Garden Arbour Bench Ideas For Your Backyard Oasis

One of the key features of a great garden is an arbour bench for getting away and tending to your plants. Being surrounded by nature while doing your hobby is refreshing and enjoyable, so having this in your garden would make it perfect!

When sitting on a garden arbour, your eyes are immediately drawn to the flowers in springtime or autumn leaves. Get inspireAn arbor can be attached to a structure, d by these collections of bench ideas for your own backyard oasis!

For those looking for a way to enhance their garden’s look, consider installing an arbour. Arbors are wooden structures used to support vines and other climbing plants. These arches will allow the plants to grow at their full potential, creating a beautiful light green path in your garden.

Arbour benches provide a shady and shady spot to enjoy the beauty of your garden. It also doubles as an ideal setting for love in movies!

Arbour benches typically attach to the arbour itself and come in all sizes. We’ll take a look at some lovely examples of serene garden arbour benches!

List OF Garden Arbour Bench Ideas

Simple Green Vines Garden Arbor Ideas

simple green vines garden arbor ideas with natural stone tiles

I really like this garden arbour bench because vines have grown over it, making it feel natural and relaxing. It blends into the surroundings, so instead of feeling like a manufactured structure, you get the impression of finding an undiscovered area in nature to escape to.

If you find yourself in need of a personal place to be, this garden arbour bench might be right for you!

Garden Arbor In Japanese-style

garden arbor in japanese-style with wooden fence surround

What is more peaceful than a Japanese garden decorated with an arbour? Here, you can see the color of the wood and the gentle curve at the top.

This garden arbour bench is a great addition to any backyard. The swing on it is definitely the icing on the cake!

Pergola-style Arbour With Swing

pergola-style arbour with swing using metal chain rope

The arbour has a pergola style and is decked out with vines. I appreciate the beautiful flower beds that are lightly scattered in the garden; they seem very peaceful. You can sit, swing, and leave all your worries someplace else with this awesome arbour bench!

Garden Arbour With Gorgeous Wisteria Blossoms

garden arbour with gorgeous wisteria blossoms and hanging brid feeder

These gorgeous, fragrant blossoms from the Wisteria vine cascade down this garden arbour bench like a waterfall. The double bench is shaded in a rather magnificent fashion, and it’s a creative design idea.

One of the best aspects of this garden is that it feels less like an overdone design and more natural.

Charming Double Arbour Bench Ideas In White

charming double arbour bench ideas in white and old brick flooring

This rustic arbour bench has two benches, which I find great for sitting and reading. The faded paint feels like it meshes well with the old brick that this beauty sits on top of. This is one piece of history in your backyard garden you’ll want to have!

Shabby-chic Garden Arbour With Bench

shabby-chic garden arbour with bench and the plants surrounding it

The way the flowers are in bloom, how the bench is rustic and worn-looking but still so inviting, and all of those plants surrounding it make this arbour feel like it could be tucked away on any forest at any time. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself here by accident, then I’m sure you’ll love exploring!

This arbour is easily the most photogenic of all on this list.

Garden Arbour Bench On Green Paint

garden arbour bench on green paint on the side of well-kept and planned garden

The garden arbour bench is positioned to the side of this beautifully landscaped garden. This garden doesn’t put too much focus on its wood features but instead showcases the plants.

Imagine having a seat here, in your backyard with nothing to do and a fresh hot coffee. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Suburban Simplicity Arbor With Luscious Green Vines

suburban simplicity arbor with luscious green vines and wooden fencing

This arbour is overgrown with lush green vines that still have a far way to go before they overtake the whole thing. This type of lighting makes for an optimally peaceful atmosphere.

The Arbour and bench are well made using simple materials, adding to the relaxing, inviting atmosphere.

Garden Arbor As Backyard Sitting Spot

garden arbor as backyard sitting spot with the pink flowers on the vines

This quaint suburban garden is nestled right next to the house, and its pink flowers are a refreshing addition to all of this greenery. It’s not excessive or showy; it just makes you feel like everything will be okay when sitting beneath these vines that provide shade and privacy.

For those of you with limited space, this can be an example to show how you can get the most out of a smaller yard!

Garden Arbor On Traditional Hillside Landscaping

garden arbor on traditional hillside landscaping ideas with slab stone stairs

Arbours are most visible for the first few years after their construction. This arbour is no longer visible because its support trees have overgrown it.

The bench on the left is old and faded but makes enough space for a couple of people to sit. A well-maintained arbour will only get better with age, so take good care of it!

Garden Arbor On Mediterranean Style Estate

garden arbor on mediterranean style estate constructed with mediterranean-inspired columns and feels like an old-world vineyard

The garden arbour bench that will give you some of the best peace is this ornate Mediterranean-inspired perch with a simple, wrought iron bench.

It would not be a good idea for anyone to have an arbour bench in the tiny backyard of a small suburban house, but if you have space, it could become your favorite spot.

Large Arbour With Bench Swing

large arbour with bench swing on dark-painted wood and vines gently growing around it

I love this garden arbour because it takes up lots of open space. This type of large, airy look is perfect for expansive spaces in a backyard oasis. The dark-painted wood and vines growing around this bench give it a wonderfully secluded feel.

