Fall Landscape Ideas: Bringing The Best Features Of Fall Into Your Yard

Having a landscape for your yard in the fall is what you need to take advantage of one of the most beautiful seasons. When weather changes, it brings everyone into feelings of comfort and excitement.

If you want to design a landscape that distinguishes your home and yard from the surrounding neighborhood in autumn, there are landscaping ideas that can help. Keep reading until the end of this article for tips on how to bring respite and beauty into your fall surroundings.

List Of Fall Landscape Ideas

Here are some pictures of fall landscapes. We hope that after you’ve seen these pictures, you can start making your own in your yard too.

Add Pathway To Backyard

add pathway to backyard with a wooden arbor and a vine roof

If you want to enjoy the beautiful fall season, cool weather, and long sunny days outside your home, a landscaping project such as stepping stones or paving is a great idea. However, these projects should be done in late summer or autumn.

Pavers can turn a large lawn area into smaller, more inviting garden “rooms” that can be decorated with different plant varieties.

Concrete has always been popular for stepping stones, but now it can be manufactured to resemble many different types of expensive materials – like natural stone, brick, or even wood.

If you plan this project out, it will be a great weekend to install the pavers yourself.

Ornamental Grasses For Fall Landscaping

ornamental grasses for fall landscaping with dry grass in the garden

Many types of ornamental grasses can retain their attractiveness as summer turns to fall. Many have developed interesting plumes, flowerheads, or seed pods, and their green stalks and leaves turn to crisp golds, bronzes, or browns.

Tall grasses such as miscanthus may grow taller than a person, while other plants are perfect for ground cover.

Frost can turn tall grasses into sculptures, for example, while bending some plants into interesting shapes.

A grouping of different ornamental grasses is a good way to make your scenery in the fall interesting. For a nice pop of color, add a few pumpkins.

Add A Water Feature Ideas


add a water feature ideas on sloping landscape with wooden chairs on patio

A lot of homeowners add water features to their landscape during the fall.

Some of the best water features for a fall yard can include ponds that shelter fish, which often live beneath ice during winter.

Little bubbles are inexpensive and easy to install, making them a simple way for homeowners to make their gardens beautiful.

Other homeowners set up water features such as fountains, water curtains, and walls. Water effects are made more spectacular at night by uplights for the waterfront.

Adding A Few Delicate Flowering Plants Ideas

adding a few delicate flowering plants ideas with the urn spilling purple flowers

Incorporate the visual essence of autumn in your yard by adding a few delicate flowering plants or vines. You can also swap out pots to make them look like they belong in fall-like conditions.

Adding a flower-filled topiary to the landscape is one way to add some of your favorite plants or flowers without planting them in the ground. This also provides you with an easy way to change up your landscaping as desired throughout the year. If you prefer fresh herbs, it’s great for keeping these on hand all year round too.

Contemporary Fall Landscape Ideas

contemporary fall landscape ideas in a modern house with a desert-themed landscape

For a minimalistic look, this is the perfect landscape. A meticulously planned pathway leads up into an impressively designed modern home. The frosty lawn and minuscule shrubs entice visitors to come closer for a better look at this gorgeous home.

When it comes to adding that fall feeling in your yard, you have a few options. You can either add natural elements like piles of hay or pumpkins and gourds. If you’re not going for the traditional feel in your landscape, it is easy enough to include less eye-catching features without diminishing the overall moods created by autumn influences.

Landscape With Strategic Placement Of Plants

landscape with strategic placement of plants on front yard with colorful blooms

If implementing new plants in the landscaping, be strategic about their placement. Consider their colors, texture, and size before committing to a seasonal style.

Natural Colors Of Foliage In The Fall

natural colors of foliage in the fall on house with deep red bricks and hanging pink vines

The use of natural color schemes is one way to create a beautiful fall landscape. The perfect examples would be trees with brilliant foliage combined with a house having deep red bricks and hanging pink vines. Nature’s hard work becomes easier for us when he has done all of this already in an optimal manner.

