Horizontal Fence Ideas: Adding Protection, Style And Privacy To Your Home

Horizontal fences are horizontal walls that are installed a few feet from the ground. They can be made of many different materials, including wood, metal, aluminum, and vinyl, to name a few. Horizontal fences are typically installed on the outside of a property line to divide it.

The horizontal fences are usually installed to prevent trespassers or intruders from entering the private property. Horizontal fences can also be used for decorative purposes as well, and installing horizontal fencing across a garden will make the garden look more effective and nicer. Vertical, horizontal wood fence is probably one of the most popular horizontal fences that were ever created.

A horizontal fence is not all about securing your interior spaces; horizontal fencing can serve both purposes and have some advantages over vertical fencing. Since horizontal fences do not rise higher than 3 feet, they do not really block often-used doorways on houses, making them ideal for providing additional security without compromising access to valuable items inside of the house or space being secured.

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List Of Horizontal Fence Ideas

Horizontal fences come in many shapes and colors. Use the ideas below to choose one for your property, getting both look and security.

Modern Pallet Fence Design

modern pallet fence design with a cold foggy atmosphere in a mountain hut

Bring the countryside charm to your backyard with this rustic pallet fence. It’s simple yet easy on the eyes, and it will make any garden come alive.

Slatted Wood Fence Ideas

slatted wood fence ideas with foldable dining chairs on outdoor patio

A more rustic aesthetic inspires the horizontal wood fence. The warm cedar tones go well with the chrome frame that goes onto your entire house and will give a nice backdrop for the scenery of your backyard.

Red Wood Horizontal Fence

red wood horizontal fence for backyard with hottub and wooden bench

This horizontal wood fence is rich in detail because of the varying widths that fit each other. Its clean design will enhance your greenery from its crisp lines and the red colors from the plank, creating a delectable exterior to your house.

Horizontal Plank Fence With Metal Posts

horizontal plank fence with metal posts ideas on backyard

The wood designs bring a rustic appeal to any yard, but steel posts will help you create a sublime effect. This type of fence is best for security and design and an element in your landscape.

Fences provide a homeowner with the ability to protect their property and offer an aesthetic appeal that is pleasing to the eye.

Terraced Horizontal Wood Fence

terraced horizontal wood fence with corner wooden bench on patio

This is a good option if your property sits on a slope and the fence needs to be terraced. You can use the landscape as you choose, and the fence can be highlighted uniquely.

Horizontal Fence With Ivy Growing on It

horizontal fence with ivy growing on it with wooden dining sets

This is a beautiful horizontal wood fence that functions well with your garden. It creates a great combination of the two, and it’s perfect for those looking to do this!

Black Horizontal Slats

black horizontal slats for modern house design ideas

For a modern, private fence style, consider black horizontal cedar slats. This simple but effective fence brings architecture to your yard while also offering privacy from nosy neighbors and passersby.

Combining Horizontal Fence With Lattice Top

combining horizontal fence with lattice top ideas on backyard patio

Most horizontal fences are made of wood for durability. Combine a horizontal wooden fence with a lattice or other attractive fencing to show off your garden design. Here’s how: first create the wood and then build the resulting fence any size you like.

Then, add a lattice to the top of your fence. This will add unique style to it as well as make it more aesthetically pleasing.

This is the perfect design if the garden has a patio or deck.

Fewer Gaps For More Privacy Fence

less gaps for more privacy fence with horizontal planks and stone tile on the step path

If you’re looking for privacy, horizontal fences with smaller gaps between the planks are your best bet.

The smaller the gaps in a fence, the less likely passers-by will see what is contained on the other side.

When it comes to constructing your own horizontal fence, the planks must be mounted as close as possible to each other.

The Fence Made Of Oak Wood And Blog Posts

the fence made of oak wood and blog posts with cacti on landscaping along fence

If you are searching for a simple option to outline your outdoor area, consider this horizontal fence made of oak wood and posts.

Special Horizontal Fence To Show Them Your Garden

special horizontal fence to show them your garden in modern ways

If you want people to see how gorgeous your garden is, then a horizontal fence with wide gaps between the boards might be the best choice.

If you’ve been looking for a garden fence that doesn’t require close spacing between planks, this one will work well!

The fence should have the same gap size. For instance, there should be one and a half feet gaps between all planks.

DIY Stained Horizontal Plank Fence

diy stained horizontal plank fence in the backyard with a black square planter

The homeowner got creative with the fence because they stained it. Stains look good and can also darken the wood or other building material it is applied to. Looks pretty cool, huh?

The Rock And Wood Fence

the rock and wood fence with iconic gates and grass

Let’s think about combining rock and wood for a garden privacy fence. You could even add a wooden gate to make the design appear more complete and pleasing to the eye.

Horizontal Fence Ideas With Wooden Pallet

horizontal fence ideas with wooden pallet on garden patio with pergola

A popular material for fences these days is wood because it’s both affordable and durable. For those who might have a backyard sitting area, this horizontal fence can be good as either a privacy fence or screen, depending on what kind of look they want. These fences offer slight visibility such that you can see the other side, which some may find beneficial.

