Idea To Build Your Perfect Privacy Fence Using Bamboo

Want the best bamboo fencing solutions for your home? Read our handy guide!

Bamboo fences are a functional and beautiful way to improve your property’s privacy.

While bamboo has long been a popular building material in Asia for its strength, flexibility, and abundance.

One of the fastest-growing types of tree, this type can grow up to an inch every forty minutes! Once this tree is harvested, it regrows its stalks, different from other types of trees that die once harvested.

Bamboo is a sustainable material to use when constructing your fence due to its impressive growth rate and production. Different styles of bamboo fences are available, from classic stalks tied with wire or slats or planks, which means you’ll be able to find the right option for your specific needs.

When it comes to building or purchasing fences, there are many material options available. We will review the pros and cons of using bamboo for your fence:

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Bamboo Fencing Advantages and Disadvantages

bamboo fence in the serenity of the green bamboo forest all around

You’ll find the following common advantages and disadvantages in bamboo fences.

The Advantages Of Using Bamboo Fences

Environmentally Friendly

One of the major benefits of bamboo fences is that they are environmentally friendly. Wooden fences, on the other hand, contribute to erosion and deforestation. Bamboo grows back very fast, so even when it’s harvested, bamboo forests are replenished quickly as a result.

When you choose to build your fence with bamboo, you are helping protect the environment. And by using a renewable resource like bamboo versus lumber or metal materials, you’re also reducing the footprint of deforestation and resource depletion.

Exotic And Attractive Fencing Option

Bamboo has an eye-catching and exotic fencing option. The natural surface of bamboo is quite beautiful, and it can also be stained in the colors of your choice. The aged bamboo has a breathtakingly beautiful silver sheen.

There are many different types of bamboo to choose from, and the fence can be built in many ways. The most popular way is to use bamboo poles tied together with string; however, many other options depending on where you live (for example, a live growing fence).

Long-Lasting And Durable

the advantages on using bamboo fences is long lasting and durable

Bamboo fences are durable and long-lasting. They require minimal upkeep to maintain. A bamboo fence provides an exotic, natural appearance and is functional in many climatic conditions. Bamboo fences are also resistant to heat, ultraviolet rays, and rain. They’re environmentally friendly because they absorb carbon dioxide and other toxic gases.

The Disadvantages Of Using Bamboo Fences

Quite Expensive

Bamboo is the sustainable material for fencing, but it has drawbacks as well. The first one is the price- a bamboo fence costs more than other fencing and often even more than wood or metal. Bamboo is not available in some areas and may need to be specially ordered. The cost of transport also increases the price.

Quite Susceptible To Rot

The bamboo is quite susceptible to rot. It is essential to apply sealant and waterproof treatment carefully before the installation. Bamboo must also be protected from direct contact with the earth unless bamboo is used on a live fence.

Bamboo can crack and split easily also stain or fade when it is exposed to environmental elements. It must be examined regularly with the application of a sealant.

Take A Lot Of Work To Keep A Live Bamboo Fence

It is important to maintain a live bamboo fence because it can grow quicker and more aggressively than other fences. Growing bamboo will require regular pruning and cutting because if you don’t take care, the bamboo will become unruly and messy, which can harm the landscaping area.

How To Install A Bamboo Fence

rustic bamboo style on how to install a bamboo fence

When deciding how to use bamboo for a fence best, it’s important to know the basics of fencing installation.

For each project on our list, we’ll go over what sets that running apart. But there are some basic aspects of the installation process that apply to most bamboo fence projects:

Cutting Bamboo

You can just as easily put up bamboo fencing that is ready-made with a series of poles linked together by galvanized wire.

If you have to cut a panel in half, use wire scissors to cut the wires between two poles and then bent the wires back. If you need to cut the bamboo, either for your fence or individual sticks, use a hand saw, or table saw.

To prevent splinters, cover the area with masking tape before cutting it, and remove the tape after you’re finished.

Connecting Bamboo

If you opt for bamboo fencing, the connecting is already done for you. However, to secure this connection, you’ll have to connect the bamboo with a frame. One of the easiest ways to attach bamboo to a chainlink fence is with zip ties. You can screw, wire-tie, or nail the bamboo to the wood on a wooden fence or frame.

Always drill a hole first, rather than nailing the bamboo directly to the wood. You can tie bamboo poles together with twine, rope, or string. Wrap the strings in a figure-eight pattern and knot them off.

