Everyone Loves String Lights In Their Backyard: Hanging Tips For Tree-less Yards

Are you looking for ways of how to hang string lights in the backyard without trees?

Adding Strings lights to your backyard not only provides light at night but also adds a warm and inviting atmosphere. Its popularity is due in part to its ability to create that great vibe everyone loves so much.

If you have an area without trees to hang string lights, like a backyard, there are many ways to create support.

This post will explore some of the options for hanging string lights in a tree-less backyard.

Best Outdoor String Lights

best outdoor string lights

String lights for your backyard come in various forms, including yard string lights that plug into an outlet. When considering which ones to purchase, you should consider some important features – power source type, color temperature, and waterproofing rating level.

Outdoor light sets come in a variety of styles, so depending on your needs, you might want to consider the following things when looking for a set: size and weight; how many bulbs it comes with; what type of batteries to use (wireless or battery-operated); whether there is a timer included so that you can preset them on your phone.


Outdoor lights must be waterproof to withstand the rigors of the weather. Pick a model designed for use in wet conditions, like those with watertight seals or those made from silicone rubber and polyurethane materials.

Length And Bulb Type

String lights, and other lighting pieces for your indoor or outdoor use, such as lamps, are a great way to decorate your home. There is more than one size of string lights, so be sure to find the perfect size that fits with what you would like in terms of area coverage.

Power Source

Making your backyard as creatively beautiful and unique as possible is a great way to make the space shine. You can do this with outdoor lights that don’t need electricity, like string lights during daytime and night-time.

You can also explore renewable power lighting systems with built-in solar panels for charging and recharging, ensuring that they last all night long no matter the weather outside.

Things You Should Know Before Knowing How to Hang String Lights In Backyard Without Trees

things to know before knowing how to hang string lights in backyard without trees

Before hanging these backyard lights, there are a few safety precautions that you should keep in mind. Stringing up these string lights or changing the fuse requires the following:

Should You Call In A Pro?

Some string lights don’t even require any DIY, but others can be a little complicated and require proper installation or heavy batteries. It might cost you more to hire an electrician than if you attempted it on your own, but the safety factors are well worth it.

Getting an electrician on board to help you string lights in the backyard can be a good idea if you lack basic knowledge of how.

You can also shadow them and get a practical demonstration, which will help for future use.

Outdoor String Lights Are Different Than Indoor Ones

Before starting this project, you need to ensure that all the bulbs and fixtures are rated for use outdoors. Even when hanging under a roof, the area could be icy and damp. String lights should be able to handle some moisture without being damaged.

You can find outdoor lighting fixtures that are designed for wet conditions.

It’s The Wattage Game

The bulbs in string lights need to be the right kind of wattage. If you happen to have lost your packaging or says nothing about the wattage on it, contact the manufacturer for more information about how much power is needed. Mistakes can lead to frustrating and annoying situations!

Know the wattage of the bulbs you would like to purchase and never exceed it. Remember that if there is an excess, it could become a fire hazard for your home.

The Bulbs Have A Big Role

When considering string lights in the backyard without trees, it’s best to install bulbs with long life spans. It can be difficult to find a place that’s appropriate for the bulb to hang and provide adequate light.

You don’t want to go up the ladder or on top of your roof too many times, do you? Therefore, investing in long-lasting light bulbs will certainly save you time and potentially protect your neck.

Power Supply Can Act Differently In Backyard

If you want to have string lights in your backyard without trees, be sure to purchase a long extension cord. Just make sure that the extension cord is marked as something suitable for outdoor usage.

Extension cords should be temporary and only useful for set nighttime. It’s important to use the right kind of fixtures outdoors because they can blow up or short out in funny weather conditions (i.e., wind).

Electric Shocks Are No Joke

If there are any electrical outlets in the area of your outdoor lights, they will need protection from outside forces. Outside electrical plugs and outlets should be covered, so they keep the rain away, so don’t let your power us down!

To prevent possible electric shocks, make sure that your outdoor outlets are GFCI-protected.

The Basic Steps Of How To Hang String Lights In The Backyard Without Trees

basic steps of how to hang string lights in the backyard without trees

When you want to know how to hang string lights without trees in the backyard, there are some steps you should follow. Basic preparation will allow you to accommodate this circumstance. Keeping this in mind, here are a few pointers:

Get All The Supplies

To hang string lights in the backyard without trees, you’ll need to make sure that all of the necessary supplies are at hand. This includes a list, checking it twice, and ensuring that you have everything needed for your project on hand. You don’t want to rush out to the store in the middle of your project, as this can be dangerous and frustrating.

First, you will need the string lights. There are a few options available depending on which you choose to use and what type of challenge you’re looking to solve.