Gorgeous Foliage Landscape

gorgeous color changes foliage landscape in front yard

You have been very fortunate if you already have a tree that displays evolving colors in its leaves during the changing of seasons because it is one of nature’s loveliest sights to behold.

Having this tree means you are already ahead of the game. All you need to do is add a few finishing elements if you want your yard to really stand out. For example, place two patio pumpkins for an extra level of attention.

Fall Landscape With Tree Scenes

fall landscape with tree scenes rock pathway and pebbles

Included in a fall landscape will be the large tree on your property that changes color in the season. A mini garden should be below with plants such as flowers or shrubs. Flowers/shrubs should have colors like orange, yellow, or brown which are common for this year.

Traditional Fall Porch For A Photo Backdrop

traditional fall porch for a photo backdrop with a haystack and pumpkin gourds

Having a front porch decorated in the fall is an unmistakable way to give your home an adorable autumn mood. If you’re looking for a design project that would work great for photos, consider using haystacks and pumpkin pumpkins as decorations.

Flowers To Decorate A Fall Landscape

yellow flowers to decorate a fall landscape in side of driveway pavers

If you don’t have the time or money to decorate a fall landscape, planting colorful flowers is an inventive idea. As well as being inexpensive and lightweight, these flowering plants will look great all year round. Though you’ll know they’ll look much better when it’s in the fall.

Backyard Fall Landscape Ideas

backyard fall landscape ideas with pumpkins and colorful blooms

If you have a backyard patio with stairs, create a beautiful fall landscape in an afternoon. Place two pumpkins on either side of the path leading up to your home, and voilà—you’ve created beauty enhanced by autumn.

Amazing View Of Fall Plants

amazing view of fall plants accompanied by many kinds of colorful flowers

The image above shows a beautiful slope of greenery, which would make any yard seem spectacular. If you want to design a landscape that mimics this picture, consult with local nurseries and gardeners for gardening advice.

Leaf Canopy For Fall Landscape

leaf canopy for fall landscape with these vibrant

You may be looking for a new landscape idea, and one such place to start is by considering a landing canopy or gazebo. Covering this canopy with foliage in the colors of fall looks great as your late-fall yard design.

Fall Garden Gate Landscape Ideas

fall garden gate landscape ideas with growing vine into a garden gate view

The addition of color-changing vines to a landscape can help to jazz up any season, especially fall. To implement this idea, insert a growing vine into garden gate views. It’s the perfect balance for existing scenery and is surprisingly elegant.

Cranberry Hues Front Yard Landscaping

cranberry hues front yard landscaping ideas

If you really want to have a pop of color on your lawn, go for plants and flowers that are meant for fall and have a classy cranberry hue. Just look at this beautifully landscaped yard to get some inspiration.

Front Yard Landscaping To Highlight The Driveway

front yard landscaping to highlight the driveway with pumpkins

If your home has a long driveway, put some flair onto it! This is about your front yard landscaping. Get creative with it!

Autumn Patio Landscape

clean autumn patio landscape with native plants and brcik pavers

A patio that is clean, tidy, and organized will be a perfect fall landscape; it doesn’t need trees or pumpkins. It still has native plants that make the atmosphere more natural.

Rock Garden For Fall Landscape

rock garden for fall landscape with water features ideas

Whatever landscaping theme you choose, a rock garden with water features will be an asset. A cool-season landscape design can have rocks and water features without much extra work.

How To Start Creating A Fall Landscape

home garden landscape view with yellow color of fall foliage

Fall is a great time to reconsider your landscape plans, with several benefits from the fall season.

Firstly, the soil has warmed up, so it is easier to dig up. Secondly, there are fewer unpredictable rains that keep the soil wet for long periods of time. The temperature is still pretty comfortable outside, even though it feels a bit cooler.

It is a great time to buy plants off of clearance because they are not covered in pretty flowers; another interesting aspect when autumn arrives is how plants become cheaper at garden centers.