Keeping Bamboo Strong

Bamboo is naturally strong and water-resistant, but it can be damaged by weather. Planting bamboo fencing directly in the soil can cause the bamboo to rot, so avoid doing that.

Problems can arise if your bamboo poles are open at the top and provide an entry point for rainwater. To prevent this, cut bamboo at the nodes so that the top is closed off or cap the tops. It would be best if you also protected your bamboo with a sealant.

To see how to install a bamboo fence, please visit our blog for more details. You can build a standalone bamboo fence or attach it to an existing wall or other fencing types. No matter the orientation of your yard space, you should be able to add this material to your landscaping design.

List OF Bamboo Fence Ideas

Bamboo Fence Ideas For Gorgeous Earthy Design

bamboo fence ideas for gorgeous earthy design on cozy patio

The small bamboo becomes the main material of this backyard fence, with some real bamboo, are planted for its landscaping to create a more natural environment. The special design ensures you got cozy privacy and matches wonderfully with the pieces of furniture that decorate the deck around.

The Black Lacquered Bamboo Fence Ideas

japanese style fencing with black lacquered bamboo fence ideas

The black lacquer fence with asymmetrical rails curves around the house in Japanese style. A traditional gate opens up to an expansive backyard with a beautiful aqua pool. Avoided by caretakers, ivy and plants embrace the natural look they are known for in Japanese gardens.

Thin Stalks Of Bamboo

thin stalks of bamboo fencing ideas

This open fence design is perfect for someone who wants the pretty sight of bamboo but not much else. Thin stalks of bamboo are arranged into a frame made from solid wood, providing a backdrop for the lush flowerbeds in the foreground.

Tall Mahogany Stained Bamboo As Privacy Wall

tall mahogany stained bamboo as privacy wall on patio with wooden pergola

This bamboo privacy wall is a great way to keep your neighbors from looking in on you when having lunch outside. The mahogany stain matches the roof and supports, which gives it a rich look that will make any outdoor space feel cozy!

A Natural Thick Bamboo Privacy Fence

a natural thick bamboo privacy fence in bright color

Another option is a double-layered fence with a natural thick bamboo privacy fence that is supported by black wrought iron security fencing. A lovely bamboo fountain decorates a sunken planting bed with a stone basin.

Different Shades Bamboo Can Come In Fencing

a beautiful and luxurious different shades bamboo can come in fencing

The bamboo fence is a stunning and elegant addition to the property. There are many shades of natural mahogany, as well as yellow, that we’re all used to seeing on other types of bamboo.

Backyard With Growing Bamboo Fence

backyard with growing bamboo fence ideas in backyard

For those in the know, carpentry is a laborious process and shouldn’t be taken lightly. For you landscapers out there, try this idea instead.

Instead of cutting bamboo posts and installing them to make a bamboo fence, try growing bamboo in your backyard.

Once they grow, bamboo offers a dramatic fence and privacy screen that make you awe.

A Combination Of Both Bamboo Fence Ideas

a combination of both a harvested bamboo fence and a living bamboo fence ideas for garden

A tall bamboo fence separates this garden from the sidewalk passing by. It isn’t easy to see what is in the garden on account of the bamboo. The green stalks stretch up towards the sky, and a shorter version of that same type of bamboo creates a second barrier making it impossible for someone walking past to catch sight of what’s on the other side.

Contemporary Style Bamboo Fence Design

contemporary and sleek style bamboo fence design

The sturdy bamboo construction of this fence accentuates the contemporary style. The stained finish and dark color make it bolder, making a great statement for any yard.

The smaller bamboos protect you from those pesky peepers with their vertical height. The larger ones stand horizontally between two bamboo frames for a richer look that also holds some plants.

Chic Minimalist Decor With Bamboo Fence

chic minimalist decor with bamboo fence ideas

The bamboo fence installed behind the concrete wall is a very creative and modern way to decorate your home. Installing small pieces of bamboo right next to each other creates an interesting design that can be seen from afar. This type of minimalistic decoration will surely catch anyone’s eye with its unique shape, color, and style!

Elegant Temporary Bamboo Fence

elegant temporary bamboo fence which is to conceal hot tub

Temporary fences are often used for various purposes, including to hide something you do not want people to see.

If you need a temporary fence, bamboo panels are the way to go. The finish with black matte frames is both elegant and functional.

Bamboo Fence Around An Inground Pool

this inground pool features bamboo and wooden plank bamboo fence around

Every pool needs fences: whether they are a type of above-ground pool or an inground pool.

