Ideas For Above Ground Fire Pits And How To Make One

Having a backyard above ground fire pit can provide hours of enjoyment for the entire family.

Especially in the wintertime, when it’s too cold to be outside, and you still want to enjoy an evening by a warm fire. This is why people are turning to above ground fire pits more and more nowadays.

An above ground fire pit has many different styles, sizes, and colors to choose from. It can be hard to pick just one. The best thing about an above ground fire pit is that they are easy to assemble and install in most yards with no digging required!

This article also lists above ground fire pit ideas and how to make a fire pit above the ground, among other information.

List Of Above Ground Fire Pit

Above Ground Fire Pit In the middle of the grassy garden

above ground fire pit in the middle of grassy garden

Our above ground fire pit is made with natural material and a quality that will last for years. This outdoor accessory can add enjoyment to any yard year-round, as well as making it look way better than before!

You are just choosing the perfect seat then adding the above ground fire pit. It looks great with slate stones that we put on either side of the center black bowl. Don’t forget you can add an Adirondack chair on green grass. Let your imagination run wild with our beautiful ideas!

Rectangular Above Ground Fire Pit Made With Concrete Blocks

rectangular above ground fire pit made with concrete blocks

The skyline won’t be the only fascinating sight this summer! This above ground fire pit will make a patio look like it’s always on top of the world. You and your friends or family will love each other even more when surrounded by these functional items entertaining at every turn. Create your own unique oasis for a memorable evening with friends, family, and any other visitors you may have to come into town.

Inexpensive Above Ground Fire Pit Ideas

inexpensive above ground fire pit ideas

What better way to enjoy the outdoors than with an outdoor above ground fire pit? This ingenious idea will make your backyard living space seem like a five-star resort. With views of green fields all around and rainbows just waiting for the day after tomorrow, you’ll never want to leave! You can take naps on our comfy metal chairs.

Above Ground Fire Pit Made With Red Brick

above ground fire pit made with red brick

Use these ideas to create an outdoor space that is perfect for gatherings with family and friends. For a design that blends well into the outdoor environment, choose above ground fire pits made of brick. It will add drama to your backyard without being too overbearing. Lay down sturdy lawn chairs below shady trees, or use vintage chairs for a little extra style with lots of comfortability to keep you close to nature’s beauty!

Above Ground Fire Pit Made With Concrete

above ground fire pit made with concrete

The above ground fire pit on your back porch is a dynamic part of outdoor entertainment. When you want to socialize with family and friends, the backyard table will get crowded pretty quickly. With this stylish, decorative above-ground fire pit, you’ll have ample outdoor space for all guests to gather around as it burns down. The natural wood design goes well with any style décor and easily hides dirt, so there’s less maintenance involved. Enjoy an evening out under the stars with an amazing above ground fire pit!

Stone Above Ground Fire Pit Ideas

stone above ground fire pit ideas

It really is an above ground fire pit for ages. The chosen fireplace has an Adirondack chair and bench on either side, affording you some nice evening conversations with friends or family. You can also have your yard with a privacy fence to keep out nosy neighbors who love to watch people’s activities come nightfall. Be prepared to take care of this gorgeous feature that will protect your home from cold winter nights ahead.

Circular Above Ground Fire Pit With Concrete Blocks

circular above ground fire pit with concrete blocks

This outdoor above-ground fire pit is the perfect place to gather with friends. It features a concrete seating wall that also serves as an interesting conversation point and concrete paver for optimal comfort so that everyone can enjoy this crackling bonfire together!

Metal Above Ground Fire Pit On Gravel Yard

metal above ground fire pit on gravel yard

It’s summer! You’re sitting in the backyard relaxing, and then you realize it’s getting a little chilly. All you have to do is gather some friends or family around a above ground fire pit with the blue chair place for that special occasion. Now sit back and enjoy your evening while basking in its warmth under the night sky.

Fire Pit On Circular Brick Patio Flooring

fire pit on circular brick patio flooring

The exterior of your home reflects how much time and pride you put into the finer details. One way to add appeal to your outdoor space is with a beautiful above-ground fire pit – made possible by stunning paving projects like circular garden patios or brick flooring and cozy seating options such as black Adirondack chairs. All that’s left is watching the flames dance together in blissful harmony! 🙂

Fire Pit Ideas Made Of Flat Stones

fire pit ideas made of flat stones

Above ground, fire pits come in various shapes and sizes to fit any space or design. An example of this would be a circular above ground fire pit within its own circle. This type of fire pit is perfect for patio designs because there is something aesthetically pleasing about the symmetry. These fire pits are made from flat stones so that you do not have to worry about burning yourself on a hot surface, and it also allows them to withstand moisture such as rain.

