Deck Garden Ideas – The Ultimate Way To Make Your Deck Even More Functional

If you are looking for a new hobby or already have space at your house, having a garden on your deck is an excellent idea. Growing vegetables can be surprisingly easy if you know what to do and how to plan.

When designing a deck, the layout and configuration of the stairs leading up to it are only limited by the builder’s imagination. That being said, be aware that weight restrictions will limit what you can do with your deck. Always consider presentation when building or renovating any outdoor space because it is important to have both form and function meet in beautiful equilibrium.

All that said, if you’ve decided to make your deck even more functional by having a beautiful garden, then we have compiled the ultimate way of achieving this.

These deck garden ideas can provide more growing space. Hopefully, they will inspire you to grow your home deck despite any limitations on space.

Deck Garden Ideas For Decorative Purposes

deck garden ideas for decorative purposes

Dressing up an empty deck is not difficult. All you need to do are buy some great plants, and your backyard will feel like a new home.

Group Containers For A Big Effect

group containers for deck garden ideas

Container gardening can be easy with one container, but it needs some help to feel more lively. Place multiples of the same plant in various sizes to add lots of color to your patio.

Use containers with showy, easy-care annuals such as petunias, bacopa, and sweet potato vine. These are just a few of the many types of plants that can be used all summer long if they are kept moist by watering them every day.

Other colorful container picks include:


lantana for deck garden ideas

This is a flower that does not require much water.


hibiscus for deck garden ideas

Tropical flowers with big blooms.

Scaevola (also called fan flower)

scaevola also called fan flower for deck garden ideas

Heat-tolerant, cascading plant

Grouping containers of varying sizes together on your deck can make a beautiful focal point.

Create A Color Theme

deck garden color theme ideas

When choosing the flowers to plant in your garden, one important thing to consider is how they will match with the other colors in their surface area. For a vibrant look, choose plants such as red verbena, orange marigolds, and yellow sunflowers.

If you want a less flashy style, plant with cooler blue salvia, white bacopa, and gray-leafed licorice plants.

Go Low Maintenance

low maintenance deck garden ideas

For a beautiful, low-maintenance outdoor living space in mild climates, choose plants that need little care. For example, succulents don’t require much water and have few diseases/pests. They look good all the time too.

Succulents offer tactile appeal and color. Plants include:


sedums for deck garden ideas

Low-growing and colorful plants.


sempervivens for deck garden ideas

Clumped together hens and chicks.


echeverias for deck garden ideas

Offer fleshy and colorful leaves.

With these low-maintenance plants, you can spend more time outside and less time worrying about your flowers.

Plant For Privacy

Create your own secluded haven by planting small trees in containers to block the view of neighbors. These are some recommendations:

  • Evergreen trees such as arborvitae, cypress, or juniper
  • Roses, such as the Knock Out rose develop flowers that are resistant to disease.
  • Tree-shaped versions of popular shrubs like lantana and hibiscus

Attract Butterflies To Your Deck

Plant flowering plants, such as butterfly bush, zinnia, and verbena, in containers you can bring outside. These guarantees live entertainment outside your door without having to worry about your garden’s survival.

Growing A Vegetable Garden On Your Deck

deck garden ideas with vegetables plant container

  • You can always grow a vegetable garden on your deck. It is the same as one in a plot. If you live in an area with limited sun or are located in a condo or apartment, installing a container garden may be more suitable for your needs.

A portion of a roof, window box, porch, or staircase can all be excellent options for vegetable garden containers as long as they are in an area with at least six hours of full sun per day.

Benefits To Growing Vegetable Gardens On A Deck

deck garden ideas with vegetables plant container and beige sofa

Even if the garden you have is small, raised vegetable gardens (or container gardening) can be helpful to address common gardening challenges like plant diseases and pests.

Additionally, containers allow you to plant tomatoes or peppers way ahead of schedule in the spring and warm up quicker than the soil around a row of plants.

Additionally, crops that need more sun or are facing too much sun and maybe getting burned can more easily be moved to a different area depending on the need.

Folks with limited mobility can create a raised vegetable garden in containers. In addition to being less challenging on the legs, vegetables grown in this fashion can also add some visual interest and beauty to the deck or stoop.

Almost any veggies that can be grown in an outdoor garden area may be grown in a container. You do not have to grow dwarf varieties, although these are fun too!