To start stringing your lights, you will need a cable guard wire. Other supplies you will need to include the following:

Cable Clips

You’ll need 2 strings of lights for your planned span. If you’re not sure how much length to purchase, you can always buy some extras.

Screw hooks

(you can buy hooks to hang the string lights in your backyard that match its length and dimension)

You will need a wire cutter to cut the right length of the string.

Zip ties

This plastic strip is perfect for hanging string lights because it can be threaded through the end and tightened for added stability.

You might be able to purchase customized string lights, too, if you’re interested in hard-wired projects.

Carry Out Some Measurements

The next step you need to take is measuring the string light as well as the cable guidewire. The wire is necessary for spanning open spaces, so make sure to get the correct measurement.

When stringing lights around a tree, measure the length from your power source. When measuring cable wire, you need to account for its length each time using an anchor point.

Discover The Design

When considering how to put string lights in the backyard without trees, you should research different designs. Determine which one appeals to you the most and is best for your situation. Some like a straight row parallel, while others could choose from patterns that are crisscrossed or more random.

You may also decorate your area with lights radiating out from a center like a chandelier pattern. However, when hanging these, remember that if you want uniform spacing, you will need to measure the whole place accurately and carefully. Additionally, it would be wise to measure the gaps in between strands to prevent skewed patterns from forming.

Utilize a sketch to accurately determine the number of hooks, mounts, and links needed for your desired design.

Grab The Hooks

To find the perfect place, first, you need to assess your backyard and see what structures could work. String poles are a given, but they don’t always extend enough for string lights or any other installed item. You may have eaves on your house as well, which can be an option.

For the best zigzag pattern, each cable should be connected to a screw hook at the end. If you want, you can also share one hook for continuous loop lights. To cut out your string light guide wires in the desired position, separate them and tip over vertically before cutting from the lengthwise edge.

Do The Cable Work

When you have positioned your wire hooks where you want them, it’s time to attach the wire. The end of the snap hook should be clipped to the first screw hook in a series on an extension strand.

Perform the following steps for every cable or span in your project (length) you need. If you plan to shorten your rope, be sure to use clamps at both ends of the wire.

Get Creative With The String Lights

Now that the guide wires have been installed, it is time to hang up the string lights. This can be done with zip ties; these should ideally match in color with those on and around the tree.

For the sturdiest installation, use zip ties to attach your string lights to the wire. Not only does it provide extra support, but it will keep everything looking neat and clean too. You also won’t have to worry about the strings of lights coming out at odd angles or falling apart in a crowd because of these additions.

For a different look, zip ties can change the direction of the string lights and attach them to different corners.

The installation process for outdoor string lights doesn’t change regardless of where you install them, whether they are in-line or suspended.

How To Hang String Lights In Backyard Without Trees Ideas

Wrap The Fence

wrap the fence ideas to how to hang string lights in backyard without trees

A different means of hanging string lights, depending on the fence and lamp being used, uses a fence.

Therefore, you need to add more strings connected up around the fence to get the same or greater lighting effect.

The only disadvantage to this is the result is rather messy. However, if you like more of an artistic look, then this kind of mess won’t bother you at all, will it?

Hang Along Fencing

hang along fencing

If you have no trees in your backyard to hang the lighting, another option is to install them around the border of your yard. This will provide a bit of privacy and create a great ambiance for your guests as well.

The first thing you want to do when installing string lights along the fence is found a way to keep them even with each other. You can use twist ties to secure the wire in place as needed.

There are a few different methods of securing your string lights, but zip-ties or another type of tie is the best option to use.

Using Outdoor Privacy Screen

using outdoor privacy screen ideas to how to hang string lights in backyard without trees

You can also create a private space outside using a screen. It’s cheaper than building a gazebo or pergola, and it provides all the benefits of an outdoor area with lots of privacy. Plus, you can decorate the space by adding some string lights for extra ambiance.

Use Patio Railing To Hang Lighting

use patio railing ideas to how to hang string lights in backyard without trees

A way to hang string lights in the backyard without trees is by using your patio railing, which will allow you more stability with them and a beautiful display.

To start, you’ll want to make sure the rails are clean. Then wrap some wire around each post of the railing on either side.

To secure the string lights in place, twist them at each intersection and then thread on your strings of lights as you continue down along the railing. The wires should be spaced evenly so that they are not too close to each other or far away from each other.

Onto Decorations

onto wreath decorations ideas to how to hang string lights in backyard without trees

String lights can make any decoration piece more beautiful, not just trees. You can improvise with the simplest things like a wreath to bring that beautiful ambiance of string lights into your backyard at night.

Existing Support In Your Yard

existing support in your yard ideas to how to hang string lights in backyard without trees

One of the tricks strung lights enthusiasts use for hanging string lights in the backyard without trees is finding something like a pole on your property. For example, use posts from house support or around the cable of an outdoor chair rail.

