Awesome Ideas For Above Ground Pool Fences To Keep Everyone Safe

Above ground pools provide space-savvy people the opportunity to enjoy a pool without having to devote a lot of square footage. But above ground pools are less safe than in-ground ones. An above ground pool fence is important–especially if you have kids or pets. The following blog post discusses excellent ideas for pool fences that will keep everyone safe while still looking aesthetically pleasing!

List Of Above Ground Pool Fence Ideas

Modern Fancy Fence For Above Ground Pool

modern fancy fence for above ground pool with wooden decking

Although the location of the pool outside can help enhance its charm, what really brought us in was a glass fence surrounding the pool on a raised wooden platform. To add to its beauty, you can place a few benches on the deck for sunning and reading. The fence prevents wandering toddlers and pets from falling into the pool.

An Enclosed Pool With A Deck

an enclosed pool with a deck and yellow umbrella

One of the things people miss most about in-ground pools is the deck. After all, before you take a swim or even after a swim, nothing beats hanging out on the deck with an ice-cold drink and taking in some shade! If you want a deck, consider building an enclosure for your pool and adorning the wood with comfy chairs and a table.

Lattice Trellis Panel For Pool Fence

lattice trellis panel for pool fence with dark wooden deck

With the help of an all-purpose trellis, you can make a privacy screen or as part of your pool fence. Many people have found that beautiful vines grow up and over their fences. Hence, they made it count by adding a lovely layer to their house’s exterior with plants like wisteria ̶, which will automatically provide beauty for years without any effort. On behalf of yourself!

A Classic Metal Fence Ideas

a classic metal fence ideas on backyard

If you are on a tight budget and cannot afford to install an expensive fence around your above ground pool, it is wise to opt for the easier metal option.

The metal fencing system offers a necessary level of protection against intruders in an easy-to-read way. The option is not especially good-looking, but it proves an affordable approach to securing your pool surrounded by children or pets.

With this pool, the fence is black to match. However, you don’t have to keep the same color throughout. For example, if you want a more fun and beautiful fence experience while still keeping safety in mind, you can experiment with colors and textures.

Mixed Material Above Ground Pool Fence Ideas

mixed material above ground pool fence ideas on home yard

If you’re sick of a boring rectangular pool deck, this backyard is proof that you don’t have to stick to the same kind of fencing material in your backyard. Mix different styles and materials up for an easily customizable pool deck!

A lovely pallet wood fence makes the temporary aboveground pool area appear both modern and old-fashioned at once.

The wood planks are stained to match the vinyl fencing on one side; this allows guests to enjoy their yard privacy when they want it and access a pool.

Above Ground Pool Deck Railing

above ground pool deck railing on hillside garden

Deck railing is the key to enjoying your pool in an area where storage space is limited. Upgrading to a sturdy and lockable gate connected on one side at the deck’s railing will enable access for pool time with ease.

A strong, durable door attached to your deck railing could be the perfect solution for adding safety and style to your pool.

The high rate would provide safety by protecting the headwaters near your feet from access (in case someone falls unconscious) and provide peace of mind in knowing they are safe and secure while playing around on the dry ground if children mistakenly wander off into an area.

In Combinations Of Different Patterns

in combinations of lattice panels and vertical railing for above ground pool

Sticking to the norm has its place, but sometimes you need to be different. This pool demonstrates this point by incorporating various colors and patterns, making it stand out from all the other pools in our neighborhood!

This pool with a vertical railing for added safety will keep all users safe and sound. Added visibility through four panels of wood can provide privacy to any user.

Although the wooden panels, lattice, and railing do not share the same patterns, they still appear to be united due to their crisp white finish.

Matching The Deck And Its Fencing

arranged the planks horizontally on matching the deck and its fencing ideas

For some people, matching a deck and its fencing is everything. This angled pool fence provides a seamless transition that makes it look united with the deck in an inseparable fashion.

The fence is made of tongue-and-groove paneling to create a natural texture and allow the homeowner to make additions if necessary easily.

Wall Extenders Pool Fence Ideas

wall extenders for above ground swimming pools fence ideas

Above ground pools are usually easier for kids to climb over since that wall is more accessible. This isn’t the case because of a height difference. Still, rather it’s how accessibility varies when considering surface texture and proximity to something with buoyancy at this top point where you attach any barrier.