Planting veggies in different climates requires a delicate balance. For example, peppers and tomatoes grow well in the south due to their long growing season, but snow peas and beans flourish for us on the Northwest coast.

These are a few vegetables that “save space” as garden planters: beets, scallions, carrots, lettuce, peppers, or tomatoes.

With the right gardening supplies, many vegetables can be grown successfully indoors. For example, beans or snow peas can easily grow in a container, and even corn will do well in a pot. Some vegetables are better suited to hanging baskets or frames tacked to the wall of your house.

Companion planting is a great idea for a deck vegetable garden. Incorporating herbs with vegetables will not only be useful, but they can also act as pest deterrents and provide some color by including flowering plants in the space around larger veggie containers or raised vegetable gardens.

How To Grow A Vegetable Garden On The Deck

deck garden ideas with few vegetables plant container

A well-draining potting mix is important and should be mixed with fertilizers containing dry organic or controlled release products. You may also add water retaining polymers to your soil mix for added protection.

Ensure that the bottom of your containers is drilled with holes to increase drainage and elevate them off the ground on decorative feet or pieces of wood. Choose large pots and deep window boxes, so there is enough room for roots when they grow.

Use terra cotta pots only for accenting during the traditional winter holidays. Plastic or composition containers help with water retention, especially if you choose to hand-water. Drip irrigation on a timer is more practical in most situations.

In every container, install a circle of emitters on the soil with inline emitters or small sprinklers and set the controller to water, often enough to moisten the soil. Apply a liquid fertilizer at least every two weeks or reapply evaporated organic fertilizer according to instructions and look for pests.

To avoid insects, use insecticidal soap or oil. Remember to ensure that the pots do not dry out and provide a trellis or other support for climbing veggies if necessary. The key is to sit back and wait for vegetables to grow in your newly created container garden on your outdoor deck!

List Of Deck Garden Ideas

Deck Vegetable Garden Set Up

deck vegetable garden set up ideas

The following are some ideas for exterior vegetable gardens. With these, your garden will be more stunning and clean with this design.

DIY Tiered Herb Garden

diy tiered herb garden ideas

A tiered herb or vegetable garden can be a great way to get more space on your deck or patio without it looking like overkill.

Skinny Deck Garden Bed Ideas For Growing Herbs

skinny deck garden bed ideas for growing herbs ideas

Having a small garden deck, vegetables and herbs can grow well with the proper management. Take a look at these skinny tall beds that have tomatoes, lettuces, basil, oregano, dill, chives, and flowers such as zinnia’s daisies, etc.

Attractive Deck Garden Ideas With Table Planters

attractive deck garden ideas with table planters

This list of garden ideas is the perfect description of attractive, easy, and accessible. A perfectly designed planter table is any deck gardener’s dream. It not only provides a good fit for your balcony but also allows you to have plenty enough space for soil.

With intermediate crafting skills, you can easily build your own planter and decorate it with soil. Don’t be shy; the results are guaranteed to please!

I recommend you build it waist high so that you don’t have to bend over and hurt your back. The soil should be about 10 inches deep, which is enough depth for most plants. Having this on your deck will make it a hit.

Vertical Planters Deck Garden Ideas

vertical planters deck garden ideas

These garden pots are space-savers. We mentioned earlier how using vertical planters maximizes the use of sunlight in your deck garden, so they’re a perfect option for you if that’s an issue.

They’re very versatile, and they can be used in gardening for vegetables that need a lot of sunlight or vegetables that like soil. If you want to grow various types of herbs and vegetables, this is a great idea. I find it amazing.

This idea saves space and maximizes your greenery output. It usually looks like a pallet garden, but vertical planters are actually better constructed. We recommend constructing them from natural cedar, which weathers the outdoors more gracefully on your deck.

Vertical planters would also best accommodate a drip irrigation system. This means that the risk of root rot and too much water are not issues. These ideas are great for plants such as lettuce, parsley, oregano, basil, and potatoes.

However, be careful not to plant tomatoes with less aggressive plants. Tomatoes have a stronger root system than other plants and are more likely to outcompete them for space.

DIY Ladder Planter For Deck Garden Ideas

diy ladder planter for deck garden ideas

To maximize the number of plants while utilizing a small space in an outdoor setting, such as on your balcony or deck, you should create a ladder planter.

Beautiful Deck Garden Ideas

beautiful deck garden ideas

This deck garden proves that simpler is better. If you want to experience outdoor fun and privacy, this idea can also offer shade for an enjoyable experience.

