Pools

reasons why ducks like pools

Learning what attracts ducks to pools will help you prevent them from coming to your pool. Pools are a great habitat for ducks mainly because they’re calm and spacious bodies of water, similar to why humans enjoy pools during summertime. One thing missing in your summertime oasis? Fish!

Ducks can be dangerous creatures, and their habits have the potential to cause a major problem. Ducks are often seen as an easy meal by predators such as coyotes, badgers, and red foxes that could harm ducks’ eggs or newly-hatched ducklings. Unless there are many animals in your backyard to prey on these ducks, they will remain safe from harm outside of your pool area.

Your pool isn’t meant to be a sanctuary for ducks. Even if it was suitable for waterfowl, the risk of wild animals has led us to explore other options that will prevent an infestation. It can be difficult to keep wild animals out of your pool; some of the best ways available are listed here.

Bad Things To Have Ducks In Your Pool

bad things to have ducks in your pool

Besides the obvious that ducks don’t belong in your pool, you have some compelling reasons to keep them out.

It’s Unhealthy For You

Wild animals carry bacteria and viruses, which can contaminate your pool. Some of the animals that visit or live in your pool—namely birds–carry infectious diseases such as bird flu, salmonella, E. coli, etc.

The chlorine in your pool will kill those contaminants, so you don’t have to worry about infection and illness. But if the chlorine is not at the correct level, it isn’t as effective at killing those bacteria and viruses.

And, some things are spread through the animals’ feces. If a duck poops on your pool deck (s/He was rude!) and there is no chlorine where it landed, for example, you might accidentally track that poop into bare feet!

It is important to keep the pool clear of animals so bacteria do not form.

It’s Unhealthy For Them

Animals drink water, and it can be harmful if they do so in vast quantities. If ducks drink too much water while hanging out in your pool, they could damage their kidneys.

Now you have to worry about dead ducks in the pool. As if everything else wasn’t bad enough, now you need to remove a corpse from your pool and dispose of it without getting sick.

Keeping ducks out of your pool is good for the wild animals as well as yourself.

Strategies On How To Keep Ducks Out Of Pool

strategies on how to keep ducks out of pool

Now that you know your pool isn’t a safe place for ducks, what can you do to keep them out? Here are some methods that have proven to work for keeping ducks out of your pool. All these methods are safe for both humans and birds, so there’s no need to worry about hurting or angering any duck in the process.

Disturb The Water Surface

disturb the water surface with water feature to keep ducks out of pool

Ducks do not enjoy swimming in water that is continually moving, so you can keep them away from your pool by adding a little movement to the equation.

Installing a pool fountain can prevent ducks from being drawn to the water. Pool fountains force water to circulate and make it easier for bacteria-free swimming.

The visual effects of pool fountains can be very pleasing to the eye, but these same features are a repellant for ducks. The more distance you put between your pool and any water features, the lower the chances that ducks will enter your swimming area.

Ducks seem content when they are on still water. If the water is disturbed, they abandon it for a new home.

Pool water fountains can help you cool down your pool during the hot weather.

Automatic Pool Cleaner

automatic pool cleaner ideas to keep ducks out of pool

A pool cleaner cleans the pool at intervals and, during that cycle, makes some noise. However, should you not have a solar blanket, you can use the cleaner while it’s cleaning.

While you don’t necessarily need a pool cleaner to keep it running, as we mentioned before, if you cover your pool at night, then it should be turned on in the morning for some time.

Some of the best automatic pool cleaners on the market are quite efficient and customizable. You can set them to active at particular intervals.

When the cleaner is running, it will constantly be cleaning your pool. It would be best if you also didn’t have to worry about any debris that falls into the pool because you have an automatic skimmer.

Pool Cover

pool cover ideas to keep ducks out of pool

Ducks usually won’t enter your backyard if you have nothing at all in the pool. Covering it with a solar cover can ward them off or keep any natural bodies of water out of view. It might sound like overkill, but these protective measures are actually highly effective.

The best solar cover to use is a pool blanket. This can help keep debris such as leaves and bird droppings out of the water and especially helps to ensure that the water stays warmer than it would be with other solar covers.

The best pool cover not only protects you from ducks but can also improve your heater’s heating efficiency and even reduce water evaporation.

Make The Landscape Less Attractive To Ducks

make the landscape less attractive to ducks with tall grass

Preventing wild ducks from nesting in your pool can be done by making a few basic changes to the landscaping.

It is not a significant problem, and it is not going to affect your property adversely.

Ducks are a species of waterfowl that love to stay in grassy or open areas like lawns, parks, and even golf courses.