The initial cost of installation may be high, but you will no longer have to worry about the safety of your children and pets after that.

Frosted Glass Fence For Above Ground Pool Ideas

frosted glass fence for above ground pool ideas with hillside view

Glass fences are a wonderful way to ensure you do not feel trapped in, but it does not provide any degree of privacy.

A frosted glass fence is perfect for those who want the charm of an above ground pool without their lack of privacy. They offer your family protection from intruders with their stylish presentation.

If you are looking for an alternate option, there is also tinted glass. You can still enjoy the scenery while no one can see it.

Above ground Pool Fence For A Tiny Deck

above ground pool fence for a tiny deck on backyard

While most homeowners have plenty of space for a full-sized pool, not everyone can afford the expense. A small deck is fine with people who want to put in some time at the pool but do not want much maintenance.

The downside of an above ground pool is that it is riskier than a full-size in-ground one. Consider if your kids are running around the deck. They can fall and get hurt as they do it, so installing a fence around your deck would be a great idea for safety.

Pallet Wood Pool Fence

pallet wood pool fence ideas surrounded the pool

Instead of looking to manufactured solutions, do-it-yourselfers can use materials like pallet wood to make their own pool fences.

When we see an old pallet, some might imagine rugged material and heavy-duty items ready to stand up against time or weather conditions. In contrast, others might imagine more colorful colors than what they usually find in nature: blues, yellows, greens!

All of these boards come in various shapes and sizes to suit your needs. One clever homeowner was able to employ them for a project as seen above: transforming the boards into a fence around their swimming pool with just enough space left over on either side to build himself an outdoor deck where he can enjoy his favorite beverage after completing.

PVC Pipe And Lattice Fence

pvc pipe and lattice fence for above ground pool on slooping garden

Above ground pools can be an excellent play area for your kids, providing hours of enjoyment. Yet, they are sometimes dangerous because a child could fall into the pool from its edge. PVC fencing makes it difficult to reach the water and limits the margin for error to solve this problem!

You only need PVC pipes and cross-bars as posts around the perimeter, and you can assemble them with lattice panels which will take just minutes. This set of materials cost less than $50, consisting of one set of a lengthwise horizontal railing post with a T end (or an L-shaped connector) at each opposite corner and two pieces for vertical tubing per side.

Above Ground Pool With Metal Fence

above ground pool with metal fence and white pannels

Above ground pools, as well as their fences, are made from different kinds of materials. Metal is the best for a sturdy and luxurious fence.

This concrete aboveground pool deck integrates traditional pavers and a metal fence—the white panels in the space between creating an excellent paneled wood fence and providing privacy.

Bamboo Panel With Lattice Fence

bamboo panel with lattice fence ideas on backyard

Pool fences serve two purposes: maintaining safety standards while adding a visual aesthetic to the yard.

This above ground pool features an elevated rectangular deck with bamboo panels for a fence. Your kids will not be as likely to fall over the edge while running consecutively.

Above ground Pool Deck With Fence And Spectacular Panorama

above ground pool deck with fence and spectacular panorama of tall trees

This is an above ground pool that comes with an awesome view. You can swim or just lounge, and it doesn’t matter – you will always enjoy the view!

Beautiful vistas are wonderful, but safety should always supersede any beauty. Invest in a pool fence to maintain your personal safety!

This pool features a beautiful wooden fence. It is quite elegant yet sturdy and matches the deck perfectly.

Aboveground Pool With A Chain Fence

above ground pool with a chain fence and laying pebble without deck around

When you’re in the market for a fence that doesn’t need to be installed underwater but still wants your kids and pets safe from drowning hazards, consider surround work with an above ground pool chain link.

Bamboo And Glass Pool Fence

bamboo and glass pool fence in the backyard

The backyard of this modern house includes an above ground pool to keep the cool kids cool. The two panels on both sides are covered in bamboo, ensuring privacy for anyone walking by. Clear glass paneling protects from splashes and creates a type of contemporary fencing practical for the environment.