Different Sized Planks For Horizontal Fence And Gate

different sized planks for horizontal fence and gate ideas

It can be difficult for people to find the gate that separates a fence from the yard if they use planks of the same size in both.

To overcome the length issue, use wider planks for horizontal fences and smaller planks for your gates. This will provide ease of access to your home.

Wood And Wire To Build Minimalist Horizontal Fence

wood and wire to build minimalist horizontal fence ideas

To create a more rustic feel, use wood pieces for the posts of your fences. If using wire to make horizontal fencing, space them evenly apart.

Wire fencing is not as thick as wood and therefore does not offer the same level of privacy. However, between two stretches of wire fencing, you can still enjoy your views without obstruction.

You could also install several potted plants on top or at the base of this minimalist horizontal fence to make it look more stunning.

Simple Horizontal Fence

simple horizontal fence in colorful ways ideas

Woods are always dull and unimpressive. Luckily, there is a solution to make them better-looking madly. Simply painting them makes all the difference; however, never do it in monotone colors.

Using bold colors, such as yellow, green, and tocska on the horizontal fencing can create an attractive design. The wood element of the garden should be painted with one of these other bold colors.

One example of how fences are used to create a design in your yard is with wooden benches that can be painted blue and red.

Modernistic Wooden Garden Fence

modernistic wooden on narrow garden fence with wooden deck patio

The modern look of this fence will capture your attention from the moment you lay eyes on it. It gives a sleek and contemporary feel to everything around it, making your garden stand out!

Fence With Concrete Pillars

fence with concrete pillars beside of pool with jacuzzi

One option for fashioning a horizontal wood fence is to embed concrete and stone pillars in the ground. This style works great with contemporary design themes and structures because of the way that it ties in with your home’s walkways or decks.

Simple Horizontal Fence With Cute Lattice

simple horizontal fence with cute lattice in the garden

In many cases, builders don’t just use horizontal fences – they also add lattice to the top. But this idea changes things up a little bit. Instead of using lattice as an addition to a horizontal fence, it’s added in the shape of a curve that splits apart the fencing horizontally.

Even without any other decorations, this horizontal fence and lattice design will make your garden look perfect.

The Most Natural Horizontal Fence Ideas

the most natural horizontal fence ideas with metal mesh for stones

If you want a fence that is as natural as possible, here are some of the best horizontal fences to consider.

It would be best if you tried building a stone wall between two wooden vertical fences. By using stone walls, your wooden fence would look even better.

A small gravel walkway near a wooden path is an excellent way to create the natural touch you’ve always wanted in your garden.

Modern House With Metal Horizontal Fencing

modern house with metal horizontal fencing in the corner of yard

We have seen horizontal fences discussed above. Wooden fences are great for traditional homes, but modern properties might look weird with them.

But there is no need to worry since you can also get metal horizontal fences in many colors, including black and grey.

One of the best color palettes to consider for contemporary and modern-style houses is a monochrome palette.

Decorating Horizontal Fence With Colorful Flowers

decorating horizontal fence with colorful flowers on backyard patio with umbrella

Or, if you can’t find a rose anymore to paint the bottom side of your wooden horizontal fence, use it as a canvas. Hang some colorful flowers in rattan baskets; they will make an eye-catching striking decor along the top section of this fence.

A red, blue, yellow, pink, or purple variation of fresh flowers will be a cute ornament for the fence. Shade and grow more colorful flowers in front of hardwood horizontal fencing.

Modern Horizontal Fence Ideas With Wooden Pillars

modern horizontal fence ideas with wooden pillars on front yard

If you are installing a wooden horizontal fence in your garden, be sure to include some posts or pillars that will allow the fence to stand up vertically.

On every post or pillar made of wood, top it with something artistic such as natural stone. Then install the most modern wall sconce you can find on each structure.

These sconces are not only functional for lighting your garden at night but will also serve as a decoration for your exterior.

White Horizontal Slats

white horizontal slats on front gate and fencing ideas

This is a traditional horizontal fence that comes in various styles and looks good in most homes. It’s durable and won’t be difficult to maintain.

Horizontal Wood Fence with Corrugated Metal

horizontal wood fence with corrugated metal dark polish on wood and black paint on metal

Your garden can show off your personality in many ways, and one way is through patios and fences. Your home may have a long wooden fence, or it might have an arbor with vines creeping over the top, but many people choose to add metal to their fence. A corrugated metal fence is made up of steel sheets cold-rolled into patterns that can look really nice when paired with wood for great contrast!

The metal fence effectively provides privacy, while the wood holds it up and gives dimension to the metal.

Horizontal Wood Fence With Concrete Blocks

horizontal wood fence with concrete blocks on front yard

If you are looking for a modern looking fence that is both sturdy and safe, concrete fences might be the perfect option for your needs.

They are also quite beautiful and bold and can be made from gray concrete. Wood at the top of the fence adds dimension, allowing for some openness; use it to show off ornamental planting beds or even an open kitchen if you have outdoor space. Making your own is recommended unless you have professional help because assembling fencing panels does require skill in measurements.

Simple Horizontal Wood Fence

simple horizontal wood fence on pool side and the wicker lounge chairs

This horizontal wood fence is less detailed than others. Customize this with stains, paint, flowers, and more to make it your own!