They won’t go into the taller grass because there might be predators lurking in the tall grass just waiting to attack.

You can plant shrubs in your garden and around your pond to deter ducks naturally.

To make sure that ducks stay away from your pool, you should scare them off.

To avoid ducks entering your pool, refrain from planting fruit trees and berry bushes on the grounds near the pool.

But if you want to continue growing berries, then one option is covering the bushes with netting so that birds cannot eat them.

You can also deter ducks by adding an artificial coyote decoy to your water source or planting strong-smelling herbs around potential food sources.

Use Sprinkler

use sprinkler ideas to keep ducks out of pool

Sprinklers are more than just helpful for keeping your lawn healthy. Put one in the path of ducks looking to hang out by your pool, watch as they move on to find pools without surprising outdoor sprinkler attacks. You don’t need to power your sprinkler 24 hours a day. Instead, use a motion-activated sprinkler that will only turn on when ducks are nearby.

Try Predator Toys And Scarecrows

try predator toys and scarecrows ideas to keep ducks out of pool

Ducks are not fond of predators and display a natural aversion to them. To deter ducks from accessing your pool, use predator-themed toys and scarecrows.

Alligator Toy Or Floaters

Ducks in the backyard are less of a problem when they see an alligator and keep their distance. Use a rubber toy that resembles an alligator to provide fun for children while also discouraging ducks.

The only problem is that the duck can’t see the net from way up, so you should try and get a size big enough to catch them before they land.

You can also use toys such as a snake, killer whale, and bobbing dolphin.

Scarecrow Kite

Hang a hawk kite; any style will work. This will force the ducks away from the property and search for another safe place.

Installing a kite is an easy task that requires little effort. With ducks typically found in the sky, it’d be best to use the longest rope possible.

Swan Or Owl Decoys

A swan is another predator that ducks are afraid of, so using a swan or owl decoy near your pool will keep them away. You can also use the sharp anchor to stake it in place at the bottom and place it closer to your pool.

Get Rid Of Bird Attractions

get rid of bird feeder ideas to keep ducks out of pool

To keep ducks away from your pool, you might have to take the necessary precautions. For example, if you offer bird seed for feeding purposes, it may be time to cease operations and say goodbye forever. The good news is that they will eventually leave after being removed from the property, so it’s not all lost. It can be a tough decision at times, though, as there are both pros and cons involved.

Duck Repellent

Duck repellents keep the duck from getting near your pools by releasing a smell they don’t like. You can also use duck repellent on grass, other plants, and more to deter them.

The best way to duck-proof your pool is by using Duck Off. Using this product breaks the surface tension, making ducks uncomfortable and leaving the pool. One important note to point out: Duck Off might be hazardous to your pool if it contains chemicals you are not familiar with. You should only use it as a final resort and contact an expert in the field for guidance.

Get A Dog

get a dog ideas to keep ducks out of pool

If the ducks are not being scared away by traditional repellents, you can try getting a dog. A canine will help scare them away much more quickly than other methods and might be worth trying.

Often, a dog will try to play with them and not eat them. That might seem like fun for the dog, but it’s not great for the ducks who won’t be able to find food in your pool.

A barking dog will scare the ducks and make them leave your swimming pool, but it can make matters worse if they are already feeling scared.

However, not all dogs can make the ducks leave on their own, so your dog will need to be trained in that case. Cats are bad because they don’t make any noise and may not show any interest in chasing birds.

Scare Ducks With Reflection

scare ducks with disc reflection ideas to keep ducks out of pool

If you are having a hard time keeping ducks off your property or out of your fences, consider installing reflective material. This is an important first step before taking any other steps to keep them away from your home.

There are a variety of reflective repellents. This is a range of designs, and the design you choose will depend on your needs.

As a precaution, you can buy and use something called bird scare rods to keep ducks away from an area.

The benefits of this option are that it can be conveniently hung from any walls or trees near your house, pond, lake, or fountain.

Scare rods don’t have any harmful chemicals in them, and they frighten the birds because of their reflective capabilities. They are also not dangerous to the creatures themselves.

One way to get rid of pest duck populations is using a wind-activated bird deterrent. This type of design is best for use in locations like the sides and roofs of buildings and boats, but it can also be used on ponds.

A budget-friendly way to keep ducks from coming into your pool is by taping down reflective tape on your roof and tree branches and poles next to the dock.

Eyeball Balls

use eyeball balls ideas to keep ducks out of pool

While some may not look like Halloween decorations, these inflatable balls covered in eyeball designs work well for various animals. When they see this ball looking ready to attack, ducks will head out without stopping at your pool, which means fewer bacteria and more fun (or as much as can be had around icky duck goop).