So how do you go about with your fall landscaping plans? Here’s how the experts explain their strategies for seasonal layouts:

Creating Compost Layer

One might think that sweeping and collecting fallen leaves would be a good idea during the fall, but the reality is it’s beneficial to leave them on top of the soil. While left alone, they will slowly accumulate into a natural compost layer over time. After all, there are benefits in using handfuls of leaves as mulch for your plants!

Try A Fall Container Plants

Planting plants in pots or other containers can help you move them from indoors to outdoors according to your preference. Apart from beautifully coordinating with the fall season, it also has the added benefit of living inside when unfavorable weather arrives.

Succulents are perfect for potted plants and demand low maintenance. With that in mind, pair some succulents with a few other fall favorites like pansies and violins to create the perfect Fall container.

Cool-season Vegetables

Consider planting winter vegetables if you want to create a lively autumn garden look. Planting cabbage, rainbows, and kales with ornamental grass is the first step in designing an aesthetically pleasing space.

You can not only have a well-designed landscape that is eye-pleasing, but you also get to enjoy vegetables in your own garden later.

Plant Lots Of Trees And Shrubs

front yard landscaping ideas with colorful blooms and pebbles pathway

Fall is a wonderful time of year, and it’s also a great time to plant deciduous ornamental trees and shrubs. Before you do, though, you should know which of them are best for areas with cold weather conditions.

If you want a fall landscape with greenery, Sargent crabapples and weeping cherries are perfect. But if you prefer broad-leafed plants, hardy boxwoods, Delaware Valley White Azaleas, and Mt. Andromeda Firs all make great choices too.

Here are some types of plants appropriate for planting in fall to create the prettiest spring yard:

Pansies And Violas

Fall is an ideal time to plant pansies and their smaller cousins, violas, as the still-warm soil will allow their roots to grow in preparation for winter.

One of the best times to plant these cool-season annuals is in autumn because you’ll get two seasons of enjoyment out of them: when they’re vibrant in fall and when they bloom again during the warmer months.

If you live in a climate where the ground freezes, consider planting more cold-resistant varieties of plants such as “Cool Wave.” To help them overwinter, add mulch around them when your soil is frozen. This provides insulation from temperature fluctuations that can heave these small plants out of the ground during the winter months.

Turf Grass

Establishing a new lawn in the fall is an excellent way to take advantage of cooler weather. New seeding or sod can be planted either by you or professional landscapers, with each having its own benefits and costs. So explore your options!

If you want to repair a patchy lawn, first rake the soil in the damaged area, scatter grass seeds sparingly, and then cover with compost or straw. Maintain well-watered newly seeded areas until freezing temperatures arrive.

Spring Bulbs

spring bulbs are types of plants suitable for planting in fall

All spring-blooming bulbs require a period of cold to bloom, which is why they need to be planted in fall for them to blossom the following year.

Many bulbs offer a wide variety of colors and blooms to enhance your garden; if you have issues with deer or other animals eating the bulbs, such as deer or rodents, plant bulbs, they don’t like to eat either horse chestnut, grape hyacinths, and alliums.

Trees And Shrubs

Plant trees and shrubs during the fall when the soil is warm enough. Check with utility companies to figure out how to plant without compromising underground lines.

When planting new trees or shrubs at their natural soil lines, make sure to keep them well watered until after the ground freezes. Planting and watering everything early will ensure that your trees and shrubs have a good start before going into dormancy during winter.


When you’re looking to add new perennials to your garden, autumn is the best time of year. You can divide and replant existing plants such as hostas and astilbes during this time.

Keep your perennials well watered to encourage good roots before they go dormant for the season. Keep them protected from frost heaving with shredded leaves or other mulch layered about 3 inches thick around them when temperatures dip during the colder months of the year. When it’s spring again, you should have a lovely garden that feels festive and new!

Take Advantage Of Your Borders Space

take advantage of your borders space with beautyberry

It is possible to capitalize on what is often wasted space, the border area between your yard and garden.

