Creative Ways To Hide Trash Cans Outside: Improve The Aesthetics And Lifestyle Of Your Home

Even with our best efforts, the trash can is showing, and it can be a nuisance. This made us start asking how to hide garbage can outside or disguise it so it’s not visible.

Lots of homeowners have no good place to put their outdoor trash cans. Placing them next to the house or garage makes them visible and hard on the eyes. It doesn’t help that they’re usually bright primary colors like blue, green, red, or yellow.

Garbage cans should go inside the garage, but not everyone has that option. Putting them alongside the house or next to the driveway allows people to see it still, making homeowners uncomfortable.

So, whether you want to hide it in your warehouse or hide it behind a fence – we have the perfect method for you.

These tips will not only place unsightly garbage cans out of eyesight, but they can also improve the aesthetics and lifestyle of your home. Get creative with us; we’ll show you how to hide the trash can outside the house.

The Best Place to Keep Garbage Cans Out of Sight

best place to hide and keep garbage cans ideas

Locating the best place for your outdoor garbage cans depends on the layout of your home and how much space you have.

Homeowners have to make difficult decisions about where to place their garbage cans. Someplace theirs in the back yard by a side gate, so it’s a straight shot to the curb on trash day, whereas others don’t have that option and opt for placing theirs front or next-to-the-garage.

There are plenty of ways to hide ugly trash cans that are out of sight. One option is using plants, small sheds, or fencing to keep the bins hidden from view. With a little creativity, you can create a curb appeal with your outdoor garbage cans!

How To Hide Garbage Cans Outside Options

how to hide garbage cans outside options

There are many creative ways to prevent garbage cans from being seen on the street. Take a look below for some of them.

Build A Decorative Box

build a decorative box to hide garbage cans outside

Keep your garbage bin nearby and out of sight by constructing a decorative box to house it in. You can build a simple box with decorative lattice boards. There are many designs to choose from, including the classic cross-latticed design and wavy floral cutouts.

There are many creative ways to make your trash and recycling bins easily accessible. One way is by putting a hinged door on one of the panels or turning the top of your box into a garden.

Create A Fence

create a fence to hide garbage cans outside

If the trash bin is outside your home, a fence is an inexpensive and easy way to hide it. Homeowners can find themselves with no good place to put their outdoor garbage cans where they aren’t visible from the side of the house or beside the garage. By installing these fences, you hide any unsightly eyesores while also enhancing your home’s aesthetics and lifestyle possibilities.

To hide your trash bins in these ways, you must first purchase and install fencing. To avoid doing a lot of work yourself, you can instead buy a free-standing screen to place in front of the bins. For a charming DIY solution, connect shutters via hinges to create a custom free-standing screen.

Change Your Landscaping

Landscaping solutions for hiding the trash can outside your home are as simple or as complicated as you want them to be. And they’re a good way to camouflage items that detract from your house’s curb appeal, like a trash can.

To conceal your outdoor bins, think about building a flowerbed in front of the area where you store your bins. Densely plant tall shrubs or perennials for full coverage. Remember to choose plants that provide year-round protection – this is especially important when considering season changes.

Install Raised Planters

Buying ready-made raised planters or building them with ease are both ways to hide your trash cans. There is a variation in aesthetic for you to choose from, which will make it work best based on how much space you have available.

To hide your garbage can, all you have to do is find a corner or nook on the property that you’re easy to access. Then, install planters and plant flowers–you’ll forget about the trashcan in no time!

Construct A Garden Shed

While a garden shed may not be the best option for some, it provides an excellent level of storage you likely won’t find elsewhere. If you also have other storage needs or gardening-related items that need to be out of sight, a garden shed is worth considering.

Building your own garden shed is quite a challenge. If you do not want to take this time out for construction work, consider purchasing a building and placing it outside on the ground.

Consider A Side Yard Shed

If you have a shed and love the idea of hiding your trash can there but don’t want to walk all over the yard when putting it out, consider placing one in your side yard. A side yard shed allows for a small location to store trash cans, as they are attached to the exterior of your home and can hold at least two garbage bins.

Side yard sheds are the perfect solution for homeowners who want to hide their garbage cans. You can paint them the same color as your house or put siding on them, making them virtually invisible. Plus, they don’t take up much space in your yard, and you can easily access them.

Reinforced Dog Kennel

A dog kennel fitted with a roof and reinforced sides are one unusual way to hide your trash can. But these outdoor storage units are surprisingly common in rural areas with many dogs but not a lot of room indoors to store everything.

Tips On How To Hide Garbage Cans Outside

tips on how to hide garbage cans outside

Before we dive into the more creative ways to hide your outdoor bins, there are a few considerations you’ll want to keep in mind.

Think About Function

When it comes time to find hiding points for outdoor trash cans, you need to first consider the design and usage of your home before settling on a particular spot. Your garbage will need to be collected regularly, which means the can must be easily accessible.

When you opt to hide your garbage can into an intrusion, the process will feel like more of a chore. Placing your bin in a discreet location is a great idea, but you should not make it challenging for yourself at the same time.

Keep Animals Out

Another benefit that can come from hiding your outdoor trash cans is protection from animals and birds.

