Fence To Hide Air Conditioner: Turn Your Eyesore Into A Curb Appeal

Curb appeal and a nice appearance can be attained by using a fence to hide the Air Conditioner unit. AC units provide great service, but they are difficult to negotiate into your landscaping plans. Maybe you want some greenery in your yard, but the thought of planting it all overwhelms you?

If you want to increase curb appeal near your AC unit, consider covering it up with an attractive material. There are a variety of options – here are a few ideas for a fence that will keep the AC out of sight while improving your outside space.

Things To Consider Before Hiding Your Air Conditioner Unit

things to consider before hiding your air conditioner unit

To get the best experience, use these five considerations before hiding your outdoor AC unit:

Check The Manufacturer’s Recommended Distance

To be sure, ensure the manufacturer’s recommended installation height before placing the unit under a cover—plan for how to hide it outside afterward by meeting their requirements.

You Need A Room for Maintenance

External units need maintenance as well. Ensure the covering is removable to allow for routine service.

Make A Proper Ventilation

A well-ventilated air conditioner will last a lot longer, which is why you should install a unit cover that isn’t suffocating. There are many ways to dress up the outdoor AC unit to improve its curb appeal while still providing the needed ventilation.

Make sure there is enough room around the outdoor HVAC unit.

Create A Cool, Shady Space

Covering your AC unit will help keep it cool and protected from the sun. To do this, use a cover to camouflage it near plants (outside) to protect the air conditioner from overheating.

Don’t Plant Shrubs Too Close To The Unit

A common way to cover an outdoor air conditioner is by placing shrubs nearby. This can result in lower performance of your AC unit, and you could put yourself at risk for extreme fluctuation in your home’s temperature. Plan to plant shrubs away from the AC unit, not too close.

The Necessary Of Clearance To Have Around Your Air Conditioner

the necessary of clearance to have around your air conditioner

To ensure your outdoor AC unit stays in good working order, you’ll need to make sure there is enough space around the sides and on top of the unit. However, determining how much space you’ll need will depend largely on where it’s located.

Generally, if no solid walls surround the unit, and instead of a combination of more porous materials such as shrubbery, which air can travel through easily, you will require less clearance. Alternatively, if it’s a solid wall surrounding the unit, you will need more space to account for any reduced circulation.

Before you go planting bushes or building a fence, keep reading for more considerations and guidelines you’ll need to make regarding air conditioners.

Air Conditioner Clearance By The Numbers

The general rule is that you should have one foot on each side of the air conditioner.

For your air conditioner’s manufacturer, they will usually recommend a clearance. Generally, it is recommended that they have 12-24 inches between the exterior wall and any perimeter unit.

As discussed earlier, you can get away with less clearance around an AC unit without the risk of needing air conditioner repair in Chicago if the insulating material you’re using is porous, like a shrub.

However, remember that decorative shrubs can be dynamic and change shape over time. When selecting a location for your shrub to shield the air conditioner unit, make sure you have enough space to accommodate growth.

Clearance On Top Of Your Ac Unit

The air conditioner needs to ventilate properly. If you don’t give the unit at least 60 inches of vertical clearance, you run the risk of putting extra stress on it and increasing your chances that you’ll need air conditioning repair.

On top of this, a lack of clearance on the air conditioner makes it pulls in the warmer surrounding air, which works to make the machine operate less efficiently and also drives up your monthly cooling bill.

More Than Just Air Flow

The last thing to remember is that it isn’t just a matter of airflow, either; you want enough clearance for service technicians who may need access to the unit. If you are planting shrubs or building a wall, leave one side of the unit with clearance for someone to access its critical components.

Reasons To Hide Air Conditioner With Fence

reasons to hide air conditioner with fence

Putting up a fence around your air conditioner may seem odd, but there are many reasons to do so. In some communities, it’s required by law. The HOA may require that an air conditioner be hidden behind a privacy fence or enclosure.

A protective enclosure will shield your AC unit from kids and cats, keep other plants from getting too close, and save you the trouble of having to trim them back. Whether a new rule demands it or not, an air conditioner privacy fence is a great way to enhance the exterior appearance, protect your unit, and reduce noise.

