Horse Fences Ideas: The Best Horse Fence For You

Recently, for that reason, many individuals are trying to find horse fence ideas when browsing the web. Look at this; who knows that it will relate to horse riding and demand in breeding cattle.

Horse riding has always been one of the most popular sports and, as you might expect, many people take up horseback riding for enjoyment or as a leisure activity.

These days, it’s not so uncommon to see fences around sports fields and lodges for those who have horses. Naturally, a good fence should also look presentable – something that’s more than just practical.

The design of the fence or type of material can be what people will pay attention to often.

Horse fencing can be tough to choose from, but the following horse fence ideas will get you started on your search for a new addition to your breeding facility.

List Of Horse Fence Ideas

Below are a few ideas for creating a horse fence. Consider the benefits and shortcomings of each option when selecting the best one for your situation.

No Climb Horse Fence

no climb horse fence

When the rails are not equipped, horses can usually still jump or step on them. Unfortunately, this type of horse fence does not have them included. Many people like these horse fence ideas are to stop the horse from running outdoors of the ranch or leaping over it.

No wonder people install fences of other materials like a board, planks, or wires to pose as horse fencing. Aside from using wood as a fence frame, some horse ranch owners choose to use galvalume to reduce the frequency of repairs.

The Vinyl Picket Fence

the vinyl picket fence

The simple design of this ranch makes it look classic, especially if the fence is painted in white. Many people are interested in vinyl picket fences because they are much easier to install than metal or wood.

While the price is high, this fence is durable and will last for 10 years–sometimes as long as 20-30 years–as your horse grows.

Horse Fence Ideas From Natural Cedar Wood

horse fence ideas from natural cedar wood

The first horse fence design to try is natural. It will be simple for those that like simplicity. This cedarwood horse fence may be the right choice. Having three rails made of cedarwood is environmentally friendly and has a distinctive scent that can prevent insects.

To keep the fence from drifting away from natural, do not paint the fence. Instead, you can use varnish to make it last longer or leave it alone without any other materials covering up cedarwood.

Horse Fence Ideas In Wooden Crossbuck Style

horse fence ideas in wooden crossbuck style

One popular horse fence design is a wooden crossbuck style. Wooden fences not only look nice, but they’re also very appropriate for use on horse properties and have a lot of functionality.

Furthermore, this design makes the field more attractive and stunning. You can use wood with cedar or ache, but some people also paint wooden fences to render them more varied and vibrant.

The Decorative Fence Horse Fence Ideas

the decorative fence horse fence ideas

Besides installing wood fences, you can also order metal horse fences. The best thing about metal horse fences is they are stronger and don’t need to be replaced every few years. You can even get them with attractive designs!

An example is by engraving a horse statue, mascot, or other decoration on the fence. This type of fence is relatively more expensive than other types of fences.

The Jack Leg Horse Fence

the jack leg horse fence

A jackleg fence is also an option for many people. This design consists of three rails and has a traditional look. You can put on a single rail on one side, while the other must have two rails – one rub rail.

Horse fence designs often give an exquisite appearance both in wet and dry land.

Traditional Horse Fence Ideas With The Craftsman Style

traditional horse fence ideas with the craftsman style

One option for a horse fence is classic wood fencing. Wooden fencing has been the most popular and commonly used option for many years because it can last long.

Given that many people tend to use wood horse fences because of the lower upkeep expenses,

A simple artisan style will also be going to improve the conventional impact on your horse fence. The wood made use of for this horse fence idea is pine wood.

Straightforward Stone And Wood Horse Fence Ideas

straightforward stone and wood horse fence ideas

You can incorporate natural materials like stones to make your horse pen. Build a stonewall that is half the height of your horses, and then put up an open-style wooden fence on it. You might want to get one with 3 rails for style!

The Buck and Rail Fence

the buck and rail fence

Buck and rail are among the most distinctive horse fence types because they initially resemble elongated shapes. The letter A’s appearance is what creates this type of horse fence stick out among other types.

