Corrugated Metal Fences Ideas- Fill That Blank Space With Style And Personality

The use of corrugated metal for fencing has been around since the 1920s. It’s a type of sheet metal that is used to create fences, walls, and roofs. Corrugated steel is often more affordable than other types of fencing because it can be recycled from old shipping containers or bridge spans.

Despite being cheaper, corrugated steel is not as sturdy as wood or vinyl and will need to be repaired periodically. The best way to prevent rust accumulation and keep your fence strong is by using galvanized bolts, screws, and other metal connectors at attachment points.

You’ll also want to frame out the edges so they’re away from pets and children who could get hurt in sharp areas. If you are installing this type of fence, you also need to make sure the ground is prepared. Corrugated metal sheets can rust if they are exposed to moisture, salt, or other harsh chemicals.

You’ll also want to consider some of your design ideas when choosing corrugated steel fencing. You can choose fence paint color and type depending on what best suits your taste and design.

A corrugated metal fence can be industrial, metallic, or rustic. They are perfect for those of you looking to show your creative spirit. This includes homeowners who need extra protection or want a custom look on their property that is original and cool at the same time.

Installing a corrugated metal fence is not just affordable, but it can be completed with some DIY skills. Installation of a corrugated metal fence is so accessible and easy even if you have never done home improvement work before that it should be considered as seriously as an aluminum privacy fence for your backyard!

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List Of Corrugated Metal Fence Ideas

Plain Corrugated Steel Fence For An Industrial Look

plain corrugated steel fence for an attractive industrial look on backyard patio ideas

Corrugated metal steel can be used as fencing due to the material and color. When choosing your metal, consider the look you want to achieve for your fence. With a bold result in mind, I would recommend that you use corrugated metal steel like the one in this picture!

When choosing industrial corrugated steel fencing, you can choose to install the fence vertically or horizontally. Both look good.

The most important aspect of the design is to maintain its industrial appeal. This can be achieved by not painting the fence and using materials that will degrade the industrial look and feel, such as wood.

If you want to use a different material for the fence, concrete would be perfect because it matches the style quite well.

One option is to plant plants near the fence. For example, you could use bamboo. Though it does not affect its industrial look, it still decorates and freshens up the fencing.

Corrugated Metal And Colorful Concrete Wall Fence

corrugated metal and colorful concrete wall fence in yellow on shady trees

Installing a corrugated metal fence also usually leads people to worry that the result will look too ordinary. The reason is usually the color of the material.

If you also consider this matter, you do not have to worry about a thing; after all, there’s a trick that you can do. This is by pairing the metal fence with normal concrete walls as in home interior designs. The wall has a colorful appearance, as we usually see in that art. The example in the pic above is when the corrugated metal has a mustard yellow wall as the pair.

Wall fencing is available in so many different colors these days. As a result, making your house perfect is as easy as one-two-three.

Besides, the metal fence can be stained with any color you choose so that it stands out. At the same time, this makes finding a specific section of your fence easier to find.

Rusty Fence Ideas From Corrugated Metal

rusty fence ideas from corrugated metal on slooping garden

If you want to keep your metal fence looking new, then it might be worth considering how long-lasting the panels will remain if untreated. Alternatively, some people may prefer a more vintage look and therefore choose not to protect their corrugated fences from rusting prematurely. The result is an aged design that can evoke nostalgia for trains of yesteryear with steam billowing out as they departed on journeys across America!

Modern Rustic With Metal Fence Design

modern rustic with metal fence design on backyard with grass

Metal fences are a great partition for your space, but if you want something extra rustic, this wooden plank style will suit you.

It features planks of metal that cover the top rail of any wire or chain-link fence and give it a customized design, allowing for easy styling to match your taste in indoor/outdoor living.

Corrugated Metal Fence Ideas For Backyard

corrugated metal fence ideas for backyard for privacy

For those looking for a way to have privacy without compromising their property’s aesthetics, corrugated metal may be the best option. It is durable and does not need upkeep like most other materials, yet it still allows you to maintain your yard better or better than any other material would allow.