Aside from using trees, you can also use other types of railing. You might have a railing to place strings upon on your porch or deck, or if you are looking for a more permanent solution, an outdoor light post can make perfect support.

On Top Of Umbrella

on top of umbrella ideas to how to hang string lights in backyard without trees

One way to hang string lights on an umbrella without trees is to place the strings of light around the outside and attach them to the top.

You’ll also want to pay attention to the fabric’s color, type, and thickness.

Furthermore, since the light is hanging above, it may not penetrate below and illuminate the activity there.

Under Your Umbrella

under your umbrella ideas to how to hang string lights in backyard without trees

Umbrellas could conceivably replace a gazebo or pergola, from one intended for big events and another for small ones, as they are in high fashion today. What better way to slip the string lights than to use these structures?

Shrubs Make Excellent Support

wrap the shrubs ideas to how to hang string lights in backyard without trees

Another string of lights option you may have for hanging them in a backyard without trees is to use some shrubs or bushes as your supports.

If your string lights are close together, thread the wire through them and tie each end where they intersect.

One way to add strings of lights in this scenario is by weaving them through the shrubs themselves instead of just threading on with them.

One creative way to hang strings lights in your backyard is by using taller bushes. String lights are a great way to create this look and embrace your unique style.

On The Wall

on the wall ideas to how to hang string lights in backyard without trees

This idea is easy to implement. All you’ll need is a hammer and some nails. Nail the string lights onto your bare wall for yet another source of light at night. Not only will it provide lighting, but it will look nice too!

Use Roofing

use pergola roofing ideas to how to hang string lights in backyard without trees

Stringing lights along the rafters of your porch or gazebo can be a good solution! It all depends on how high up they are, so look at that before deciding to use this method.

When stringing lights, find a tree that does not touch the ground. If this is not possible, then make sure to keep the wire horizontal between each branch or pole and space them at least five feet apart.

Build Support System

build support system ideas to how to hang string lights in backyard without trees

If you don’t have any trees to attach your strings lights too, a reliable support system is needed. Stakes are often used as the go-to option for this need.

Building your own support system for string lights is less expensive and more difficult than using something that already exists in the backyard, but it is a great way to do something customized for your yard!

The easiest way to ensure that you cover the entire ground of your yard would be with a series of 4×4 posts and string lights. Ensure you measure out how many posts you will need, be sure they are spaced equally apart, and place them alongside a line of bricks or stones for added support.


Backyard String Lights FAQs

warm and cozy ideas to how to hang string lights in backyard without trees

The most popular questions about string lights for the backyard are answered here.

How To String Lights Across Backyard?

You can mount string lights to structures such as trees, fences, sheds, or even trellises. Alternately you can create your own support posts.

How To Hang Outdoor String Lights Without Nails?

Draping strings of lights when there are no trees in the backyard is a trickier task than it seems. A good option is to use screws or metal hooks and screw them into the ground, or you could hang over objects such as fences and railings.

How High Should Patio String Lights Be?

It’s a personal preference of yours. I like to add them along with the handrails (if there are any) or about one foot off the ground, but you might prefer something higher – chest or eye level.

What Can Be Used To Hang Outdoor String Lights?

Using a ladder to drape string lights over hooks at the top of posts or attaching them with wire ties is an easy way to create a whimsical ambiance for any party!

How Do You Hang String Lights In Your Backyard Fence?

To install your string lights, screw-in hooks, or cup hooks. Hooks provide a secure way to keep the light strings up and allow you to skip drilling into any posts later on in the process.

How To Hang String Lights On A Patio Without Nails?

One way to hang patio lights outside without nails is by using adhesive hooks or gutter hooks. Alternately, they can be taped and light a candle inside for a great ambiance!

You already have many options when it comes to hanging lights on your patio. You can attach them to trees that grow close by, like an apple tree or pear tree, plants that get tall such as rosemary, and even planting flowers next door.

How Do You Hang Something On Stucco Without Drilling?

One solution is to attach hooks or adhesive strips to the wall. Hooks work well with flat surfaces such as a smooth hardboard but may not be suitable for textured stucco walls.

To make installation easier and less time-consuming, consider attaching an adhesive strip to your rafters! These strips can be found at Home Depot in the hardware section.

How Can Many Outdoor String Lights Be Connected?

If you want to know how much electricity your string lights can handle, look for maximum connectivity. For example, if it has a maximum rating of 100 watts, then every single strand will be rated at 10 watts and should not exceed 10 strands together.

Final Thoughts

Hanging string lights around your backyard provides the light you need and a great vibe. You can use trees to hang from, but you have plenty of ways to hang them so that they don’t require trees too.

String lights bring a festive air to any occasion and are relatively easy to install. Whether you choose small bulbs or larger ones, installing your own string lights will make your backyard experience more enjoyable!

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