This inground pool features wooden-plank fences and bamboo fencing. Green leaves with large, colorful flowers decorate the bamboo fence, emphasizing the tropical design tremendously.

Bamboo Fence Around An Above-ground Pool

relaxing in an above ground pool bamboo fence around

Relaxing around an above-ground pool is great, but the height of the pool can be dangerous for kids and adults alike. To ensure your safety, install a fence.

The fusion of traditional and modern is present in this above-ground pool. The bamboo fencing matches the deck, adding a classic touch that the glass fence couldn’t do independently.

Bamboo Fence For Extra Safety

bamboo fence for extra safety to your home

The ultimate goal of any fence is to enhance your safety. Some fences come in intricate designs that are meant to keep thieves out. Bamboo does the same job best.

Not only does a bamboo fence serve the purpose of looking aesthetically pleasing, but it also serves safety purposes. Rather than sharpening the top, you may choose to face the pointed side outwards for your safety.

Simple Bamboo Fence Ideas

this bamboo fence is simplicity at its finest ideas

This bamboo fence installation is easy to find in nature. All you need to do is line up some vertical bamboo strips, and drive nails into the horizontal ones.

Unlike many other bamboo fences, this option has a natural finish that makes the fence elegant and simple. The bamboos in their original form make them look like they’ve never been stained.

DIY Bamboo Fence Ideas

diy bamboo fence ideas for garden gate

DIY is always a rewarding project for you. But if the best fence for your home is not available at the store, then why not make one yourself?

You can make a bamboo fence with just four bamboos that you put into two posts. Get some smaller pieces of bamboo and tie them to the horizontal ones for beams.

Simple Gorgeous Bamboo Fence Design

the landscaping with various kinds of greeneries with simple gorgeous bamboo fence design

This is a simple bamboo fence that really stands out. The black rope that secures the bamboos also adds to its appeal. It’s landscaped with plants and gravel in even colors on black soil, and it looks amazing.

Bamboo Fence Ideas On A Budget

bamboo fence ideas on a budget as temporary fence for your vegetable garden

Making a bamboo fence is a great cost-effective option for your garden.

In addition to not spending a lot, you can choose one of the most popular fence styles ─ vertical arrangement. However, choosing this design will result in a generic-looking fence rather than unique and reflects your taste. You should instead explore alternative designs with creativity!

While not all bamboos must be planted vertically, some will need to be. To make an X look tidy, plant the height of a bamboo perpendicular to the ground and tie it into place with wire or rope.

In Combinations Of Concrete And Bamboo Fence

in combinations of concrette and bamboo fence ideas

The panels of this bamboo fence are used to make a concrete barrier taller and more decorative. Live bamboo is planted behind the panel in a narrow trench, which with time will form an impenetrable living wall that complements its height!

Bamboo Panels On Plastered Wall

bamboo panels on plastered wall in the backyard

Many people use painted walls as a permanent fence. It works great. However, it can be rather plain sometimes. To spruce it up some, try topping your plastered wall in the backyard with bamboo panels.

This completely un-plastered wall in this backyard is too revealing because of how short it is. It allows inquisitive neighbors to see everything that was happening on the other side.

To increase your property boundaries, some bamboo panels on the plastered wall are optimal. They will provide privacy in addition to improved landscaping.

Rustic Bamboo And Reed Fence Ideas

rustic bamboo and reed fence ideas with natural stone below

The bamboo and reed fence is a beautiful, rustic way to add privacy while preserving the natural beauty of your yard. The thicker stalks form horizontal support bands filled with dense reeds for an even more complete barrier. There’s no need to worry about this low-maintenance fencing deteriorating like other materials since it will withstand all types of weather!

Bamboo Fence Ideas With Lighting

bamboo fence ideas with lighting to improve the backyard landscaping

It is clear that lighting plays a crucial role in illuminating the backyard. Different designs of lights can make the landscaping look great, just like this backyard above.

A pale-yellow bamboo fence tops the retaining wall of this backyard, providing ultimate privacy for your outdoor time.

Tall Bamboo Fence For Beautiful Zen Garden

tall bamboo fence for beautiful zen garden ideas

A Zen garden with a tall bamboo fence is not the type of place you would expect to find, but it’s beautiful. Unlike most other bamboo fences that are cut-off at the top, this one has pointed tops like more western-style fencing, which makes it much prettier, in my opinion.

Short Bamboo Fence Ideas For Flower Border

drive them into the soil and weave ropes to the short bamboo fence ideas for flower border

Flowers are a common addition to any garden. To compliment your flowerbed, you should add a border of some sort. You can do this with a variety of materials such as stones, pavers, or bamboos.