Luxurious Garden And Simple Arbour

luxurious garden and simple arbour at the end of the garden path

One of the most convenient places to place an arbour is at the edge of your garden, overlooking it. It will provide a gentle ending point for your path and can be meditative and peaceful as well.

This garden has an elegant arbour tucked near the end of its path, providing a comfortable spot and some much-needed symmetry.

Charming Natural Wood Arbour Near Water Fountaincharming natural wood arbour near water fountain with swing

This arbour is made from simple materials and has a rustic style. A bench, though, swings in the softer style with vines growing on it.

It comes together elegantly and is the perfect spot to take in the beauty of this garden. I can imagine myself passing my mornings here, reading alone with no thought for what’s going on in the world!

Garden Arbor Designs With Octagon Windows

garden arbor designs with octagon windows ideas

The Bramble Painted Arbor Bench from Rowlinson is an easy two-person assembly that will require a second person mainly to put the roof on, in addition, to touch up paint. The octagon windows are constructed into the latticework and contrast with its white seats.

When you want to be relaxed and take leisure time for yourself, the garden arbour bench is your best friend. The hole in this design will allow you to put your feet into it and get a completely relaxed position. The slightly arched woodwork gives this backyard some modern flair that stands up when combined with other features.

X Arbor with Bench

x arbor with bench in white painted color

This is more than your standard arbor but differs because it has a bench built into it. Since you can’t walk under it, this can be set anywhere in the yard as an additional outdoor seat and looks great while doing so.

Wood Arbour On Courtyard Garden Retreat

wood arbour on courtyard garden retreat with wooden bench

I like sitting in this brick and wood arbour at the edge of a cozy courtyard. It’s not fussy, it’s not hard to maintain, and there are plenty of ways for me to enjoy the peace here.

Having a garden arbour bench in your yard can be the perfect addition, and with these ideas, you’ll have something to start building on!

Rustic Double Bench Arbour Ideas

rustic double bench arbour ideas constructed with rugged and raw wood

For the rustic crowd, this arbour is a beautiful addition to a busy backyard. It’s built of rugged and raw wood and feels very much at home in outdoorsy places like hunting cabins or country lodges.

If your homesteader spirit is strong, this type of garden arbour bench will work well for you. I love the creative craftsmanship that went into this bench. I can tell they had lots of patience and were able to improvise when needed.

Generally For The Use Of An Arbor

generally for the use of an arbor with bright color of wooden materials on green garden

An arbor is a vertical structure often found in gardens and landscapes. It can serve as shade or provide privacy, help divide garden areas, and support flowering vines on its walls and roof.

An arbor can be attached to a wall, structure, fence, or freestanding on its own. At the same time, similar an arbor is structured and usually much larger than a trellis that sits next to it. Arbors can either be made of wood or wrought iron, with the latter is more expensive and longer-lasting. You can build an arbour as a do-it-yourself project or buy it at a garden center.

Arbors are freestanding structures with two or four posts and a slatted roof. Arbors can be open on all sides, partially enclosed by latticework, or completely enclosed with trellis at the sides.

Arbor Building Basics

When creating your arbour, consider repeating the architectural details of your home to help tie together the house and landscape.

The height of a garden arbour can range from 8 to 10 feet, and this space is enough for people to pass under and maintain vines or plants that grow overhead. A garden arbour bench can be either freestanding or attached. A freestanding arbor will have posts to support the horizontal beams, rafters, or arch framed by. Wooden rafters can be simple or extravagant, with decorative scrolls and notches. They often function as a trellis for climbing vining plants and can also offer shade from the sun.

Creating an arbor is relatively easy with standard lumber–though it should be strong enough to support vines, which can grow and become heavy. In addition, you can purchase them or assemble kits found in materials including wood, bamboo, and other metals.

Arbor Vs. Pergola

luxury garden perola with flat screen tv for example and comparison between arbor vs pergola

Like an arbor, a pergola can be attached to a house on one side or freestanding. Pergolas are often built over a patio or deck as a sunshade based on similar post-and-beam construction to arbors. Attaching a pergola to the roof of your home will create an outdoor space off of the house that connects with your garden.

Pergolas are a freestanding structure with four or more posts. They support a typically flat roof with beams left uncovered at various lengths or topped with cross beam/s or slats and provide an overhead cover and shady spot for sitting during the day.

An arbor also has an open roof, either flat or arched.

Arbor and Gazebo Differences

Arbors and gazebos are both outdoor coverings that offer shade from the sun, a place to sit or entertain guests on cool evenings. They provide shelter for those who enjoy spending time in their gardens as well as an entry point into the landscape itself! If planned and positioned right by your home, they can help you create unobstructed views of things like beautiful flowers nearby or hidden details of nature behind them.

Gazebos and arbors can be built in many different styles, from rustic to Victorian to modern. While a gazebo is also constructed outside, it lacks the sense of openness that an arbor provides because it has a roof overhead. Gazebos are more sizeable than arbors which can make them feel more private and enclosed.