Create a border space by adding unique plant life to make your home and yard stand out. It’s important to have plants that will stay green even during the fall months ahead, so consider one of these three plants when you design your fall landscape: callicarpa (beautyberry), allium, or rudbeckia.

Don’t Forget To Plant Fruit.

Adding fruit trees to your landscape is a great idea for the fall season. Bayberry shrubs, scarlet firethorn, elderberry bushes, and winterberry are all striking choices for their colorful fruit that will look beautiful in any yard or garden.

The Best Ways To Boost Fall Curb Appeal

red entryway door decorated with fall landscaping theme and brick flooring

Even if you’re on a tight budget, some easy landscaping and a few floofs of festive decor will go a long way toward improving the first impression your home makes.

Anyone can create a cozy and inviting fall look without spending too much time or money. In just a weekend, this year’s most popular season can be front and center on the property.

Execute The Fall Landscaping Ideas

Fall landscaping is an easy task to complete. Fall provides the perfect opportunity for winding down weekly lawn maintenance, pruning, deadheading, and watering.

It’s important to keep up with these tasks on a smaller scale, even as the grass slows down and heads into that familiar winter dormancy.

One of the many benefits of taking care of your yard is that you can increase your home’s value by over fifteen percent. Apply these easy tips for keeping up on your lawn to enjoy more appreciation from family and friends.

Make An Entryway Decor Theme

an entryway decor theme for fall landscaping ideas with plants flowers and pumpkins

Fall is the time of year when you’ll start to see new bins of seasonal decor come in for a few months. One way to stay festive is by using a fun patterned welcome mat and stacking your porch with pumpkins, bales of hay, corn stalks, or any other decoration that matches the theme.

In addition to checking in on any fixtures that look worn or faded, it is also a great time to clean, paint, or replaces them as needed. Look at lighting fixtures on and around the house, coach lights, mailboxes, and flag poles for items that may need attention according to age and weather.

A quick coat of paint and a new fixture or two are simple changes that can make your house stand out. Some decorative touches to the porch create an inviting environment for fall.

Do The Exterior Maintenance

While the weather is cooling off and fewer days on which people wish to be outside, it does not mean all outdoor chores should stop. Take advantage of these chilly mornings, late afternoons, and evenings — although they may make some tasks harsher — as this is the perfect time to work around the house.

Now is the time to clean and do a bit of maintenance before it starts getting cold. Check the gutters, paint chips, roof, and shingles for possible damage. Replace any bulbs that are out and sweep walkways, porches, paths, or sidewalks.

Add Some Creative Lighting

porch and landscaping with garden light fixtures to walkway path lights

Lighting is a fantastic way to highlight your property! From porch lighting fixtures and landscaping path lights, there are plenty of ways to accentuate the beauty of your home. The most noticeable feature is not to overwhelm yourself with too many light sources.

When you design your home’s exterior, strive for soft and subtle hues highlighting a home’s outside attributes without overpowering the look. It is important to avoid spotlight-powered lighting because it will quickly overwhelm the space. Angle lights up towards trees, shrubs, and other decorations, highlighting softly and adding natural light through dusk if possible.

These are all ways that you can take advantage of seasonal lighting to enhance the curb appeal of your home. And don’t forget festive decorative lighting if it is appropriate for the season!


What’s In Your Fall Landscape?

For people who think of the fall as a less exciting time when it comes to landscaping, we hope you’ll rethink this perspective. After all, in addition to the changing colors and cooler weather that comes with autumn, there are some truly spectacular plants for flowerbeds like Japanese maples and flowers such as Goldenrod and Beautyberry, making a fall landscape just as magical as spring landscapes.

Final Word

You can see how good design and careful planning can work for your garden even without all the expensive props. It’s time to get out there and start designing with these key ideas in mind as we head towards fall.

As the name suggests, fall is a wonderful time of year to increase your yard’s beauty through landscaping. Whether you want festive Halloween elements or traditional autumn colors, it is easy to make your property gorgeous. Plants in various stages are natural and great for adding symmetry and visual interest, as are pumpkins and vines.

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