When left in the open, garbage cans are a magnet for various animals like rats, mice, raccoons, wild opossums, and more!

Apart from the trash spilling all over your front yard, there is the risk that pesky pests may carry diseases. To avoid this problem, invest in a storage shed or some other form of protection for your outdoor garbage cans.

May Be Necessary For Compliance

Some homeowners with HOA regulations or other community organizations that oversee the appearance of their property are required to keep outdoor garbage cans out of sight.

This isn’t an option in all neighborhoods, but you should double-check your association’s rules to see if this is required. If hiding trash cans proves necessary, finding a solution quickly will help avoid fines and other trouble.

Look For A Long-Lasting Solution

There are many things you have to do every day, and there’s no reason to complicate it by constantly attending to the problem of hiding your garbage cans. With a little creativity, though, you can develop an answer that doesn’t require regular attention from you.

For example, you will want to purchase a quality container that can stand up to the elements all year with little maintenance— and for many years.

Hints For Choosing The Best Place To Store The Garbage Can

how to choose the best outdoor garbage can storage


The first thing to consider is how you will use your outdoor storage shed. Is it just for the garbage cans, or do you want to add a little more, such as gardening items?

Knowing what you will need to store in your storage unit can help you determine which size to go with. A smaller shed is ideal if you will only need to store a small trash can. However, if you’ll be using the shed to store power equipment like lawnmowers, a larger shed would work better for you.

Construction Materials

Once you’ve decided on a storage shed’s use, the next step is to pick the type of material it will be made from. Storage sheds are typically constructed using three materials: wood, plastic, and metal. Each of these has its own benefits and drawbacks.


Plastic storage sheds are a popular low-maintenance option for homeowners.

Unlike wooden sheds, you don’t have to worry about painting or issues like warping and rotting. Once you set it up, you may never need to do anything again for years if the plastic shed is of good quality.

Not only are plastic sheds low maintenance, but they’re also waterproof and pest proof. Unlike wooden units, which can be boring holes through pests like rodents, these sheds aren’t threatened by pests.

Plastic sheds have a few disadvantages. For one, they lack the same aesthetic as a wooden counterpart. Though it is possible to find a plastic shed that looks nice, the natural look of wooden structures cannot be rivaled.


Wooden outdoor storage sheds are a common addition that homeowners with wooden details in their landscapes get. These units can be painted any color to match your current decor according to their need. Painting the unit also increases its level of protection against the sun and other external forces.

Another great feature of a wooden shed is that it’s simple to customize. Whether you’re using the shed for supplies storage or as an office, shelves can logically partition the interior and improve its organization.

One of the best features of wooden outdoor sheds is that they blend in with your home, unlike their metal or plastic counterparts which often look out of place.

One glaring issue associated with a wooden outdoor storage shed is that it’s high-maintenance, and guaranteeing the natural beauty of wood takes a little effort on your part.

If you neglect proper maintenance, the wood will start to decay. It’s much cheaper to maintain your wooden shed than it is to fix rotting wood. One easy way to maintain your shed is by painting it with moisture-impervious paint; this prevents the wood from decaying.

Make sure to choose a shed that is made from decay-resistant and pressure-treated wood.


If you don’t want to maintain a wooden shed, choose a metallic unit. They might not be as common as plastic or wooden varieties, but they come in handy in some cases.

For instance, metal sheds are easy to assemble and require minimal maintenance. They’re also lightweight, durable, and don’t need regular painting or cleaning.


Even if I’ve listed flooring as the last factor to consider, it is an important feature. It would be best if you went with a heavy-duty outdoor trash shed equipped with a durable floor. The right flooring makes it easier to clean up spills or leaks in case of some incident.

In addition, flooring also prevents stored equipment and garbage containers from coming into contact with moisture, which can cause rust.

If you end up buying a shed kit that doesn’t come with a floor, then it’s worth considering purchasing the floor separately.

Though you’ll incur more cost by buying it separately, this is an investment worth making and will extend the lifetime of your storage unit and the items stored within.

Design And Appearance

An outdoor shed can be customized to match your garden design and home exterior. For instance, if your garden fences are made of vinyl, an appropriate storage area would also be manufactured out of the same material.

How to Keep Trash Cans Odorless

how to keep your trash cans from stinking

Unfortunately, no matter how well you try to hide garbage cans outside the house, with good intentions comes a horrible smell. If this is an issue for you, here are some tips to help your garbage cans from stinking.

  • Wipe down your garbage cans regularly with a hose. Oftentimes, liquids will leak out of bags and coat the cans inside, which can cause them to have an odor even after they’ve been emptied.
  • To eliminate organic matter from your waste, you should consider opening a compost bin. This way, the rotting food that’s one of the causes of bad smells will be eliminated automatically without wasting too much non-renewable energy.
  • House cans in a shed that does not allow smells to permeate the area.
  • Put the trash outside the house on time every week. Do not allow it to pile up.

How to Prevent Trash Cans from Blowing Over

how to keep your trash cans from blowing over

Garbage cans that are visible around the outside of homes can be a problem. Windy areas, in particular, can cause cans to blow over and spill their contents onto streets and sidewalks. One way to fix this is by building or purchasing something sturdy such as a shed to house the garbage container. This protects from the wind and reduces odors at your property line.

