Fun And Enjoyable Ways To Spend Time With People That You Love: Building A Cinder Block Fire Pit

Building a fire pit might not be the main essential for designing your home, but its presence brings more joy and happiness.

The fire pit will be just the perfect addition to your home. It will allow you to do many fun and enjoyable things with people you love, such as families, friends, or neighbors. With a little work on your own time, building a fire pit is possible!

There are many options for the materials and design of a fire pit.

Permanent cinder block fire pits are less expensive to make than any other material, making them one of the most popular types for those DIY-ers who want to save money. For something more accessible, you may also build a temporary pit. Both will give you great joy and happiness when sitting by its warmth with those that matter most!

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List Of Cinder Block Fire Pit Ideas

There are many different styles of cinder block fire pits to choose from. The right design depends on your personal preference and the space you have available for building a fire pit in your yard.

Below, we’ve listed a few popular types of fire pits made out of concrete blocks that show how versatile this type of product really is.

Round Shape Cinder Block Fire Pit

round shape cinder block fire pit in outdoor patio seating

A cinder block fire pit that is round-shaped may look beautiful, especially when you design it to have a permanent construction. Usually, this entails seating around the ring of cinder blocks and will be something like the image above.

Besides using it like a fireplace to keep warm during the winter months, you can have outdoor parties around your fire pit during the summer. To make around or cylinder-shaped fire pit, you might need to use mortar/cement for strength.

Outdoor Cinder Block Fire Place With Urban Flame

outdoor cinder block fire place with urban flame ideas

We’re not sure setting up a cinder block as an actual air inlet is the best idea, but you can’t argue with how nice this fire pit turned out. It might be less effective than those overhead vents some people use–but it makes for a great conversation starter.

Cinder Block Fire Pit Ideas

cinder block fire pit ideas on garden

If you’re looking for a cheap and simple way to build a firepit, cinder blocks are your answer. Pricing between $0-1 at the Home Depot (depending on size), they’re sturdy enough to hold up under bonfires and can be arranged in any shape or pattern around your yard.

To add support to the first course, you can stack another course on top and securely fasten it with construction adhesive at points where cinder blocks come together.

Easy Cinder Block Fireplace With Grilling Cover

easy cinder block fireplace with grilling cover and natural stone edging

For some, a fire pit is simply an extension of their grill. If this sounds all too familiar, then you’re most likely looking for convenience and ease of use over style or design.

Lowes made constructing this cinder block pit as easy as it can get. Best of all, this pit is perfect for the family that likes to cook on a grilling rack that’s typical for a square fire pit.

Square Cinder Block Fire Pit Ideas

square cinder block fire pit ideas on shady backyard

Take a look at the picture above. It is a simple yet nice fire pit. From what I can tell, you don’t actually need to be an expert to make one of these. A square cinder block fire pit sounds straightforward enough; stack them on top of each other.

This creates a stable fireplace and looks sleek when complete. To finish the look, spread some water grate or pebbles around the fireplace. As you can see from the photo, adding three urns to this area will make it more eye-catching.

multi-colored Square Cinder Block Fire Pit

multi coloured square cinder block fire pit ideas

Whether you plan to use cinder block or sandstone for your fire pits, this simple stone structure featured in this basic tutorial from the Cliff’s How To Channel will work well.

We like that the flat top edge provides a barrier between our kids and the open flame.

Simple Cinder Block Fire Pit For Temporary

simple cinder block fire pit for temporary in blue color

Cinder block fire pits are simple, cheap, and can be taken down easily. There is no secret to building this cinder block fire pit. This conventional design requires less than $250 and gives you a great functional patio spot for summer camp in your yard.

To build a fire pit in your yard, you start by laying the cinder blocks horizontally with small gravel at the bottom to allow for better heat resistance. Next, line up smaller rocks or sand on top of and inside the cinderblocks to provide enough distance between each one while still supporting them.