Here, the deck provides heavenly fulfillment from the garden or vice versa. You can accentuate its look with a sleek fireplace regardless of your garden’s use.

To highlight the transition between indoors and outdoors, let there be a seamless connection. Outdoor lighting can show this by depicting the shift from inside to outside as you go up onto your deck.

A garden that features both a modern touch and is beautiful will make stepping out of your home feel like you’re on vacation.

Potato Bags For Deck Garden Ideas

potato bags for deck garden ideas

If you’re a fan of gardening and produce like potatoes, this article may benefit you. While potatoes require large amounts of soil and are challenging to grow in small spaces like decks, they can still make excellent additions to an indoor garden.

Potatoes bags are a perfect solution to the problem of including soil and plants on your travels. These bags weigh very little but can still support soil and plants and material that is breathable enough to allow drainage for any excess water.

When growing your garden on a deck, be sure to sterilize the soil. This will help keep bugs out. It might also help put the bag in a waterproof container so leaks don’t damage your home. These inexpensive and recyclable bag planters make for high crop yields of potatoes!

Unique Floating Deck Garden Design

unique floating deck garden design ideas

Floating deck designs are perfect for larger gardens because they provide a comfortable and inexpensive way to create a new space.

To create a floating deck, you need to ensure that the base for each foundation can hold weight. After you’ve finished with the base component, make sure that the upper floor is smaller than below.

Platter Deck with Grey Color

platter deck with grey color ideas

If you love having a deck as part of your backyard design, consider taking a look at this modern green color deck garden concept. Most people who have decks with refreshing vibes forget about the point of adding them to spaces.

Today, it is a beautiful time to consider some ideas for your garden as you may apply various color combinations for the best outcome.

Deck Railing Planters

deck railing planters ideas

This is a great idea. For example, it could be applied to building your own deck garden by constructing a planter against the fence separating it from the house.

Deck Garden Concept With Minimalist Bench

deck garden concept with minimalist bench ideas

Once you want to design your deck with beautiful furniture, it does not mean that you have to buy many things. You can choose one of the best and what is important for bringing comfort over time.

This image gives you one of the simplest designs for a deck garden with a small bench so you can relax.

Private Planter Deck Garden Model

private planter deck garden model ideas

Not everyone would love open space so that you can add a private deck to your garden. To make it look beautiful, you may want to add another design or plant some flowers for the company to enjoy the space.

On the other hand, it must be covered by best deck skirting ideas if you have a deck.

Keep in mind that whatever design you choose for your garden deck should accurately match your wanted vibes. On the other hand, many people would prefer to create their own backyard grading design.

After choosing a deck flooring type, it’s vital not to forget skirting ideas. Some people find they have made the wrong decision about deck garden materials after selecting a skirting design.

Awesome Outdoor Deck Garden Ideas

awesome outdoor deck garden ideas

The best style for designing a deck without forgetting to incorporate some natural touches would be great for figuring out your vision in advance.

You can take many measurements to calculate how much space is available on the deck, sides, and top.

One of the best outdoor deck garden ideas is that you should apply at home. It guarantees beautiful moments for your family.

Rustic Seating On Minimalist Deck Garden Ideas

rustic seating on minimalist deck garden ideas

A minimal deck garden idea provides a welcoming space for your backyard meetings while also transforming the intruded garden. The rustic seating will contrast against the surrounding area without railings.

The warm wood tone of the sofa is a clear depiction of its minimalist shape. Before purchasing it, we recommend considering which color scheme to use and how to decorate it with outdoor furniture and planters.

Creating balance with a great space is guaranteed to catch your eye. Make interesting angles and lines in your furniture arrangement for the ultimate sense of being on an adventure while enjoying your garden view from the deck.

Ladder Planter For Deck Garden Ideas

ladder planter for deck garden ideas

DIY enthusiasts should try this DIY ladder for deck garden ideas. It is not just a decorative wall art piece but also a great way to display more plants in your outdoor space.

Shutter Mason Jar Herb Garden

shutter mason jar herb garden

This DIY garden decoration features old shutter pallets, some herbs, and a few mason jars. Anyone can quickly install this project to give the deck garden a refreshing transformation.

Use 2 inches of drainage, add potting soil and plant the weeds you want. Drill openings on the mason lids or remove them for your plants to come out.