One alternative is to use bungee cords or rope to attach your cans to existing fences or house walls. In this case, all you need to do is install metal D-rings on the fence, wall, or secure structure and then tie the trash can with a bungee cord.

If you don’t have any room for a shed or anywhere to secure your garbage cans, it is easy to lock them closed with bungee cords. This way, if they do happen to fall over and their contents spill out, at least the lids will still be in place and locked shut.

List Of How To Hide Garbage Cans Outside Ideas

Top With A Living Roof

top with a living roof to hide garbage cans outside ideas

To help an outdoor structure that contains garbage and recycling bins read more like a garden than a true “structure,” consider planting vines on the exterior or topping the enclosure with a living roof.

In this London garden, designer Kate Eyre opted for a thin horizontal board enclosure around the bins. The new boards harmonized with the surroundings and matched the home’s fencing.

The enclosure blends into the fencing visually, but this living roof of hens-and-chicks (Sempervivum spp.) stands out as a mini frost-tolerant dry garden. When viewed from the home’s upstairs windows, one would imagine that the succulent topped enclosure would blend in with the larger garden beds.

Enclose With Attractive Woodwork

enclose with attractive woodwork to hide garbage cans outside ideas

There are many creative ways to hide outdoor trash cans, and one popular solution is to install an enclosure.

This design by Michael D’Angelo Landscape Architecture in Boston offers a modern twist on the typical approach with evenly spaced boards for bin enclosures and fencing.

The sloped roofline of the enclosure would make it easier to add trash, recycling, and green waste without pulling the bin out completely.

Tuck Under A Deck

tuck under a deck to hide garbage cans outside ideas

Make the entryway of your elevated home more efficient with a bench seat that easily opens to drop garbage or recycling into open bins concealed below. This design by Land2c Landscape Architecture for a Seattle-based homeowner utilizes an enclosed area under the deck, which is only steps from their back door and easy to access!

Tie In With Your Home’s Architecture

tie in with your homes architecture to hide garbage cans outside ideas

When adding a structure to the landscape, take cues from your home’s architecture using similar colors, materials, and rooflines. If done thoughtfully, certain things that could make a home unattractive – like garbage bin storage in the center of the front yard – can become valuable assets to the overall look of your home.

For example, at home in Portland, Oregon, the cedar used for the bin enclosure pulls warmth from the siding near the entrance. The bin enclosure is shaped like the house’s front door, so it almost appears as if someone cut through the wood siding and relocated it to ground level.

Conceal Behind A Screen

conceal behind a screen to hide garbage cans outside ideas

There are many embodiments of a screen to facilitate the concealment of unsightly garbage cans. The screen can be positioned close to the fence or far away depending upon what is needed for trash cans, bicycles, or garden tools.

This Sydney backyard by Outhouse Design features a custom laser-cut screen that hides the trash and recycling bins while providing an attractive backdrop.

Adopt a Wall-Plus-Enclosure Combo

adopt a wall plus enclosure combo to hide garbage cans outside ideas

If you live in an area with a mid-height wall close to the street, creating a concealed storage section is simple. Adopt a mixed materials strategy as was done here with this brick and wood bin enclosure in an English front yard.

The enclosure, made of handsome wood, looks like a beautiful wall from the street. As you approach and look above it, though, you see six bins hidden inside.

False Fence To Hide Garbage Cans Outside

false fence to hide garbage cans outside ideas

Maria of the gardening blog Almbacken creates a backdrop for her Swedish garden by attaching black paneling to her fence and hiding her garbage cans under it.

Delicate trellis

delicate trellis to hide garbage cans outside ideas

A simple wire trellis or a metal one placed where cans are generally most visible can hide them from plain sight. This can be combined with planting the ivy, potato vine, and another creeper over the front to make it look nice for the homeowner’s garden.

A Garden On Top Of The Trash

a garden on top of the trash to hide garbage cans outside ideas

This is a great way to have both – hid trash cans and recycling and still have space for a small garden. It requires more work than the previous step because there are three recycling cubbies on the left.


Should You Keep Garbage Cans In Garage?

Make sure to keep garbage cans in your garage or storage unit if you’re worried about wild animals trying to get into your trash. It will keep your yard sanitary and free of critters and animals.

How Big Are Outdoor Trash Cans?

If you’re looking for a more functional organization of your property, consider a 32 gallon outside garbage can. Trash cans with lids measure about 27-1/4″ in height and 22″ in diameter. This trash can is big enough for three to six people in a household, depending on how much trash they produce.

What Is The Best Product To Keep Animals Away From My Garbage?

To keep your garbage from being disturbed by pests and wild animals, try spraying the trash can lid with such substances as ammonia, bleach, vinegar, or Windex.

Closing Thoughts

Planning is key to concealing your garbage cans so that they both function well and suit the style of your home. It may take some time, but there are many ways for you to get creative with how best to cover up your outdoor trash cans. Inspired by the plans that others have put in place is great, as long as you customize your own version to work with what you need.

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