Cheap DIY Cinder Block Fire Pit

cheap diy cinder block fire pit on slooping garden

The most cost-effective DIY fire pit project of all is this zigzag stacked cinder block. With only 100 blocks of cinder required for this design, it also resembles a mini temple.

Since this fire pit doesn’t use adhesive, the penny is always in your pocket. Plus, once it’s done, you can dismantle it and leave the yard as clean as your bed sheet.

Simple Ideas Of Cinder Blocks Firepit

simple ideas of cinder blocks firepit on progress

Basically, you can construct a temporary cinder block fire pit by purchasing the package with instructions for putting it together.

You might also enjoy building a fire pit on your own, which is relatively easy despite not having previous experience with construction. Building a circular cinder block fire pit will help give your backyard an earthy, vintage feel and practicality.

Rustic Fire Pit And Benches

rustic fire pit and benches in colorful ways

Tami Rodriguez shares via Instagram how her family created a rustic fire pit as a Mother’s Day gift.

The idea is similar to dalewithac’s, but it’s much easier. Two rings of cinder blocks form a pit, with the blocks on the outer ring laying horizontally and the block on the inner ring standing upright.

The benches were made of cinder blocks arranged in desired height and thick wooden sticks pushed through the holes.

Simple Square Shape Cinder Block Fire Pit

simple square shape cinder block fire pit in the middle of grass

You can also create a modern square-shaped fire pit. It is best to have a solid foundation of mortar mix and then place the blocks on top for stability. The tiles can be painted with your favorite color to make them custom and unique!

Backyard With Cinder Blocks Fire Pit

backyard with cinder blocks fire pit and string lights

Choosing a backyard for the fire pit will more than likely provide extra benefits. The most obvious is that you can enjoy your time without distraction from any noise passing cars or people. Still, it also helps to ensure safety and creativity when decorating with what would be available nearby.

Square Cinder Block Fire Pit

square cinder block fire pit in front yard design

If you like to have a smaller fire pit, a square shape is the best option. This fire-pit from Home Between The Oaks on YouTube turns out really beautiful. All you need is some work and just a few materials; otherwise, it’s totally doable yourself!

Simplest Cinder Block Fire Pit

simplest cinder block fire pit on backyard

If you use the cinder blocks correctly, you can make one of the easiest fire pits ever. We love how easy this one is to make!

Cinder Block Fire Pit With Chimney

unfinish cinder block fire pit with chimney ideas

The additional support around it will provide more heat for the flames and less smoke out of it.

Circle Cinder Block Fire Pit

circle cinder block fire pit with red brick

If maximizing a small to the medium-sized yard, consider using a circle of fire bricks as the base and focal point. The best thing about this design is that it allows for easy entry and exit points.

In-Ground Cinder Block Fire Pit

in-ground cinder block fire pit design ideas

With this fire pit, you have plenty of room to spread out blankets and chairs. Keep the kids away because everyone knows they love to play with fire!

Outdoor Cinder Block Fire Place For Woodsman

outdoor cinder block fire place for woodsman with wooden fence

This cinder block fire pit has a huge air inlet to ensure that your fire can roar! Its large size is because it was built for those massive logs behind me.

Square Cinder Block Fire Pit in Patio Area

square cinder block fire pit in patio area with wicker sofas and blue couch

It’s difficult to determine what the most valuable aspect of a fireplace is, but there are cinder block fire pits that you could use to create your own patio area for ease and convenience. This works well, and it enhances that sense of comfort you want from something like this.

The attention to detail is outstanding, and you will welcome the true focus and quality you get from it for sure. Whether or not you change colors on this one, the color tones are fantastic as well!

Simple Cinder Block Fire Pit

simple cinder block fire pit with grills

Fire pits don’t have to be complicated. This one is more of a rough model, but it still has that same sense of value and quality in your backyard.

You can design your fire pit yourself, and it may be the thing you really enjoy. To make sure it’s perfect, always pay attention to detail to create a high-quality job.

Blocky Business Design

blocky business design for firepit and seats

You can use these variations to promote creativity and enjoyment. The cinder block fire pit presented here is a simple model, but it delivers those features beautifully.