Modern and traditional styles come together beautifully in this pool with clear panes that provide splash-free fun while also providing an opportunity to admire the beautiful landscaping from inside or outside the water.

Chic Wooden Fence Above ground Pool Fence Ideas

chic wooden fence above ground pool fence ideas on backyard

Traditional and modern styles blend. The wooden lining up vertically lends the touch of the traditional look and blends with the higher-end style prevalent in this space.

The clear glass fence is seamless and stylish, both of which make it the perfect option for those who want to enjoy their backyard as they swim.

Clear Glass Fence For Above ground Pool

clear glass fence for above ground pool with wooden decking ideas

This deck is perfect for when you want to have a fun party with friends. One good thing about it is the clear glass fence between the water and lounging areas. It’s also great because it prevents any wetness on the lounge from pouring through due to splash in the water.

Horizontal Fence With Shady Spot

horizontal fence with shady spot on backyard

Relaxing by the pool on a hot day can be fun, but it’s also difficult when you don’t have any shade or gazebos nearby. Make sure that there are shady spots around your pool to protect against the sun and rain.

To keep everyone safe, don’t forget to add a fence around the patio deck. A wooden fence, oriented horizontally such as the one in the picture will do just fine.

Pool Fence Ideas On DIY Project

pool fence ideas on diy project with wooden deck

You don’t need a huge budget to make sure your above ground pool is safe. A DIY project can be completed with the necessary materials and work ethic.

You may be interested in an above ground pool fence made with wood and bamboo, like what you can see here. This type of fencing is lightweight yet sturdy, thanks to the added polyurethane finish!

High Fence For Above Ground Pool

high fence for above ground pool on greenery view

If your kids are small enough, you can build an above ground pool fence on the opposite side of the pool and keep them in a while, letting yourself relax.

Pool Fence With Basic Wire Screen

pool fence with basic wire screen and outdoor standing grill

While most people try to add a fence that will be aesthetically pleasing and blend in with their property, sometimes your budget or skill level can prevent you from doing so.

If you do not have the budget for a fence around your pool and you do not know how to build one yourself, it is best to use one that comes with a cheaper price tag. It will provide some degree of protection from unauthorized access, at least until you can upgrade.

PVC Pipe And Corrugated Fiberglass Panel Fence

pvc pipe and corrugated fiberglass panel fence on winter

If you search for a pool fence that has dual-duty privacy screens, then you should try this idea.

This above ground pool does not have any deck, but it still has a fence to prevent children from falling into the pool without parental permission.

The homeowner uses a combination of corrugated fiberglass and PVC pipes to make the fence. This makes the pool look fun and safe, as well.

Stunning Rectangular Pool Designs

stunning rectangular pool designs with steel fence and its structure

The suspended table is an interesting piece because it must be supported by the wall in the back and two steel poles that hold up the front. The rods look like they hang from a beam of light over the top, attached to 2 columns on either side. While, unsurprisingly, I find this fence comes with a similar material-steel!

Tips On Choosing A Pool Fence

Pools with fences are a great way to provide security and safety for your family and give you the freedom from worry when it comes to swimming in a pool. You’ll want to consider factors such as the type of house and yard layout before settling on any particular type or style offense. Here are some considerations based on the many factors that should go into your decision-making process:

Value Privacy

There’s nothing more enjoyable than making the most of your evening after work with a quick swim. However, if you have neighbors close by who might be watching or listening to the property line, some considerations need to occur before taking a dip! Taller fences with minimal gaps and thoughtful landscaping can help block lines of sight while muffling sounds to reduce noise pollution.

Secure Your Pool Ladder

above ground poll with secure your pool ladder fence ideas

The terror of being grabbed by the leg from a desperate guest is enough to make you never want to go near an above ground pool again. The best thing that can be done to avoid this situation altogether is finding ladders with built-in security features like, for example, locking mechanisms, so they don’t come loose and fling open when someone falls or climbs up; them while holding on tight!

Know The Safety Laws In Your Area

One of the most important considerations when you are in charge of a family pool, is to follow safety guidelines. But how do you keep your kids safe from drowning? Installing a pool fence can help!