Pros And Cons Of Hiding Air Conditioner

Cons To Hide Air Conditioner

  • Covering an AC unit with a cover or other material may actually trap water in and create the perfect environment for corrosion. This is hazardous to electrical wiring, connection points, and circuit boards, which could fail due to an abundance of moisture.
  • The manufacturer does not recommend covering your air conditioner unit. Manufacturers build A/C units that operate outdoors year-round and do not require coverage.
  • It is impossible to cover your air conditioner without inhibiting proper airflow. Dirt and dust can also accumulate on the AC if it is not free from obstructions, making your coils less efficient.
  • Some animals will be looking for shelter from colder temperatures. They might see the AC unit as their new favorite home! This can easily lead to other problems, such as chewed electrical wires and uninsulated Freon lines due to rodents stripping them for a nest. Soon you could have more than just an air conditioning unit with mice in it!

Pros To Hide Air Conditioner

  • A cover will allow your AC unit to be free of dirt from outside, thereby ensuring the quality of your unit.
  • Installing a cover helps keep water from touching the coils and freezing, which can be damaging.
  • Usage of a cover for your outdoor air conditioner (AC) unit can reduce the amount of dirt and dust on the coils. This could lead to improved efficiency when you use it again.

Fence To Hide Air Conditioner Ideas

Simple Fence To Hide The Air Conditioner

simple fence to hide the air conditioner

Fences come in many varieties and styles, making for a great way to add some personality while hiding AC units. For example, you could have the fence curve around at an angle or even go all of the ways out 90 degrees from your house. This will serve as a cover-up and create a little seating area that guests would find inviting!

Vinyl Fencing And Screens

vinyl fencing and screens

A new trend in fencing is giving people a choice between the traditional fence or the screen. Vinyl fences and screens can be found at your local big-box store, making it super easy to get what you need no matter how far from home you are. Hiding an outdoor air conditioner becomes simple with vinyl products that make hiding them as straightforward as unfolding a screen, so they’re out of sight for just about anyone passing by! You don’t have to worry about replanting trees every time one gets chopped down either because these displays come pre-grown with any tree shape imaginable!

Low Fence Covering For Savvy landscape

low fence covering for savvy landscape

The low fence is designed to cover the big AC unit, and it does so seamlessly. The landscape design helps make this air conditioner almost invisible from any point of view. If you look carefully at the picture, you can still see that there’s an AC in a corner, but your eyes will have already drawn down another path before seeing it – making for a perfect background for all those lush plants nearby!

Simple One-Sided Contemporary Fence

simple one sided contemporary fence

One way to give your air conditioner a beautiful curb appeal is by using a single fence, like the one in the photo. It has an elegant design that compliments the outdoor area and lets it be unseen.

While you may only want to cover portions of the AC unit with a fence, it’s possible to create a solution using only one fence. Covering all sides of the air conditioner is optional.

Hiding The AC with Simple Trellis

hiding the ac with simple trellis

If you have an air conditioner in the middle of your garden, a trellis might not be enough to provide privacy. What about dressing up the AC with something that would complement the garden’s beauty? A vegetation screen or fence would make a great background for your small garden.

One clever way to dress up a garden is to cover the entire AC unit with a screen. Screening can also be done on the cheap, which makes it an ideal solution for big gardens.

Simple Modern Screen To Hide Air Conditioner

simple modern screen to hide air conditioner

If you want something simple and the need to block out any noise, this is a great project for a do-it-yourselfer. The key to achieving an ideal screen covering the air conditioner unit while not interfering with its efficiency is careful attention to structure placement.

This project to hide the outside air conditioning unit is conceptual and can be obtained with minimal woodworking skills. Besides hiding it, you’ll be able to keep trash from view too.

Smart Air Conditioner Unit Cover

smart air conditioner unit cover

The fence you see here does a lot more than enclose the air conditioner unit. This screen is solid on one side, and some of the other sides have an access point that’s also screened—giving these AC units room to breathe. The fence is also tall enough to keep people from tampering with it too.

This screen has an intelligent design. The open gate is an essential addition to let the air flow with the unit. Although assembling this cover will require expertise and costly resources, it is worth the work.

Air Conditioner Unit Cover For Balcony

air conditioner unit cover for balcony

If you have an air conditioning unit on your balcony that is sometimes difficult to look at, then a fence could be the perfect thing for covering it up.

It is important to unify all components of a space. Putting machinery in the center may be problematic, which this fence can accommodate. You might find it appealing because it blends with the environment and includes flowers for an aesthetic look that complements its surroundings.

Well Ventilated Fence

well ventilated fence

One solution is to cover the unit with a framework of timber slats. Instead of leaving it bare, you can make it more permanent by populating the frame with trellis or lattice screening to grow climbing plants such as vines and creepers.

Air Conditioner Unit Fence With Potted Plants

air conditioner unit fence with potted plants

Two potted plants placed directly in front of the fence would contribute to the curb appeal. In addition, the quince wood fence looks good already.