Some people think that corrugated metal wouldn’t make great front yard fencing because they believe it doesn’t look good enough; however, this is actually an excellent choice of materials when using in the backyard since one can close off their section with complete privacy from neighbors on either side while using steel walls–no one will see what lies behind these barriers but themselves!

Full And Half Combination

full and half combination of corrugated metal fence with wooden frame and posh

This design offers an example of how a border can be used to enclose different areas. One half-length side is for public access, and the other for private use.

If people want to keep one area separate from the other, such as their parking space and front yard, this fence will accommodate.

Gabion And Corrugated Iron Ideas

gabion and corrugated iron ideas for front gate with wheels

Gabion walls are the most attractive and economical option for a vertical fence. A gabion wall is natural-looking, affordable, easy to install, requires little maintenance, and will last a long time.

When combined with a white corrugated metal fence, you can see the beauty that this type of result lends. This combination is not necessary for every home, but it suits a contemporary design especially well.

Despite the benefits, there are a few drawbacks of the gabion wall. First, it is too large to fit in narrow spaces and maybe too industrial for people seeking natural-looking fences.

Likewise, outsmart the filling material to lessen the strong industrial vibe. You could choose attractive stones as outside and less expensive ones for backfill in building up a wall.

Recycled Hardwood Timber Posts Fence

recycled hardwood timber posts fence on slooping yard

Using recycled material is the best way to participate in a greener community. You could create less waste by using used hardwood instead of new wood for your fence, as well. This will make you one of the pioneers in a movement with other homeowners who are joining you.

A fence composed of a corrugated metal panel makes your house more rustic. You can choose the unfinished ones, which will reveal they are true colors as time goes by.

Corrugated Metal Fence For Sloped Land

corrugated metal fence for sloped land with wooden frame and posh ideas

Corrugated metal fencing can be purchased as a panel that comes in sheets or per panel.

The availability of corrugated metal has led to a surprising increase in the popularity and appeal of sloped land fences because they are easier and more affordable than ever before, thanks to simple tools like shears, saws hammers.

When building this type of fence design, incorporate decorative features so that the overall look is more appealing. But if someone wants something simple, they are free to do so too!

Building a fence on uneven ground can be challenging, but creativity and calculation are key. When installing fencing to enclose your property, it is possible to complement the natural landscape instead of fighting against it.

Building fences in uneven terrain can be very challenging. This is because small surrounding hazards such as boulders loosened from their foundation can create instability in an area.

Corrugated Metal Fence With Wood Frame

corrugated metal fence with wood frame on yard with gloomy flower bed

The corrugated metal fence is an excellent way to personalize the appearance of a fence. It can be painted in any color or design, and it’s one of the most customizable options for a fence since you can choose from different types of metal each time to achieve your desired look.

Earthy Rustic Metal Fence Design Ideas

earthy rustic metal fence design ideas with tall grass landscaping along fence

This metal construction is an easy option installed in less than half a day with some rudimentary carpentry skills. The green plants on the front bring liveliness and refreshing touch to the fence, bringing a character to your new property.

Rustic Corrugated Metal And Red Brick Fence

rustic corrugated metal and red brick fence ideas

If you have ever spent time in the city, you know that metal fences typically flank buildings. Corrugated steel-coiled panels are often employed to create these structures due to their strength and durability. Another material you can use for added protection against vandals or thieves is brick.

When paired with bricks or stone textures, corrugated metal fences offer extra security and protection; they help deter potential criminals from breaking in at night.

You can create a more interesting design by combining two different materials. An example is using a rusty corrugated sheet for that rustic look and combining it with red brick, which we know works well in this style, as seen in the example above.

Dark Wooden Post Ideas

dark wooden post ideas for corrugated metal fence on slooping garden

Here is your second example of wood material incorporation. This design employs wide horizontal panels of corrugated metal in conjunction with dark wooden posts to create an elegant look. No frame might be part of the homeowner’s intention to highlight the natural look of corrugated metal.