Use an Ultrasonic Duck Repellent

Ultrasonic repellent is yet another cost-effective way of keeping ducks out of your backyard and pool. These products are also often versatile, meaning they aren’t just for scaring away bird species but could instead be used to protect against a range of animal pests.

They are available in various audio frequencies designed to discourage the animals you want to keep out of your property. Some of the frequencies can be heard by humans. Be sure to remember this when installing the repellent.

The best tool for preventing ducks from coming near your swimming pool is to install a few units around the area you want to protect. They can be placed in different locations, but remember that they have limited sound range. Don’t worry about the expense; these are affordable options.

One way to deter ducks is by using a Sonic Cannon. This device emits a loud sound that is supposed to repel many bird varieties, including ducks.

One option to prevent ducks from coming into your pool is to install a sonic cannon. Sonic cannons emit sounds that only they can hear. The types of sounds depending on the desired interval and frequency, but more importantly, they are likely to keep them away.

However, the drawback of the device is that if you want other birds around your yard and backyard, it might keep them away from its noise.

Implement A Laser Deterrent

implement a laser deterrent ideas to keep ducks out of pool

According to many customers, an excellent duck repellent is an outdoor laser bird deterrent that can repel a variety of bird species.

There are many complex ways to keep ducks out of pools, but we’ve found that it’s the simplest idea that works best.

Another measure to prevent ducks from entering your pool is the use of laser bird control devices. However, this treatment generally works best at night.

One thing all birds hate is their sleep being disturbed, and if this happens every night for a long period of time, eventually, they will find somewhere else to settle.

You can use the device inside and outside of any facility worldwide, including manufacturing facilities and barns and parking garages, storage sheds, warehouses, and even in the great outdoors.

Best of all, a laser deterrent operates at various, singular intervals – in other words, it will go off every 5 minutes (for instance), depending on how you customize it.

Not only laser machine repels wildlife such as ducks, but it also does the same for other animals like blackbirds, sparrows, cormorants, seagulls, and swallows.

It scares bats and rodents as they are nocturnal and startled when a bright light flashes into their eyes.

Call A Professional

If you’ve tried any number of duck repellents and nothing seems to have worked, find someone who knows exactly how to deal with the problem.

To get rid of these ducks, a professional will use a combination of the methods we mentioned in this article.

Such methods, which include using poison to kill them, should be a last resort for any pool owner with a problem with ducks. It may seem like the most effective way of killing those pesky animals – but you can try more humane options first.

It’s also worth noting that it can be difficult to figure out what you are supposed to do about ducks in the future.

They’ll tell you how to change your landscape so that it is not attractive to waterfowl and how you can prevent ducks from laying their eggs in your pool.

Resorting to the services of professional duck repellents can rest assured that you don’t have to be worrying about going into debt for a long time.

It might seem expensive at first, but the truth is that if you were to invest in all of the gadgets and gear discussed in this post, it’s going to set you back a lot more than if you were to call a pest control professional.

What Not To Do

solution to ducks in your pool should never be a harmful or unethical method

These methods all help you get rid of ducks but keep in mind that there is a difference between shooing them away from your pool and bringing them harm. Each approach has its pros and cons, but harming them will only yield negative consequences for the user – so please use this information responsibly.

Some sources suggest using fishing line or bird nets to remove ducks from your pool, which result in the duck struggling and being seriously harmed or injured. Your solution should never be a harmful one.

Ducks are animals protected by the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Act. Harming one could end you up in legal trouble.


Will Cayenne Pepper Keep Ducks Away?

One easy way to keep duck and other animals away from your plants is to mix cayenne pepper with water. Animals can’t stand the smell of this recipe and will steer clear of any areas sprayed with it.

Is Duck Poop Toxic To Dogs?

Dogs and cats do not normally host this type of coccidian parasite. It is more commonly found in the intestines of birds such as geese and ducks, who may suffer diarrhea or even die if infected.

What Happens If A Duck Lays An Egg In The Water?

When eggs go into the water, they might not hatch depending on the length of time or if it’s cold. The expert said she didn’t think the nest would survive. But mother mallard and nature thought otherwise.

Final Thoughts

These animals mean no harm, but when they do something like enter your pool, they put themselves in danger and the humans that live nearby. Though it is natural for habitat to be narrowed and urban green space increased, their reliance on hunting prey has caused them to interact more frequently with populous residential areas.

There are so many ways to keep ducks out of your pool, some requiring patience, and others just a little strategy. Importantly though, there is always at least one harmless way to do it.

Let’s explore some ways that have worked well for others to prevent ducks from entering their pools.

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