Concrete Round Shape Fire Pit Ideas On Garden

concrete round shape fire pit ideas on garden

During the summertime, it’s always a good idea to have an outdoor space where people can lounge around. You’ll love this concrete round shape above ground fire pit surrounded with green Adirondack chairs on a gravel mulch yard for more than one reason. There is no need to stand up and get your coziness fix when you have these begging you to sit down! Situated on a rotting wood fence, this patio furniture gives that rustic charm we know you crave.

Round Shape Fire Pit Ideas Made With Slate Stone

round shape fire pit ideas made with slate stone

This luxurious round above ground fire pit will surely light up any outdoor living space it is resting in. The design of this product was made to inspire a cozy feeling while you gather around the warm flames with your nearest and dearest. This is a perfect addition to any garden patio for creating an intimate sitting area or could be used as a centerpiece for large events where guests are seated in circles. The materials used were carefully chosen to complement one another, giving off an earthy vibe when contrasted against each other. You could spend all day just looking at how your guests’ faces light up from the evening sun reflecting off this bronze masterpiece!

The Concrete Tree Ring Fire Pit

the concrete tree ring fire pit

This inexpensive fire pit project also doubles as a unique design element. While it is only $50, the creators added concrete tree rings to make this project really pop.

You may have seen a lot of fire pits that look similar to ours. However, our design also looks easy and inexpensive to put together. If you’re looking for something simple and affordable, take a closer look at this product.

The Steel Fire Pit In Above Ground

the steel fire pit in above ground

This square fire pit is different for a lot of reasons. First, it isn’t circular like the traditional type! Second, it’s made out of stainless steel and not stone, brick, or concrete.

This fire pit is built with steel plates, and so if you want something modern, this would be a perfect choice.

The Tractor Wheel Fire Pit In Above Ground

the tractor wheel fire pit in above ground

Do you have an old tractor wheel from years past? There are many ways to reuse or upcycle it. To start, though, consider turning your old tractor wheel into an illuminated above ground fire pit.

This post offers great instructions and pictures to help you through the building process—what a captivating ornament for your yard.

The Portable Propane Flower Pot Fire Pit

the portable propane flower pot fire pit

This portable fire pit is awesome, and it also runs on propane. Just be aware that many people have concerns about gas-powered fires, so you should look into the specific safety features of each design before you make your decision.

I wouldn’t have guessed it was made from a flowerpot if the article hadn’t told me. So now you know, and I hope this inspires you to look into creating your backyard oasis with these fire pit ideas!

Board-Formed Concrete Fire Pit Ideas

board-formed concrete fire pit ideas

This is a design for someone. Unfortunately, the post does not explain how they could construct such an awesome-looking fire pit on the ground.

However, I could see someone copying this flooring design with a little research. The way the wood-look tile is made of concrete creates a beautiful illusion.

How To Create A Fire Pit Above Ground

built in above ground fire pit ideas with slate stone on hillside garden patio with stone tile flooring and bench

You don’t have to create a fire pit in the ground to build a safe enclosed space for your fire. With the help of metal rings or heat-resistant rocks, you may not need an underground enclosure at all.

Requesting a supplier to point out stones that are at least 4 inches thick and researched as the best for needing heat resistance, then seek such specific stones in a design that fits your backyard’s style or theme.

Choose The Perfect Locations

Select a clearing for the fire pit free of low-hanging vegetation and close landscaping whose foliage may be ignited by sparks.

Clean Up The Spot

Collect and clear all debris from the area selected for your fire pit. Use a rake to remove any mulch or grass for other projects around the yard.

Arrange The Stones To Form

Place heat-resistant stone tiles on the ground. These stones are stackable and must be at least 4 inches thick. Lay the stones next to each other in a row with no gaps between them.

Use stones to make the fire pit shape you want, leaving an open space of 2 to 3 feet inside the row of stones. Curved stones easily form circles, but rectangular and square slabs can make any fire pit shape.

Measure The Circumference Of The Fireplace

2 feet away from the outer edge of stones that designate the fire pit shape and size create a perimeter. Put wood stakes in the ground at 2-foot intervals with gaps in between so that they make a shape similar to the shape of the fire pit. Using at least 8 stakes for a circular fire pit will create the sense of it being round.

Drawing Safe Zone Around The Fire Pit

Mark the area surrounding the fire pit by spraying a boundary of paint from one stake to another. The two-foot distance is a safe zone around the fire pit with no potential material for fires.

Dig A Hole And Fill With Crushed Gravel

First, remove the stones you laid to form the fire pit’s first row. Then, dig a 4- to a 6-inch deep hole in the painted area. Fill it with crushed rock. This will allow rainwater to flow out of the pit and keep the surface dry.