Blue panels and brown posts complement the green yard. Meanwhile, the plant type choice influences the whole scene.

Simply Stylish Fence Metal Fence Ideas

simply stylish fence metal fence ideas with dramatic lighting by candles

The wood construction in a gray finish and repurposed corrugated metal sheet with natural coloration completes the look, creating an overall simple appearance that fits those who have minimalistic exterior areas in their decoration. Tea lights then decorate the fence, which gives it a brighter look.

Corrugated Metal And Pallet Fencing

corrugated metal and pallet for privacy fence in backyard

Corrugated metal is a durable and affordable material for building fencing. It’s also flexible enough to be transformed into any look you want! One example of how this can be done is by pairing the materials, so they don’t look too bland or unattractive.

Corrugated Metal Fencing For Patio

corrugated metal fencing for patio in teal color with sleek chairs below the pergola

Some people want to have a private patio area, while others love having open space. To create privacy for the inside of your fence, consider adding corrugated metal, as seen in the pick above.

Since your patio is commonly a part of the back outdoor area, it’s wise not to cover the whole space with corrugated metal sheets for privacy. Therefore, it is better if the fence was not too high to feel the outside ambiance when you are sitting comfortably in this area.

The example you see in the picture is an excellent one. The designer uses the corrugated metal in the horizontal form to make sure the fence is not too tall. He decides to use a turquoise color for the fencing to create a cozier ambiance.

If you are not interested in horizontal alignment, then consider the vertical one. If you choose this choice, you will need to cut metal sheets to get the necessary height.

Painted Corrugated Metal Panel For Fence

painted black corrugated metal panel for fence on garden patio with wooden bench

When decorating your corrugated metal fence, consider painting the panels and decorations. You have many ways to use paint- on the panels themselves, as an accent color for other parts of the design (like seats and flowers), or both! Black panels are a good choice to contrast with unpainted ones. This contrasts the different colors and makes everything pop.

Corrugated Metal And Wire Fencing Ideas

corrugated metal and wire fencing ideas on side of backyard walkway

To give your fence the appearance of being a low country farm or ranch, try pairing corrugated metal with natural wood posts. This type of setting can be found on high-maintenance properties and is best for showing boundaries without blocking all views. For example, check out this picture!

Corrugated Metal Fence Ideas

corrugated metal fence ideas in dark and bright color

This modern outdoor fence will give your space a sophisticated, chic look. Beige pots have complemented the black corrugated steel. This white-painted frame surrounds these elements to create an elegant yet eye-catching effect.

To complete this look, adorn the fence with plants and foliage at different height levels to ensure that pedestrians passing by can easily enjoy their evening strolls through town.

Corrugated Metal Fencing For Outdoor Bathroom Shower

corrugated metal fencing for outdoor bathroom with surfboard and rain shower

Corrugated metal is not just for fences! It can be used to create a unique and functional fence that surrounds an outdoor shower or bathtub. Outdoor living spaces with pools are also perfect candidates, as they have endless possibilities of what you want them to look like when finished.

The best thing about corrugated metal sheets is their height, which makes them private enough to use in open showers or bathrooms where you can take your time without anyone watching!

Medium Sized Panels Fencing

medium sized panels fencing ideas with corrugated metal in beige color

There are a variety of fences to choose from. Some serve a function, like privacy or aesthetics, while others are practical. Dogs running on the property and children wandering off may be one reason to install and fence immediately.

Various reasons exist for opting for corrugated metal panels as your desired fence. Whether you’re looking to create a boundary or add personality, this versatile product offers excellent opportunities.

Some fences will have smaller gaps between each panel, which is why many people choose medium-sized sections instead. These are less likely to render the enclosed space feeling suffocating in comparison.

Pros And Cons Of A Corrugated Metal Fence

corrugated metal fence on desert style garden with rocks

The Advantages Of A Corrugated Metal Fence

Is A Sustainable Choice

When you invest in a corrugated metal fence, its shelf-life makes it long-lasting and high quality. It does not rot as a wood barrier would, nor will it receive insect damage that could soon require replacement.