This short bamboo fence makes a nice flower border. It anchors the flowerbed well without overwhelming it and can be assembled with ease. You’ll need to drive them into the soil and then tie strips of rope around them to weave them together (or use stalks).

Build Privacy from the Ground with Tall Stalks of Bamboo Fence

tall bamboo shades and stalks pressed into the ground fencing ideas

This design illustrates the tall bamboo shades and stalks pressed into the ground to form a tall edging around a vegetable cart. The stalks comprise different designs across this fence, with some cut-out or intersecting at octagonal angles.

Decorative Picket Bamboo Attached To Dark Stained Wood Gate

decorative picket bamboo attached to dark stained wood gate ideas

This bamboo fence provides access to the owner’s garden via a flagstone pathway. The dark stained wooden gate is matched with plain picket-style harvest bamboo that contrasts with the lush vegetation found throughout this tropical oasis.

Decorative Bamboo Fence Held With Dark Ties

decorative bamboo fence held with dark ties on mossy garden

The leaves on the trees sway in front of your eyes as you walk through a bamboo fence. The ties are set up to hold each pole together, and while it is not much different from picket fences found in America, there’s something about this one that feels more natural and welcoming than any other kind of fencing.

Shorter Bamboo Edging Fence Ideas

example of a shorter bamboo edging fence next to a larger privacy fence

A bamboo edging fence is a lightweight material that offers privacy for smaller spaces. This staggered design does more than create an exotic atmosphere – it also makes this backyard feel like home sweet home!

Outdoor Shower With Bamboo Privacy Fence Screens

outdoor shower with bamboo privacy fence screens ideas

Stalks of bamboo are woven with wire to form the privacy perimeter. Lush landscaping offers additional privacy, so not a single glance can see this secluded outdoor shower.

Staggered Bamboo Fence For Flower Bed

the diversity makes the fence look unique on staggered bamboo fence for flower bed ideas

If you have any leftover bamboo, do not throw it away. It can be used to fortify your flowerbed as a small fence.

And look at this small bamboo fence. I want to tell you that even if the bamboos have different heights, they can still make a good fence. The uniqueness of the fence will impress you.

Stretches Towards Bamboo Fencing Ideas

stretches towards bamboo fencing ideas for patio

The bamboo fence stretches towards the front of the home, transitioning from reed to a wooden privacy wall. Raised plant beds provide a secluded area for relaxation in this sunken patio, conveniently close to other amenities.

Mahogany Stained Bamboo Fence Ideas In Short Version

mahogany stained bamboo fence ideas in short version

This shorter version of a mahogany stained bamboo fence is the perfect backdrop for an organic garden and ornamental trees. The taller trees help to add privacy by blocking people from looking in on your personal space, but not at all preventing you access if needed!

Simple And Modern Bamboo Fence Design

minimalist decor ideas with this simple and modern bamboo fence design

The bamboo fence is decorated with some decorative lights, which provides a more charming scenery. The minimalist design of the fence suits people who love minimalist style.

Cheap Bamboo Garden Fence Decoration

cheap bamboo garden fence decoration ideas

If you’re looking for the natural, traditional charm of a bamboo fence but cannot afford stylish panels, you can always build one yourself.

This bamboo fence is so easy to make that even if carpentry isn’t for you, this foolproof bamboo fence will have you feeling like a pro.

To build a bamboo fence, you need to get some bamboos and sand them down. You can apply any finish you like afterward.

Drive the bamboo vertically into the soil. Then, add a few longer bamboo pieces that will fit horizontally over the top of those vertical ones. Secure them with nails to the vertical ones, so they stay in place, and you can easily tithem e around them later on.

Bamboo Fence On Sydney Opera House Style

bamboo fence ideas on sydney opera house style

You do not have to travel overseas to see the Sydney Opera House because you can find your perfect opera house right in your backyard.

It is not the real one, though. Two bamboo fences are just looking like the Sydney Opera House.

Bamboo fences offer coverage to save plants from the harsh sun and wind. However, they also look outstanding on photos – an attractive photo incentive for modern homeowners.

In Short

In recent years, bamboo fencing has become one of the most trending methods for building fences with privacy.

The best thing about bamboo fencing is that they allow you to create a cozy and pleasant environment with minimum effort. A bamboo cover for your fence is also budget-friendly and easy to install, so it’s time you tried it out as well.

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