The charm that it can add to your outdoor space should not be ignored. Planting potted plants will give the best of both worlds.

Make A Picket Fence Cover

make a picket fence cover

You might typically find wooden picket fences around gardens. They have a timeless charm and are an unbeatable classic.

Picket fences have been popular for years, and they work well in modern homes too. They make a perfect backdrop to hide your outdoor air conditioning unit!

Furthermore, when it comes to the type of fencing you can select for your picket fence, there are numerous choices beyond just wood. There is also vinyl, PVC, and metal available as well.

Cover up your external HVAC unit with a fence. You can also add small birdhouses to create an attractive outdoor area.

Lattice Air Conditioner Unit Cover

lattice air conditioner unit cover

The fence-type design for the air conditioner unit is popular because it offers an interesting appearance. It also benefits from its structure that supports the garden system. The holes in the cover are hidden by lush green, so you have to look closely to find out what lies beneath it.

Placing a fence around the AC will put it out of sight, providing you with an attractive focal point for your garden. The fence can serve as a screen for climbing plants to thrive along the outer surface and create a harmonious blend with everything else in your garden.

Easy DIY Cover Fence

easy diy cover fence

Outdoor air conditioners can ruin the looks of your space, but this DIY idea is a simple way to cover up the unit. This visual from an expert blogger has been shared on many sites online.

You need not have any professional skills for building this cover to the air conditioner. You can make it yourself using some simple stuff you might find around your home. It will also need nails or heavy-duty adhesive (depending on what type of wood you use) and cedar plank boards and should not require large amounts of effort – just a bit of luck with measuring!

Hiding The Unit With Paver Wall

hiding the unit with paver wall

You can use the Fence to Hide Air Conditioner unit effectively. For those who do not want to deal with woodwork and plants, a paver wall could still cover the AC unit effectively.

Cover the AC unit with patio pavers to make it look like a fortress.

Small House Air Conditioner unit Cover

small house air conditioner unit cover

One way owners can use a fence to hide an outdoor AC unit is as part of their garden’s overall look and design. Consider this example: The cover for the outside AC unit looks like a small house, making it appear more attractive than if it was just treated like an ugly air-conditioner or soffit on your front porch.

The small air conditioner house is a great addition to the entire garden. You’d never know there was an AC unit inside unless you looked closely and saw it!

Basic Fence With Premade Panels

basic fence with premade panels

Hiding the uglier aspects of a house can make it more appealing without any redesign. This fence panel design would look great because it flows with the property and has a clean design. Removing this panel from sight is an easy task in most cases.

One of the ideas to improve your curb appeal is a fence like this.

Attractive White Fence

attractive white fence

You can hide your outdoor air conditioner unit with an attractive fence. The white vinyl fences never need painting or other maintenance and come backed by a 10-year warranty.

Lattice Fence To Hide Air Conditioner

lattice fence to hide air conditioner

Here are some more ideas to hide the air conditioner with a lattice fence. This particular design is made of solid fir painted or stained to match any exterior look and comes with two ground anchors for safety.

Rustic Charm Ideas To Hide Air Conditioner

rustic charm ideas to hide air conditioner

If your outdoor AC unit is an eyesore, these wood fence ideas will help you improve the curb appeal. If the white trellis isn’t your style, this type of natural wood might be more appealing to you. Natural lattice adds a rustic charm that’s perfect for suburban homes with traditional landscaping!

Surround Your Air Conditioner Unit With Raised Garden Beds

surround your air conditioner unit with raised garden beds

You could build raised garden beds around the outside of your outdoor AC unit so that you can grow to produce there.

Place an assortment of tall trellises near the back of your garden to provide extra coverage and potentially take advantage of cooling breezes.

Air Conditioner Covered With Fence And Plants

air conditioner covered with fence and plants

You can use more than one of the ideas I presented above. Combining any combination may be a better option in some cases.

If the outdoor AC unit is too loud, opt for adding a solid layer – even a basic fence – with some plants around it. Don’t have any gaps (other than an access point), and your opaque construction with greenery should do wonders in reducing noise.

Not only does your garden establish a barrier between the units and the outside, but it also serves as a landscaping feature for surrounding spaces.

As A Result

Finally, it is important to remember that you will cover up the air conditioning unit by using a fence and improve your exterior. It can also be a way to show off your creativity and craftsmanship when choosing an option for this solution. Choose an option that suits both your style and budget but adheres to safety guidelines to avoid any risk of injury- keep indoor AC units indoors!

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