Along with the stylish look this metal provides, it also works to combat weather elements. Most products in this category are made from recycled material to make your home or business sustainable.

The corrugated metal panels may be recycled and reused again, saving material that would otherwise end up in a local landfill.

This Fencing Option Has A Long Life Span

Corrugated metal is a very durable and versatile material for a fence. You’ll want to consider your current budget when deciding which thickness best fits, as the lifespan varies with how thick it is. The cheapest option will last around 25-30 years while the more expensive ones can last between 30-40 years or even 50-75 years.

To get the most out of your metal, invest in thicker panels with premium quality that can withstand harsher weather conditions. You’ll find the best construction material for your needs by choosing a corrugated metal to avoid rust and still provide an enhanced privacy fence.

It Funnels Water Away From Your Property Line

grey and white color corrugated metal fence for modern house design

The ridges found in a corrugated metal fence help push water away from the installation to prevent pools of standing water. This benefit makes it easier to maintain the frames you use to protect yourself against the sharp edges of corrugated metal, as they are more durable than other products.

Choosing either wood or corrugated metal, it’s important to invest in pressure-treated lumber for your fence to ensure that you can maximize the potential lifespan of your investment. Nothing is worse than if the frame of your fence doesn’t live up to the quality of your metal sheets.

Requires Very Little Maintenance

When you choose a metal fence, such as corrugated metal, for your privacy needs, then you don’t need to worry about the maintenance concerns that come with wooden or vinyl fences. A corrugated sheet metal fence does not need to be weather sealed each year, stained or painted. The panels work well on a sloped landscape, making it easier to install and minimizing the need for preparation.

Lightweight And Easy To Install

lightweight and easy to install corrugated metal fence with wooden posh

Metal fences are typically heavy, but corrugated metal sheets have plenty of weight-reducing spaces in them. That means you can get the strength and durability of a metal fence without having to sacrifice portability or ease when handling it.

Corrugated metal is a very affordable choice for fencing. A typical panel is eight feet by four feet and can cost as low as $10, which means if you want to extend the privacy of your property, this might be an inexpensive option.

Aluminum corrugated metal fences provide a higher level of mold and rust resistance and perform well in all climate types. This makes them an all-purpose choice for any size property.

You Have A Variety Of Usage Options

Corrugated metal has many benefits thanks to how it increases privacy, deterring uninvited visitors, and securing any property. This same purpose can be reached through other structures as well.

This fence can be installed to create an outdoor shower and offer personal space on your property with minimal square footage. You can also use the metal sheeting for fencing or a patio enclosure, texture in your garden, or creating zones on your property for various purposes.

With corrugated metal, you are only limited by your imagination. That is why today, it can be one of the most efficient investments for your property that you make.

The Disadvantages Of A Corrugated Metal Fence

wire mesh fencing ideas and corrugated metal for the garden gate

Tend To Have Sharp Edges On The Them

When your fence is created with corrugated metal, you will quickly discover sharp edges on the product. To avoid this disadvantage, purchase pre-made panels to install for a smooth surface.

If you’ve ever opened a tin of vegetables with a can opener, imagine how sharp it would feel should the lid be one foot wide. Installing only corrugated sheets increases the risk of an injury occurring on your property.

There Can Be Limited Availability Of This Product

Most hardware stores don’t sell corrugated metal fence products. Though it is available at some chain stores and lumberyards, you may struggle to find suppliers near you.

This means that you will need to purchase the materials within your budget or import these from elsewhere to create your own fence frames. Otherwise, you’ll need to order them online and pay for shipping expenses.

Corrugated metal fencing is in minimal supply. So, the price for this type of fencing is higher than other options. If you choose to build, the cost for metal sheets is about $20 each (plus framing expenses), whereas premade options will cost about $100 per panel.