The CPSC Safety Barrier Guidelines recommend that pools be fenced with no openings larger than four inches, a time frame in which children and pets cannot accidentally fall into the pool.

You must use self-latching gates on each door or opening to ensure no gaps are big enough for small fingers to squeeze through.

Hide Your Fence With Plants

A chain-link fence is a great way to disguise what’s in your backyard, and it can help with security too. With an above ground pool or some other high-profile features like fenced yards, the outline of your property may be easy for onlookers to see. A well-planned garden will make it difficult for them to know where one’s yard ends and the street begins!

I am sure that we all know the feeling of being enclosed by fences in our own backyards. You may have a pool house on top, and this can make it even worse! To counteract these feelings, use plants to help blend into your foliage with its thick growth pattern alongside any fencing material type you would like used, such as chainlink panels or something similarly easy concealed within plant life’s color palette background, so people don’t feel isolated while still looking great in their backyard.

The Advantages Of Above Ground Pool

comfy backyard pool fencing and landscaping ideas in semi inground pool style


Above ground pools are a great solution for smaller backyards. They require much less space than in-ground pools, so they’re the perfect fit for those who want to enjoy swimming without taking up too much of their backyard.

Less Maintenance

Above ground, pools are great because they require less maintenance! Unlike an in-ground pool that needs complicated cleaning and also drains. These only require the correct mix of chemicals to keep them swimmable. They’re additionally way easier to plan for during the winter months too!

Cheap Cost

The cost of an above ground pool is substantially cheaper than the expense of a below-ground swimming pool. In many cases, in-ground pools are more expensive by several multiples over their counterpart that sits atop the earth’s surface.

Easy To Develop

Above ground, pools are easy and simple to build. Most people won’t need trouble getting an expert to install the pool. An amateur can quickly manage to assemble the pre-constructed parts, too! You might also want to think about what you could put around your above ground pool – many things would be great for a summer project like this one!

The Disadvantages Above Ground Pool Ideas

all white above ground pool fence and deck ideas on backyard


One major limitation with above ground pools is that they are not as deep and challenging for swimmers. They vary in-depth but typically stand at about 4 feet height without much of a gradient from the lowest to the highest.


While above ground pools have continually increased in quality and versatility, they are still quite limited in their shapes. In-ground pools can be shaped into a variety of intriguing designs. With your above ground pool, you will be restricted to choosing a circle, oval, or rectangle.

Long life

For a long-term addition to your house, an above ground pool may seem like just another short-lived attribute. This is because the structure will break down after 7 – 15 years, and you would need to change it periodically to continue lasting throughout this time frame.

For example, if you are seeking a 20-year lifespan on your aboveground pool, then there need to be periodic changes as soon as every 3 or 4 years, which can cost more than with other options such as underground pools where changing isn’t necessary at all!


The differences between a wall surface of an above ground swimming pool and the outdoor one are much different. The above ground pool has many more aspects, which can cause it to be damaged. Plus, due to the nature of the design, there is less reinforcement for the exterior area that usually allows it to withstand greater misuse by your family or friends.


yard garden and outdoor above ground pools fencing with post caps

Do I Need a Fence Around My Above Ground Pool?

The safety of the pool is a primary concern for every pool owner.

Drowning and serious injury rates are far higher among young children in swimming pools compared to other age groups, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The most effective way to prevent incidents is by erecting a barrier that doesn’t allow children to enter the pool without supervision. Pools intended for young children can pose safety hazards. A fence enclosing swimming areas, including for above ground pools, is recommended by the CPSC.

Above ground pools have high walls. Toddlers cannot climb the walls, but they can still access the pool through stairs or ramps that lead to its surface. These should be fitted with locks and childproof gates. Always install a safety fence around the outside edge of your deck if you have an above ground pool.

Many jurisdictions require you to install a protective barrier around any type of swimming pool, both in-ground and above ground. You should check your area’s regulations before beginning the project.

To Sum Up

These were the various fences that can be combined with your above ground pool ideas to create a distinctive and secured pool for everyone at home to enjoy during summer. We have made sure that there is a pool fence available for every kind of taste and budget.

We hope you find your perfect match, and please reach out to us in the comment section if you have any further queries.

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