The design of this idea for a horse fence has quite a few benefits. Such as not letting animals from the outside get inside the ranch, such as deer.

Half Log Horse Fence Ideas

half log horse fence ideas

Fences made from a log do not have to be whole logs. You can cut them vertically into two equal parts. You can either stack them up against the other horizontally or pointy ends outwards, and they look like picket fences. This idea offense does not need strict laws, so you can create it in any style that suits your needs.

Beginning from the more classic styles like log rails or jackleg to more stylized designs.

Woven Wooden Style For Horse Fence Ideas

woven wooden style for horse fence ideas

There are several distinct varieties of horse fences available. For instance, the woven style is one way to fight boredom and add some variety to your fields.

You can make this horse fence from one of two kinds of wood. For the woven product, select a smaller variety that is light. Don’t forget to add several small pieces of timber in each wrapping to make it strong and durable.

Attach two long logs to the webbing side and squeeze them tightly to ensure that it is secure.

Woven Wire Fences

woven wire fences

If you’re looking for the best type of horse fence to keep your horses in and prevent other animals from entering, a woven wire is a perfect option. A woven wire fence mainly consists of wires that are knotted together to form squares. Woven wire fences are a good option for horses because if they do try to escape, this fencing won’t hurt them in the process.

The woven wire should be attached to high-quality posts for better retention. A woven wire fence can hold up against 20 years of wear and tear with proper maintenance.

The Rustic Style For Horse Fence Ideas

the Rustic Style For Horse Fence Ideas

A rustic horse fence style presents a natural feeling. This rustic horse fence design incorporates dried logs or untreated boards without polish. You can also create a simple arrangement of logs and boards in your horse fencing project.

A fence that has two or three rails is a good choice. You can also combine it with installing wire mesh.

Vertical Log Horse Fence

vertical log horse fence

Are you looking for the best horse fences? This is a vertical log fence that gives the appearance of being like a castle gate. All you need to do is use logs, which can be readily available or harvested locally. Some people also sharpen one end of the log to make a strong and desirable fence.

The Running Wagon Wheels Horse Fence Ideas

the running wagon wheels horse fence ideas

There are lots of options for unique horse fences besides wood. One way is to use wagon or carriage wheels that have been abandoned. An easy way to create an interesting horse fence is by turning the carriage or wagon wheels as high as the horse fence, so they are completely in view.

Horse-drawn carriage wheels make excellent material for horse fences. Because the steel will not easily get damaged or bent, it provides durability.

Hog Wire Horse Fence Ideas

hog wire horse fence ideas

The type of horse fence that is also commonly selected is the hog wire fence. Some call this sort of fence the livestock panels. At first glance, this kind of horse fence does not look as sturdy as a steel or wood fence.

The most important necessity of horse fencing is to keep horses in and contain them from running out. This kind of fence does not need an excessive amount of security; hence, choosing durable and reliable materials should be sufficient for this exclusion.

If you decide to use the galvanized cable, it can also be used on uneven surfaces.

Horse Rail In Crossbuck Design

horse rail in crossbuck design

While we discussed the classic style of horse rail fencing in detail above, there are also popular variations on this standard design. One such variation is the crossbar fence.

The crossbuck fence design is a type of horse rail fence which uses horizontal planks and vertical posts. The boards alternate in size, with two small ones on either side of the X-shape at the top to enhance its visual appeal while also preventing large gaps from developing throughout this line of fencing.

Horse Rail Fences Ideas

horse rail fences ideas

That image of a horse rail fence is what pops up first in your head when you think of horse fencing.

Fences for horses are often made out of wood and involve horizontal boards and vertical posts.

Horse rails are usually made of vertical posts with horizontal pickets (often three) at regular intervals.

The openings are just large enough to see through but not big enough for the horses to escape.

As with any wood fence, horse rail fencing is pretty durable and relatively low maintenance. All you will need to do regularly is occasionally staining your wood fence, preventing it from decaying too soon, as well as adding more vibrant color.