Can Reflect Sound

rusty corrugated metal fence for privacy on backyard with wooden bench

One of the drawbacks to a corrugated metal fence is that it can cause loud sounds to echo around your property. This issue could be problematic if your kids are running out into the yard or if you have neighborhood pets who love to bark. The metal might be a stunning accent for the garden.

A corrugated metal fence can be an aesthetically pleasing type of fencing option. It also provides safety features needed to keep your home and family safe. Still, it does have its disadvantages, like generating noise complaints about those living in proximity to the user and being difficult to converse during certain days due to enclosed spaces.

If you are using a corrugated metal fence for a porch or patio, consider adding some sound panels to the structure to reduce the reflection of sound waves.

Some Height Can Be An Issue

Steel corrugated metal panels may not be the height you originally desired. The power of this metal can’t be ignored. But it is also heavy, expensive, and not ideal for all property types.

If you want a security barrier more than one that gives you an oasis in your backyard, consider this option. You may want to choose something lighter, such as an alloy, to avoid the potential disadvantage of weight if it’s available.

Limited Access To Different Colors, Shapes, Or Types

classic adirondack chairs and mexican chimenea on backyard patio with corrugated metal fence

If you’re looking for a corrugated metal fence that goes above and beyond basic, a wholesale supplier or professional contractor will help you get what you need. As a result, many people need to acquire the appropriate business license in some jurisdictions or will not be allowed to use copper or aluminum on their property. When you order a corrugated metal fence, the price is typically higher than cedar panels since it takes more manufacturing steps.

Requires Galvanized Installation Materials

A corrugated metal fence is a good choice for many properties, but this type of fencing needs to be built specifically to achieve its signature look.

The edges of your fence should be framed to keep sharp areas away from pets and children. You or your contractor must use galvanized bolts, screws, and other metal connectors to prevent rust accumulation at attachment points.

You might want to consider framing and anchoring your corrugated metal fence so that you’re not forced to keep replacing the various components as they wear out.

Install A Corrugated Metal Privacy Fence

black corrugated metal color for privacy on patio with insect-perforated wood dining table

How To Attach Corrugated Metal To Brick

Starting by attaching the furring strips to a pre-built wall using Tapcon concrete screws, make sure you drill holes in advance with a masonry bit included. Align steel panels against walls and ensure they’re even across the top before overlapping at least one ridge and drilling through them into the panels from below.

How To Make A Corrugated Metal Fence With Framing

The first thing you should do is measure the length of your fence that needs to be covered. Next, use a string line and mark out where all of your posts will go, so they are straight and level. Once this step has been completed, pour fast-setting concrete into each post hole. Put plinth boards across the bottom on either side before securing them with screws or nails as needed – make sure these lines up too! Measure how long the rails need to cover your new garden enclosure, then notch it out with a circular saw (following measurements). Make boxes from wood sheets that can fit around panels made from corrugated steel; attach springs at corners for extra support if required, which fixes together securely once complete using nuts/bol.


How Much Does A Corrugated Metal Fence Cost?

Corrugated metal fences can range greatly in price depending on the material, as well as how much you’re purchasing. Most corrugated metal fences cost between $10 and $12 per linear foot the fence, but steel shortages have caused an increase in prices. Once the shortage is resolved, these prices will go back to normal.

By comparison, vinyl privacy fencing averaged $20-$35 per linear foot before 2020. However, the vinyl price has also increased recently as well.

Is A Corrugated Metal Fence Cheaper Than Wood?

Corrugated metal fence panels are less expensive to install than traditional fences–typically costing homeowners $5-10 per linear foot. The price has remained steady from 2020 to 2021, whereas the wood paneling saw a dramatic increase in cost.

Final Word

For you, we have put together a list of the best metal fence ideas that we found. You will be able to enhance the look of your outdoor living space effortlessly and create much-needed privacy as well. Without a doubt, the list that I created might be used as a reference when you have plans to make some improvements to your backyard with much less money.

Pick the best metal fence for your needs- length, look, and taste. Start to decorate your backyard with a personalized fence paint!

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