Alternatively, an arbor features an open framework on its walls and roof, often with vines growing on its sides or overhead.

The Most Common Styles Of Arbors

wooden arbor with bench and cushions in a leafy garden as an example of the most common arbors style

Read on if you want to learn about different styles of arbors, such as archways, moon gates, gabled designs, and those that come with a bench.

Arbors With A Bench

All arbors are not created equal. Some provide a doorway to the back of your garden, but others come with a built-in bench so you can put them out in the open and create an entertainment space for yourself and maybe your guests.

Garden arbours typically have three sides, with two grid supports on the sides and one behind the bench. This gives you a partial enclosure for privacy, as opposed to sitting in an open space.

Best Plants For A Bench Arbor

Pick garden plants to build a wall of green obscuring the view out beyond. English ivy or wisteria are good choices, and you might also add grapes for bird-attracting fruit. Combine this with climbers like roses or jasmine, which supply sweet-smelling flowers and cut-flower blooms.

Design Tip

Place benches in the corners of your garden, then add an inviting path that leads to them.

Moon Gate Arbors

moon gate arbors full of natural plants in the home garden

Moon gate arbors are semicircles that are wider than other types of garden arbors and range in size from six to eight feet across. It is usually made from metal with ladder-like slats for vines to twine around, creating a private and natural entrance into the garden. Left bare, their stark minimalism would stand out in a contemporary or Asian-style garden, acting as sculpture instead of plant support.

Moon gates arbors are modeled after the moon gates in China, placed inside garden walls, and intended to resemble the moon peering out from behind a landscape.

The Chinese believe a moon gate to be an image of birth and renewal, representing the never-ending cycle of life. Moon gate arbors serve as a portal between the outside of your garden and the inside, bringing Zen cool to your space.

Best Plants For A Moon Gate Arbor

A moon gate with vines that are not woody, such as sweet peas and clematis, will have them each climb up it. An arched vine with the moon gate in winter becomes a modern sculpture.

Design Tip

Plant moon gate arbors and train plants to grow up them, leaving enough room for a walkway. Train evergreen rambling plants on the arbours to create an entrance tunnel of green all year long.

Grape Arbors

grape arbors made of wood on the roof frame and chairs with vines for shade

Grape arbors are a great way to grow grapes, but they’re also handy for many other plants with heavy vines and vigorous growth. These structures usually have beams across the top that look like pergolas on their sides–and can support most types of plant life!

Best Plants For A Grape Arbor

The grapes will provide the best plants for a grape arbor. Wisteria is known to grow into an enormous plant, and the trumpet vine thrives in most climates worldwide, so they are both great choices as well!

Arched Arbors

arched arbors in white color and brick paver pathways

The arched arbor is a classic shape, one you’ll most often see. It’s usually made of wood or metal and has two flat sides that meet overhead in a graceful arch. The grid-style supports are perfect for plants to hang onto as they climb up the rungs on either side!

Suppose you have an ornate arbor that you want to show off, plant sparsely so its curlicues and trim may be glimpsed through the green. If you want plants to be the star, cover your arbor with a sheet of it.

Best Plants For An Arched Arbor

Twining plants like passionflower, clematis, and jasmine are best for an arched arbor. Climbing coral honeysuckle or nasturtium will race up the arch to give you a flowery gateway into your garden. At the same time, roses can be molded over top of them to create a beautiful walkway through flowers when entering from outside.

Gabled Arbors

made of wooden gabled arbors in colorful garden plants

Gabled arbors are a fixture in English gardens and can be seen as early as the 14th century. They typically have steep pitches that resemble triangular roof shapes; this is what kids usually draw when they’re playing house. Usually, you want to let the pointed roofs show through plants so as for this garden feature to maintain an architectural quality. They are almost always made of wood, making them very sturdy pieces on any property outside of your home!

Best Plants For A Gabled Arbor

Climbing English roses because they’re slow-growing enough so that you won’t lose the intricate patterns in an arbor roof. Black-eyed Susan vine, hummingbird, and clematis will climb skyward.

Design Tip

Keep vines trimmed, so they don’t obscure the roof’s angles.


Can I Make An Arbor?

If you’re handy with tools, you can design and build your own arbor custom to your space. If you’re more of a TV watching fan than an avid woodworker, some kits can be assembled with nothing more than patience and a screwdriver. And, of course, you can purchase an arbor that requires no artisan skills or tools.

What Are The Best Materials For Arbors?

As you might know, four types of arbors can handle the wear and tear of outdoor living: iron, steel, wood, or wood polymer composite materials. Arbors made of wood or metal are the most traditional styles. For a long-lasting arbor, choose weather-resistant wood such as cedar that resists rot and insects. Otherwise, you can use coated metal that is resistant to rust.

In Conclusions

An arbor with a bench is an excellent addition to any backyard, especially if you’re looking for a place where people can relax and enjoy some peaceful time. Coffee, food, or just enjoying the breeze from your favorite tree are all great ways of using this awesome space in your yard!

It’s also perfect at night when it becomes lit up by lanterns that make it feel like something out of a dream! So go ahead and build one now – these DIY ideas will help get you started.

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