Creativity is of utmost importance when designing a patio area- and this one can work to your own benefit. As long as you do that, the outcome will be very pleasing.

The Outdoor Cinder Block Fire Place

the outdoor cinder block fire place in simple design

Is it just us, or does this cinder block fire pit look like you could roast marshmallows in a fireplace? We love the grate and pebbles surrounding it – that’s perfect for summer evenings sitting around talking with friends and family.

Can Cinder Block Be Used For A Fire Pit?

When building a fire pit, the first decision is to choose materials. There are many options, including stone, clay blocks, and marble for the fire pit walls.

While expensive substances like marble and granite are perfect for fireplaces, cinder blocks are a budget-friendly alternative. Clay is far better than other brick-type materials when it comes to maintaining the integrity of the fireplace due to its lengthy presence in fires.

Cinder blocks are also easy to move and work with, making them perfect for DIY jobs. With a variety of block sizes available, they can create any number of shapes for fire pits.

A temporary fire pit can easily turn into a permanent one by using cinder blocks and mortar. The materials needed for this project are readily available at any home improvement store, making the process easy for anyone who wants to give it a try in their backyard.

Are Cinder Blocks Heat Resistant?

Choosing the right materials is essential when constructing a fire pit. To prevent it from crumbling under high heat, ensure that you use bricks about which have been rated for their ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

A cinder block is a porous material, which means it holds and releases oxygen without interruption. This allows the fire to be fueled with fuel without the danger of an explosion or overheating.

Dense materials like concrete blocks aren’t suitable for a project like this, so make sure you find some clay-based fire-rated blocks to ensure the best durability, safety, and resistance.

Tips Building Cinder Block Fire Pit

tips building a fire pit with cinder blocks on pavers floors

When building a fire pit out of cinder blocks, there are many factors to consider. The first is the ground site, which must be carefully chosen to ensure it’s not flammable for safety.

And then you decide whether it’s a temporary/permanent fire pit as they have different approaches. The permanent fire pit needs adhesive, which will ensure that its construction is solid.

You also have to consider your backyard space and the shape of the fire pit you desire. If you have a small backyard, around one will be more efficient than a square, or an in-ground fire pit is safer as it has less chance of moving.

So, take the time to carefully consider where you want to build your fire pit and what materials you will need before breaking ground.

Building A Cinder Block Fire Pit

building a cinder block fire pit ideas

Building a block fire pit is an easy project for DIYers. There are many benefits to building one; they’re affordable, offer years of low maintenance, and allow you to do the things you love with people you care about.

Get Started

Find out whether building a fire pit is legal in your area, as well as what the applicable fees are and how to prepare for them.

To build the cinder block fire pit, find an appropriate spot for it. This should be at a distance from any plants or structures next to your patio and away from any surfaces that can catch on fire, such as vinyl sidings or wood.

The area chosen for the fire pit must be close to a high-pressure water source, such as a garden hose. This will allow quick access in case of an emergency.

Mark Measurements And Dig Fire Pit

Build a fire pit with a diameter of four feet; this is the average size for residential fire pits. Use any paint that matches your garden’s design to draw the circle in an appropriate spot.

You may also use a shovel for this task, and it will be less time-consuming, but the cut can take longer to create. When you’re done marking out your desired space, take a shovel and dig six inches along that line.

Lay First Layer Of Cinder Blocks

Laying the cinder blocks starts with digging a circular hole in the ground. The hole should be slightly angled outwards, and the holes need to face upwards, with gaps facing up (like you would find on store shelves). With your shovel, push all of the cinder blocks tightly into place so they are flat against one another at once spot.

Lay Second Layer

To form the second tier of blocks, position a line of smaller cinder blocks on top of the preceding row. Each hole in this block should align with its counterpart from the first tier, meaning that they are above one another and across from one another.

To ensure your cinder block pit is set up correctly, check the alignment and make sure there are no gaps between any of the blocks. The first two rows of cinder blocks will always be mandatory; however, you may add more rows if you so choose.