After attaching the mason jars to the screens, make sure not to overwater them because of a lack of drain holes. The resultant hot deck garden will provide a relaxing setting for your garden.

DIY Potted Herb Garden On Beachy Backyard

diy potted herb garden on beachy backyard ideas

Outdoor space can be an extension of your home, and a great way to create that atmosphere is with an outdoor rug and potted herbs.

Layering Rock For Deck Garden Ideas

layering rock for deck garden ideas

This deck garden idea is a great layering technique. Rocks are inexpensive and can be sourced locally, but cheap materials may make them even more economical.

If you want to install a rock garden on your deck, there are many ideas available. Rock gardens often feel very small when they’re next to buildings.

Create a rock garden around your building by planting a mixture of plants to soften the edges. Use dwarf plants to break up the harsh lines created by walkways next to the building.

Deck Garden Ideas On Simplicity

A modern deck garden’s simplicity comes down to clean lines and simplistic color palates, which work together harmoniously.

Deck Garden Ideas With Recycled Plastic Wall Planter Pockets

deck garden ideas with recycled plastic wall planter pockets

This deck garden provides the opportunity to grow herbs on a wall. It’s great in any space because it can be hung anywhere. There are different alternatives if this specific option doesn’t work for you.

Hang this interior planter in a spot with enough sunlight and watch your herbs grow, such as mint, basil, or oregano.

This fascinating deck garden idea will not take up much of your deck space, and it will leave a lasting impression on guests with its nice look. We would suggest suspending it from either a balcony or the railing.

If you’re a diehard DIYer, one is easy to make using a sewing machine. However, be aware of the potential for overwatering and plants that could kill them, as they need an ample drainage system too.

Deck Garden Ideas FAQs

What Vegetables Can I Grow On My Deck?

The good news is that you can build a vegetable garden on your deck and expect it to thrive. With the right plants, you can grow just about any vegetable on your deck that would prosper in a garden.

Some people assume that their small space needs to accommodate the varieties of dwarf plants, but this is not always necessary.

Growing a deck garden is much more flexible than growing in the ground because box gardens allow you to grow different plants together and move what’s needed inside to protect you from harsh weather conditions.

If you’re concerned about space, even if you don’t want to grow dwarf vegetables, there are some good space-saving options to try.

Certain vegetables, like carrots, lettuce, peppers, scallions, and tomatoes, can be grown in containers (instead of needing a separate container for each vegetable) and moved around as needed.

How Should You Grow Plants On A Deck?

Like other house plants, maintaining a healthy deck plant will be more difficult if the soil does not drain properly.

Containers on decks can dry out quickly. It’s necessary to use blocks or feet to lift the pots off the ground so that water can drain and stagnant pooling water won’t build up and seep into your plantings.

Make sure the containers are deep enough for vegetables to grow. If they don’t have plenty of room, they won’t grow well enough to produce a large harvest.

How Can You Start A Patio Garden?

Start by choosing your desired layout and type of plants. Choosing the right plants won’t take up too much more space than what you have to work with, so it’s mostly about how you want to compose your outdoor garden.

Railing boxes are the perfect way to grow herbs or plants with shallow roots because they take up less space on a deck, which allows you to create more rows of window boxes and other types of plant containers.

When planting a garden, consider vertical plants. These are vines that grow upwards. They’re good for outdoor patios/decks but be wary for ones not taken care of or built correctly– they may damage your patio/deck.

Plants in containers require less maintenance than deck garden plants, so consider this if you want to have a relaxed time caring for your place.

What Plants Grow Best In Small Pots?

Plants with shallow roots and plants that don’t need much space will do the best in windowsills or railing boxes. Vegetables like lettuce, onions, and spinach don’t need too deep pots, whereas herbs do fairly well in a smaller environment.

Ultimately, your deck garden can be as big or small you want it to be. If you like the look and feel of smaller window or railing boxes, grow herbs instead of vegetables that need more depth for their roots.

If you want tomatoes or peppers, make sure that they will have enough surface space on your deck. You can design it however you like and plant only what is necessary.

To Summarise The Above,

We already discussed, never let space limitations keep you from bringing the beauty of a garden into your backyard by using a deck. Now we’ve narrowed it down to some ideas for what kind of deck you would like – any of these might be perfect.

Have your own garden without lugging a hose around with constant watering! Just have any deck redesigned to include greenery – and soon enough, you’ll be eating healthy, home-grown produce.

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