Arranging The Stones To Form

Starting 2 feet from the perimeter of the gravel area, put in place the stone for the fire pit. Place additional stones to create the first layer of the fire pit’s dimensions like you did earlier.

Adjust The Stones

Check the levelness of your stoned by using a level. Adjusting stones as needed with crushed gravel under row one. Complete first-row setting stones in place.

Stack Stones Until They Reach A Height

Alternate the location of stones from row to row so that each seam is at a different place. For example, one seam could be in the middle of a stone on the first row, while another seam is between two stones on the second row. The process is similar to stacking bricks to build a house. Stack stones until you reach the ground level or 1 foot above ground level.

Put A Steel Fire Ring Inside The Fire Pit

Steel fire rings are optional if you use rocks that can withstand the heat. A steel ring keeps the rock from getting too hot, which is a safety measure in itself—stuff gravel between them before setting up your stones to create your perfect fire pit.

Set Capstones On Top Of The Stones

Place one capstone on top of the other, and paste masonry adhesive into place below it. Reposition the capstone back in place. Repeat the procedure until all caps stones are secured to the ones beneath them.

Average Fire Pit Width And Height

cast iron basin with legs as portable fire pit on gravel mulch terrace with string lights and wicker sofa

The size of your outdoor fire pit is something that you should consider before you choose one. If your outdoor fire pit is too small, it will not provide enough heat and may be too crowded for more than a few people to stand around. If your fire pit is massive, the flames could get out of control quickly, and a large distance separates the participants from one another.

Fire Pit Width

Smaller fire pits are around three feet wide, while larger, more spacious ones can be up to six. The width measurements include the thickness of the walls, so realize that the total width of the fire pit is not what you see in your burning area.

Fire Pit Height

If you’re selecting an above-ground fire pit, height is a significant consideration. Too tall and your feet won’t be able to rest comfortably on edge; too low, and people will have to bend or squat if they want proximity to the flame.

The good idea is to make an above ground fire pit 12-14 inches tall. This height is a few inches shorter than patio furniture seat height – which is standard for most people.

If you want to sit on the edge of the fire pit itself, go higher-at least 18-20 inches. A firepit any taller will hold in heat and make it difficult to enjoy while sitting at an angle (in a chair).

Differences Between Above-ground And In-ground Fire Pits

cast iron plate as a portable above ground fire pit on a garden patio with stone hedges

Extending outdoor living space is one of the most popular trends in recent years, and fire pits are a key part of this trend. With an in-ground or above ground fire pit, your garden will no longer be the least used part of your home.

It’s just human nature to prefer gathering around an outside fire over sitting in the flower garden. Whether you have a raised fire pit or one built down into the ground, you will enjoy being outside more than ever.

It’s time to learn about the difference between in-ground and above-ground fire pits.

Above-Ground Fire Pits

A wood-burning or gas above-ground fire pit can make an appealing focal point for your yard. In cold Connecticut weather, sitting next to a fire pit can provide enjoyment during the winter months.

There are many shapes, sizes, and styles of above ground fire pits. The materials used for the outside vary from concrete to metal, but they can also be clad with tile. Make sure the tile is rated for outdoor use and has a high tolerance to heat.

You can pick from either a built-in fire pit or a portable fire pit. The deciding factor will be what best suits your individual needs. Portable fire pits can let you bring a campfire’s warmth to any outdoor destination, not just your backyard. Outdoor fire pits can create a fantastic ambiance that encourages you and your friends to spend more time outside.

It’s important to keep an above-ground fire pit at least 10 feet from the neighbor’s yard and your home. The pit should have no combustible structures above it or surrounding it. Some areas have regulations around constructing a fire pit, so it’s important to research the regulations for your location before you invest in one.

In-Ground Fire Pits

One of the key differences between an above ground and an in-ground fire pit is where they put the flames.

In-ground fire pits have a variety of benefits. You will notice the name right away; the pit is below ground, so the risk of exposure to fires that get out of control is lower. Furthermore, the chances of starting a fire from combustibles nearby are also reduced due to location.

One of the risks with in-ground fire pits is that they are more dangerous for children and pets. These vulnerable ones can accidentally stumble into a fire pit, so they should be watched closely during fires and when they cool down.

In-ground fire pits are smaller in diameter than those that are above ground. This means fires will be more contained, and there’s less risk of embers escaping.

An in-ground fire pit can be a simple way to warm up on cool nights. The most involved step is digging the hole, which should be enough distance away from other structures so that the heat and sparks don’t threaten. An in-ground fire pit consists of building it into your outdoor patio with fire-rated materials.

Bottom Line

We’re about to go out and create an outdoor fire pit design that will complement your backyard. The trick is to match the design of your fire pit to the style of your patio and its furniture.

In addition, you already know all you need before commencing your outdoor do-it-yourself pit project, so what are you waiting for?

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