Consolidate Outer Layer

The cinderblocks will need to be filled in with some dirt, and the soil’s surface should be worked onto it before you prepare your mortar. For this, you’ll need a trowel that is covered completely by fresh cement.

Push the rebar through the blocks so that only four inches of the length protrudes and hammer it if necessary. Fill any remaining spaces with mortar mix, allowing your fire pit to dry overnight.

Consolidate Inner Layer And Finish Up

The next day, cover the inside surface of the fire pit with pea gravel. Fill in around half of some lava rock. Place a layer of cinder blocks over this cemented area and secure them with mortar. After waiting about a day for it to dry, place wire mesh over the top or light a fire grate on top to finish off your project!

Pros And Cons Of Using Of Cinder Blocks Firepit

pros and cons on using of cinder blocks firepit on bacyard with cinder blocks benches

The Advantages Of Cinder Blocks Firepit

Inexpensive and large, cinder blocks can create a large fire pit with minimal costs. They are heavy, so it is not necessary to secure bricks together, which makes construction easy.

They are widely available, and they can be found for free to clean up yards.

The Disadvantages Of Cinder Blocks Firepit

These blocks are not fire-rated. They are resistant to fires. They don’t look as aesthetically pleasing (in comparison with other landscaping stones and bricks). It is hard to build a neat-looking round fire pit with these blocks.

Cinder Block vs. Concrete Block Comparison

cinder block vs concrete block comparison on firewood flame

The following are differences between a cinder block and concrete blocks.

Cinder Block

  • consists of a fly ash aggregate.
  • Create a hollow rectangular-shaped structure
  • that is a composite of concrete and coal cinders.
  • They are lighter than concrete blocks.
  • Don’t have any compressive strength to withstand pressure.
  • Cinder blocks are not very flexible, so many building codes prohibit their use.
  • They are usually used in small areas such as a garden fence or house project.
  • For many decades now, cinder blocks have not been massively produced.
  • Cinder blocks are expensive because they require more repairs.

Concrete Block

  • The concrete block has fly ash in the construction of its masonry units.
  • They are manufactured with a flattened shape.
  • Is typically made of steel, wood, and cement.
  • Contain stone or sand, which makes them heavy.
  • It is a tough, durable substance.
  • Is much stronger than a cinder block.
  • Concrete blocks are often used in construction projects for added stability.
  • Concrete blocks are in high demand because they offer features and advantages that the former doesn’t.
  • Concrete blocks are affordable.


firepit grill made of cinder blocks ideas

Is Cinder Block Safe For A Fire Pit?

Building a fire pit with cinder blocks offers greater safety than many other materials.

How Many Cinder Blocks Are Needed For A Fire Pit?

Materials needed to construct a fire pit are two cinder blocks for every 1.5 feet (0.46 m) radius of the space you wish

What Heat Can Concrete Withstand?

One typical concrete fire pit can withstand 800°F (426°C) for about one hour before it fails.

Do We Need Special Retaining Blocks For Fire Pit?

Your fire pit will be fine with retaining blocks, but you may want to put a steel ring in when you’re done building the pit. This will help keep your retaining blocks from drying out prematurely, and it’s a simple step that only takes about 10 minutes to complete.

How Do You Insulate A Cinder Block?

Depending on whether or not your block walls will be covered up or left exposed can change the type of insulation that’s necessary. There are several options to cover up to block walls, such as foam insulation, injection and polystyrene insulators, and mineral loose-fill.

Can You Fill Cinder Blocks With Concrete?

You can increase the strength of cinder blocks by filling them with concrete. They may be cheaper than poured concrete but are not as strong for projects outside of cinder block construction.

In Conclusion

So, do you know a DIY enthusiast who might be able to make their very own cinder block fire pit and could definitely use some help along the way? Please share this post with them so they have all kinds of guidance and options!

Have you come up with a plan for your own backyard fire pit? Do you have some favorites already, or are you still at the drawing board? We want to know which ones you like best and why.

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