8-Foot Fences

8 foot fences

While an 8-foot tall fence may not necessarily be your specific type of fencing (we have many options!), if you ever come across someone who plans on jumping the fence at any time soon, this extra height will certainly prove useful.

The eight-foot-tall fences that are most common in our design range can be created with a wire construction.

Horse owners have many options to choose from when purchasing horse fencing for their property. Both wire and chain-link fences are popular among horse owners because they provide both safety and attractive features.

The Rustic Fence Ideas

the rustic fence ideas

One of the most fantastic things about rustic design is how it seems to be an all-natural feel. Sure enough, many people use recently cut logs or common wooden boards without gloss in these rustic horse fences. More importantly, do not use a complex way to set up logs or boards when making this design.

One of the most popular designs is a 2 or 3 rail setup. It can be combined with a wire fence.

The Pine Tree And Hog Wire Fence

the pine tree and hog wire fence

This horse fence concept is perfect for those looking to have a natural, rustic, but still elegant tough horse fence design. Do you want to build your horse fence? You can use the readily available pieces or trunks in your warehouse.

You’ll first need to cut the tree trunks to the size of a conventional horse fence. Cut three rails into the frame shape and then mount hog cable panels on top for extra protection. This is an attractive, rustic, yet stylish design perfect for those who want something natural but durable.

The Snake Horse Fence Ideas

the snake horse fence ideas

In addition to the few styles of horse fences mentioned, there is one unique style. Known as snake horse fencing or zigzag fencing, this type of fence stretches in opposite directions and has gaps for horses to move through.

The benefits of this style are that you only need to use natural tree trunks that haven’t been polished and arranged horizontally. This makes the ranch area look more different and unique.

Easy and Affordable Horse Fence Ideas

easy and affordable horse fence ideas

Thinking you can’t afford a wooden fence? Now there’s this easy horse fence idea for you. Install hog wires on logs, and you now have a sturdy yet inexpensive horse fence!

The Four Rails Horse Fence Ideas

the four rails horse fence ideas

For a high horse fence style, you can opt for this four-rails type of fencing. You only need to choose the wood that is sturdy and hard enough. The cost estimations are similarly reasonable for ranch-style fencing with a larger size.

Black Horse fence ideas

black horse fence ideas

This horse fence design may be appropriate if you are looking to build a ranch with luxury touches. You can use real black wood or paint it black using another type of wood.

Besides, horse field fence ideas mix a black design with no-frills. There are different styles of white horse fencing, and which, if you stand back from the fence to take in its majesty fully, can be considered an art form, not unlike painting or sculpture.

Natural And Rustic Hog Wire For Horse Fence Ideas

natural and rustic hog wire for horse fence ideas

This horse fence idea is perfect for those who want an elegant, natural, but still sturdy and stylish horse fence. For this design, I recommend using a few big pieces from your old tree trunk!

Cut the tree trunk to match the size of your horse fencing. Install three rails in a frame shape, then install hog wire panels over them to make this rustic but stylish-looking type of fence.

Flowery Horse Fence Ideas

flowery horse fence ideas

You can also install a horse fence that looks like in fairytale stories. Use the three-rails-style fence and plant flowers under and around it for decoration.

Simple Stone And Wood Horse Fence Ideas

simple stone and wood horse fence ideas

You may also work around this by combining natural materials such as stones. Build a stone wall that reaches the same height as half of the average horse fence.

Next, install a simple wooden horse fence. You can choose a tall or rustic-style wooden horse fence that has three rails for your new pasture.

Hog Wire Fencing Ideas For Horse

hog wire fencing ideas for horse

One type of horse fence that is also commonly chosen is the hog wire fence. Some people often call this type of fence a livestock panel. This type of horse fence does not look as strong as metal or wooden fencing at first glance.

A fence like this is also effective for keeping horses in the enclosure area and field. This ensures that wood doesn’t easily break down, so you should use a thin but strong type of wood.