The horizontal boards already make it look great, but you can customize it as well. Fences of this type are straightforward because they don’t require much effort, and the boards used all have the same size.

Horizontal Fencing Pros and Cons

horizontal fence ideas with a mix of stone below and horizontal wooden pallets above

There are many types of fences with a range of shapes, sizes, and colors. One modern way to install a fence is to mount the posts horizontally instead of vertically.

This type of horizontal fencing might not be the right fit for everyone, but it is an attractive option that suits some homes nicely. Let’s explore some of its pros and cons so you can decide if it works for you or not.

The Pros Of Horizontal Fence Ideas

low horizontal fence ideas with wood on a green backyard

It’s Modern

If your home has clean lines and sleek geometry, horizontal fencing may be perfect. This contemporary design can update an older home; it can also complement a new build. If you’re not fond of the traditional look, this might be the solution you need.

Horizontal Lines Emphasize The Size Of Your Property

If you need to show off the size of your property, horizontal fences are a good choice. The posts guide viewers around the perimeter of your property and into focal features like trees or water features. We will help you account for that during the design process.

Horizontal Fencing Looks Unique

Horizontal fencing is a great way to turn your home into the envy of the neighborhood. It’s also an excellent choice if you have a homeowners’ association and want something that follows their rules. We can help you choose horizontal fencing for your property today, so get in touch before your design process begins.

The Cons Of Horizontal Fence Ideas

horizontal fence ideas for privacy in an outdoor kitchen with wooden pergola and fan

It’s Very Modern

Horizontal fencings are not always the best choice for every home. They may look elegant, but they can be a stark contrast to traditional-style homes. We create fencing with accents like brick columns or antique colors to soften the design and integrate them better, but we need to stop short of using horizontals as a result.

Horizontal Lines Don’t Emphasize Your Home’s Height.

A lofty home with a ranch-style design might not want to go with horizontal fencing because it has the potential to make your house look shorter. This isn’t an issue for those who have multi-story homes, but if you want a fence that will make your residence appear taller, you may want to stick with vertical columns.

Horizontal Fencing Requires Skilled Labor

Horizontal fencing requires specific knowledge of how to install it. The posts and the stakes are interlocked in different ways, so you will need to work with a trained company like All Around Fence LLC. We have all the tools needed for this kind of business, and we have the experience necessary to build fences according to your specifications.

The Positive Aspects Of A Horizontal Fence

horizontal fence ideas with different heights of wood as a privacy fence on the outdoor patio

If your building needs a change and you are not sure how to do it, consider using a horizontal wood fence because it offers a modern and fresh style. This type of fencing also brings privacy to residents that all need their own sanctuary.

If you’re thinking more about a fence’s safety benefits, horizontal slatted fences made from wood or aluminum can give your yard an extra layer of protection for your children while adding a modern flair to the landscape.

Horizontal fences are a clean, unassuming option that allows the garden to be highlighted and not obscured by fencing.

A horizontal wood fence for your yard will create the perception that your yard space is larger than it actually is. This effect happens because of the pattern from up and down lines seen in a horizontal wooden fence.

Horizontal fences are used to secure your space and can also be a design element of your backyard. If needed, the tongue-and-groove type fences offer privacy because there’s little visibility on either side.

What makes this fence an aesthetic choice is that it carries a modern look due to its simplicity and the linear design of its boards.

Which Material To Choose?

horizontal fence ideas for outdoor kitchens and the appearance of a hot tub

Around 85 percent of our fences have a horizontal plank. Many types of wood can go into a horizontal fence, but many homeowners decide which ones work best for their specific needs.

Hardwoods are good for horizontal fences because they have a natural grain that provides an upscale look. Softwood can also work but isn’t as effective due to its lack of grain structure.

If you want a cost-effective and durable option, consider vinyl fencing for ranch rail designs with some treatments to beautify it. You could also opt-in for pressurized wood that is treated with chemicals to keep insects away.

For the top horizontal wood fence materials, we recommend you use:

  • Ipe
  • Cumaru
  • Tigerwood
  • Garapa
  • Massaranduba

These woods are typically used in harsh climates, like Florida in the sun. They also work well with dry zones and cold and snowy regions, such as Buffalo, NY. Some types of pine can last up to 70 + years on commercial applications.

This is because some woods will naturally resist rot, insects, and mold in comparison to others. Additionally, it’s easy to maintain for the long-term, which can be seen as a benefit over other types of fences available on the market.


Is It Cheaper To Build A Vertical Or Horizontal Fence?

Horizontal fencing may be equally complicated to build as vertical fences but needs specific training.

What is the Horizontal Board On the Fence Called?

The pickets, also called slats or boards, go between the backer rails and make up the most visible part of a fence project. Pickets come in multiple top styles such as dog ear, flat top, and french gothic for their various purposes.

Final Words

A horizontal fence, like a vertical one, can be quite common. However, choosing the design and material of the fence is important, as you need to find your budget in it and work on its durability.

We hope these examples give you some inspiration, but if you have your own dream fence design, get started now by building it!

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