Rusty Running Wagon Wheels Horse Fence Ideas

rusty running wagon wheels horse fence ideas

Have you reached the end of your patience with mainstream wooden horse fences? Here are some other ideas that may be more interesting. Repeating is one option: if you have carriage wheels or wagon wheels, they can be used as a fence.

By arranging the wheels of a horse carriage as tall as a regular horse fence, you can create a unique and decorative fence.

You might be wondering about the endurance of this style of horse fence. It turns out that these designs use wheels taken from horse-drawn carriages or wagons, and because they are made of steel, they will not have a tendency to damage easily, get bent, or rust.

Woven Wooden Horse Fence Ideas

woven wooden horse fence ideas

There are many unique horse fence solutions to the problem, but one interesting idea is this woven style.

You can assemble this horse fence with two types of wood. You will use a thicker, fine type of wood to weave and tie the material. To make it strong and sturdy, be sure to braid several pieces together at once.

Fasten the webbing to two long logs and use them to hold the fabric in place, so it does not collapse.

White Wooden Fence In Crossbuck Style

white wooden fence in crossbuck style

One of the most popular horse fence styles is a wooden crossbuck style. If you’re looking for fences for your home or fencing to help maintain horses enclosed, this design is perfect for every need.

In addition to the fence being good for blocking horses outside, it also makes the field look more attractive. You can buy pine or cedarwood to make the wooden fence, but some people paint it for a more colorful look.

Natural Cedar Wood For Horse Fence Ideas

natural cedar wood for horse fence ideas

It will be different for those who like simplicity. This horse fence idea will be the right choice. The use of cedarwood arranged in the style of three rails is eco-friendly and has a distinctive aroma that can avoid insects.

To keep the fence looks natural, do not paint the fence. You can use a varnish to make the fence last longer or leave it alone without covering cedarwood with other materials.

Classic Horse Fence Ideas With The Craftsman Style

classic horse fence ideas with the craftsman style

A good place to start, maybe with a wood fence. Wood fences are often the most common and long-lasting types, and they’re great for horse owners.

No wonder many people prefer to use wooden horse fences because it’s relatively inexpensive, and it also tends to reinforce a classic impression on your fence.

Cheap Horse Fence Ideas

cheap horse fence ideas

Horse ownership often ends up more expensive than horse purchase. Horse owners often overlook the high costs of feeding and stable fees. It is crucial to find ways to be thrifty when caring for your animal if you don’t have much money.

Fencing can be costly for horse owners, so here are some ways to save money and find a do-it-yourself solution that will allow you to have some control over your ranch’s decoration.

Electric Fence

electric fence is cheap horse fence ideas

Electrically speaking, an electric fence can be one of the cheapest and most cost-effective horse fencing options.

When utilizing wire, posts can be set up widely, sometimes more than 50 feet apart. Usually, one or two wires are sufficient.

One advantage of a solar-powered fence is the limited cost of the material.

Barbed Wire

barbed wire is cheap horse fence ideas

The cost to install or replace a barbed wire fence is one of the cheapest out there. Even though it requires you to buy t-posts and other necessary equipment, such as fence clips, for installation, overall cost-barbed wire fences are still among the most economical options.

Recycled Fence

recycled fence is cheap horse fence ideas

A creative way to build a horse fence cheaply is to locate an old ranch that plans on replacing its current fences. Offer to help them tear down the old line if you can get to keep and reuse any of the materials.

When replacing a fence, homeowners are often happy to have someone provide free labor and clean-up.

A chain fence is a great choice for a horse fence; look at any opportunity that’s out there.

Final Words

One of the easiest ways to improve your horse’s breeding is by installing better fencing. You can use any one of these ideas for inspiration, but make sure it is built up to proper standards with safety in mind.

Besides, do not forget to check regularly to prevent unsightly things from taking root. Especially for those who choose to use wooden horse fences that are more weathered after use in years.

However, a metal horse fence is also susceptible to rust. Be sure to find ideas that match the available budget.

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